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  1. PiesOfNorth

    [SD/Modeling] Back-port Incite Unholy Frenzy effect

    I'm looking to use the effect for the 'Incite Unholy Frenzy' spell from version 1.31 of war3 in my mod that uses version 1.28 of the game. Couldn't open it in magos or MDX MDL converter. Doesn't appear in-game. I assume there's some slight difference in the file format between versions, or...
  2. PiesOfNorth

    Play sound under 'Unit Responses' channel?

    Recently, I discovered a bug in my project where if the player has Unit Responses turned off in their settings, Zerg units will still play their 'ready' sound when they hatch, since they are 'hatched' via a function rather than trained like a normal unit. So I thought maybe the issue was that...
  3. PiesOfNorth

    [SD/Modeling] Burrowed Zerg model fixes

    Hi. A couple of the zerg models in my project are kind of buggy when burrowed. Specifically, the Zergling and Defiler. They cannot be clicked on while burrowed. I thought this might be an issue of lacking a collision shape, so I added one to both of the problem models, but this did not help...
  4. PiesOfNorth

    [SD/Modeling] Models that talk

    I like Ujimasa Hojo's updated character models. In particular I like that they have the portrait animations on the model itself. I want to use some of them in some cutscenes, but their portrait animations don't really look good in-game. Ideally, the unit's body would be otherwise the way it...
  5. PiesOfNorth

    [JASS] Specific unit death crashes after game is loaded

    Recently I stumbled on a crash in my project, but in the fortunate position of having saved shortly before it occurred, and so I was able to reliably reproduce it. It was occurring when a specific Peasant was killed. There's nothing unique about this peasant that the map cares about. As in...
  6. PiesOfNorth

    [JASS] OrderId2String() returns null after loading a saved game

    This is an issue pertaining to my campaign/mod that uses a modified blizzard.j What seems to be happening is that any functions that had a unit order event registered to them, be it a point order, unit order, or 'no target' order will not work, but only after loading a saved game. they will...
  7. PiesOfNorth

    [SD/Modeling] Orc Raider Riding a Zergling

    Another request for the Zerg Campaign. Like the previous request for the campaign, this relates to infestations of war3 races. In this case, one of the units unlocked by infesting the orcs is a Raider. In the current build, the 'Infested' Raider is just a red-tinted raider. But I just had a...
  8. PiesOfNorth

    Zerg Lurker Crash

    Hello. Lately I've been working on revamping the Zerg Campaign's system code so that it's all in a modified Blizzard.j file. So far it's been going good, but today I've hit a snag with my Lurkers. In the current release of the campaign, you can see they work just fine. However, re-doing them...
  9. PiesOfNorth

    do AIs ever 'select' units?

    I have a few functions that will fire on unit selection events, but I want to make sure... when a computer player gives commands to its units (via its own ai script, not trigger code), is it 'selecting' them first?
  10. PiesOfNorth

    Is there a good non-vJass unit indexer?

    What I'm really looking to do is integrate a unit indexer into my modified Blizzard.j, but it seems like all the ones I've found are made in vJass, with structs and things like that. I've never actually used vJass but since I'm working with Blizzard.j for a mod, and not within the confines of...
  11. PiesOfNorth

    [JASS] Modifying Blizzard.j (1.28)

    In an effort to optimize the core systems of My Zerg Campaign and make them easier to maintain, I'm playing around with the idea of using a modified Blizzard.j, rather than have a huge amount of gui triggers needing to be duplicated for each map. I started by studying how Project Revolution did...
  12. PiesOfNorth

    [General] Can you show a Lightning Effect for only a specific player?

    Just wondering if this is a possibility.
  13. PiesOfNorth

    Has anyone tried to use StarCraft Ghost assets?

    Last year, an alpha build of StarCraft Ghost was leaked. There's a good collection of textures and models. The textures are in dds format, but they have a similar 'look' to War3's textures, so they could probably be made to look good in the game. The models are in a format called '.nod' (C&C...
  14. PiesOfNorth

    [Trigger] Zerg Creep pathing bug

    The Zerg Campaign uses Warcraft vs Starcraft's Creep system. At some point I noticed that the terrain pathing being set to amphibious (which is what the zerg buildings need so that they must be built on 'creep') wasn't always matching up with where the actual creep was being generated, as seen...
  15. PiesOfNorth

    [SD/Modeling] Zerg Hippogryph Rider

    TLDR: Can someone make a model & icon for a Zerg Hydralisk riding a Hippogryph (using the Project Revolution hydralisk in the attached map, not the war3 one) One of the features of the Zerg Campaign is the ability to Infest the War3 races and then integrate some of their abilities into your...
  16. PiesOfNorth

    batch convert tga -> blp ?

    Looking for a program to do this. Warcraft III Viewer has this functionality, but the blps all come out as 0kbs. It creates the files, but doesn't write any data to them. Tried running in admin mode, no difference. Then I tried this converter, dragged my tgas onto it, nothing came out. Is...
  17. PiesOfNorth

    Preserving Custom Campaign Progress between versions?

    From what I can tell, any maps that are not marked as Initially Visible in the campaign screen will not be visible on new versions of the campaign even if you got them enabled by playing through a previous version. The solution I'm thinking about is to have a trigger in the first map that...
  18. PiesOfNorth

    [SD/Misc] StarCraft Asset Improvements

    I've been working on a Zerg Campaign for War3. It uses many assets from Project Revolution, some which I modified to add things like sounds, attachment points, or collision boxes. That's about the extent of what I feel confident doing with the assets though, as I'm not much of an artist...
  19. PiesOfNorth

    [Solved] Setting Gold of a Custom Haunted Gold Mine via trigger? (1.28)

    Here I've made a custom 'Haunted' Gold Mine for the Zerg race. It works pretty well, but it doesn't currently respect the amount of gold in the mine that it is built over, it just gets the max gold value in the Gold Mine ability. I've worked out a system that I feel should do the job. At the...
  20. PiesOfNorth

    [Campaign] Zerg Campaign: Invasion of Azeroth

    Above Char, The Terran and Protoss fire a jointly-developed experimental super-weapon at Sarah Kerrigan, the Queen of Blades. The blast unexpectedly tears a hole in space-time, launching Kerrigan and her Zerg out of the Korpulu Sector. She's another world's problem now... Follow Sarah...
  21. PiesOfNorth

    [Solved] Unit group including air units even when excluded by condition? (1.28)

    I have a trigger that damages enemy/neutral units in an area. It uses this variable to get the units that are to be damaged. Set tmpUnitGroup = (Units within 80.00 of tmpPoint matching ((((Matching unit) is A flying unit) Equal to False) and ((((Owner of (Matching unit)) is an enemy of (Owner...
  22. PiesOfNorth

    Is there a way to check a unit's Death Type?

    Can a trigger check a unit's death type? ex. "Can't Raise, Does not Decay", etc.
  23. PiesOfNorth

    [JASS] Playing a sound from a GUI-created string variable?

    I'm able to play a sound with the JASS PlaySound function just fine. but i want to be able to pass it a GUI string variable. I tried passing it udg_mySoundString instead of "the\\sound\\filename.wav" but it doesn't seem to work. I don't want to use the SoundEditor since i'll have multiple maps...
  24. PiesOfNorth

    Replacing music in MPQ? (1.28.5)

    I'm trying to replace the human music in my map. So I imported mp3s that were stereo at 44100hz, same format as war3's music, using the file path for the human music. In the Sound Editor, if I play the Human music mp3s, it plays the music i imported, but in the game, nothing plays, even with the...
  25. PiesOfNorth

    Custom Disease Cloud

    I'm trying to make a spell that does AoE damage over time without killing those affected. As far as I know, the only ability that does this is Disease Cloud, but as others have reported, it seems no matter what you change the buff/art/effect to, an ability based on disease cloud is hard-coded to...
  26. PiesOfNorth

    Possible to get the unit resulting from a morph?

    I'm trying to get the unit created via a Phoenix Egg morphing ability. Is this possible?
  27. PiesOfNorth

    Can you save a Point to a hashtable? (Sharpcraft Editor 1.28.5)

    I saw in another thread someone suggested using call SavePointHandle(udg_HashTable, X, Y, udg_tmpPoint), but when i saved, it said that was not a defined function. Is there a way to do this? If not, what might be a good alternative?
  28. PiesOfNorth

    Is there a way to make Waygates only work for ground units??

    I figure you could make some similar functionality with various functionality, but I'm thinking if it's possible to just modify the Waygate ability to not work with Air Units then that's probably the way to go.
  29. PiesOfNorth

    Best way to modify .SLK files in .MPQ files (pre-1.29)

    I remember on 1.31 you could use Local Files to modify the game without changing the CASC files themselves, so I thought I'd try getting similar things working on 1.26 and 1.28.5. I tried changing some numbers in UnitBalance.slk (using LibreOffice Calc, choosing "keep existing format" when it...
  30. PiesOfNorth

    Custom 'Call to Arms' ability -- worker cannot build after going Back to Work?

    I've been experimenting with Call to Arms. I have tried to make Mur'gul Slaves have a custom Call to Arms ability that turns them into Mur'gul Reavers. The unit transformation back and forth appears to work correctly, but the Mur'gul slave is not able to build after he returns from being a...
  31. PiesOfNorth

    War3 Campaign: PvP Edition!

    This is a collection of Reign of Chaos and Frozen Throne campaign maps modified to have players in command of the forces formerly held by computers. Experience familiar battles in the War3 storyline made fresh by virtue of an unpredictable opponent! Adjustments are made to ensure all sides...
  32. PiesOfNorth

    [JASS] Overriding blizzard.j for modding?

    Hi. From what I understand, the way to go about overlaying mods over the game is to simply copy the files with their path to the game directory. (ex: Warcraft III\Scripts\blizzard.j) So I've done that, and figured I'd start with simple modifications. So I opened up my copy of blizzard.j that I...
  33. PiesOfNorth

    Anyone else not able to use the new Unit modifying actions?

    I'm talking about the 'Set Unit Integer/Real/Bool/Whatever Field' actions. In particular I'm trying to set the cooldown of a unit. This is found under a 'Set Unit Weapon Real Field' where you specify the index. I tried relatively high numbers so it would be obviously very slow (5.00 and 20.00)...