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  1. Devlain

    ¿What is the best moment to get the exp reward from a quest?

    Well. Just what the title says. There is a max lvl where I could get the full exp reward of a quest without any penalization, but I can't remember what lvl it is, I think it is +2 lvls of suggested lvl of the quest, but I would like to know it for sure.
  2. Devlain

    [UNDER CONSTRUCTION] Chose your class! The sorting hat

    NOTE: This guide is under construction. I'll finish it soon. --- Disclaimer: I just wanted to make a guide for newcomers inspired in this design from the WoWhead community. I hope you enjoy it. --- Hey there! Are you new here? You are a veteran Gaia's player but want to try a new class? Let...
  3. Devlain

    Best items for Druid?

    Hi there! With my party we are now farming Mana Crystals for end-game gear (we are lvl 42) and I'm healing with a Druid. I was wondering if somebody does know what are the most powerful items for Druid in the last version and how I could get them. Thanks in advance!
  4. Devlain

    How to create files in our Wc3 directories with WorldEdit?

    Basically, the question in the Title. I was wondering how does maps like Gaia's Retaliation or Kingdom of Kaliron can create files in our warcraft directory using WorldEdit =O Anybody knows how to do it?
  5. Devlain

    Early Game Playability Issues

    I know we spoke about this issue a couple of times in the past but I want to revisit this topic because I played with friends who played the game for the first time this week. The early game somewhat is still boring or frustrating for newcomers. I know this is not an issue for more experienced...
  6. Devlain

    Hosted Project Page

    Sorry for my ignorance, and maybe this is not the place to make this post, but I want to know what a map needs to be a Hosted Project of HiveWorkshop =O
  7. Devlain

    [Suggestion] Backpack pickup

    Could be possible that when I pickup an unequipabble item with my hero, that item go directly to the backpack instead of staying in the ground? It think this would be a nice yet simple feature
  8. Devlain

    Characters atributes progression?

    Does somebody know how does attributes increment by level in the last version of Gaia's? Also, I'd like to have all the formulas for crit, attack speed and haste (I think haste is (CastTime/1+Haste)). It is for a Excel Sheet I want to share with the comunity =)
  9. Devlain

    Ranger Pet

    I started a new character yesterday with a friend, and we both agreed that Ranger's Pet has a bit larger stats that it used to have. I dunno if this is a bug or a result of the stat scalling changes in main characters, but we both think that the pet is a bit overpowered right now. (It has more...
  10. Devlain

    Gylph System back to 1.X, are we going to have our heroes back?

    Basically the title. With the Glyph System 2.0 not going to be made, are we going to have removed heroes back or the game is going to have another feature now? =O