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  1. TitaniumBlades

    Night Elf Sky Barge/Zeppelin

    I have seen the one here on hive but I don't really like it because it is not a zeppelin. I am not really choosy I just want a zeppelin that is night elvish like with umm leaves and nature stuff. Please make it happen ^^ (I don't bribe with reps but I will give some anyway) also an icon would be...
  2. TitaniumBlades

    Are there any models in this site? If there are models in that site can you give me a link? pls.
  3. TitaniumBlades

    Unmounted Tyrande

    I really need an unmounted Tyrande much like this one I downloaded this but it IS NOT WORKING and I DONT WANT to USE the SKIN version because I plan on keeping both sylvanas and unmounted tyrande for my campaign...
  4. TitaniumBlades

    Dwarven Ram Rider Please (not the old one)

    The reason I dont want to use this one because I already use it as a hero in my map and it is better as a hero than a unit even if I remove the Hero Glow. Im looking for a more unit like Dwarven Ram rider that has a simple...
  5. TitaniumBlades

    Have you seen an HERO ORC ARCHER?

    *a I thought I saw an HERO ORC ARCHER here in the hive before but I cant seem to find it now its pretty annoying because I was looking for it for hours (no lie) but I think it has been removed does anyone here have it please because I really need it. I will give credits if I knew who made the...
  6. TitaniumBlades

    DOTA2 or Warcraft III (DOTA)?

    Which one do you prefer? I still prefer Warcraft III but many say it's too old :( which is true.
  7. TitaniumBlades

    Any good campaign maps like Lord of the Clans and Day of the dragon?

    Im looking for good campaign maps like those I mentioned it is ok if it is not warcraft related. +rep to anyone who can give me a link :D thanks in advance :ogre_haosis: :ogre_haosis: :ogre_haosis: :wink:
  8. TitaniumBlades

    Are there any Warcraft III modding sites except The Hive Workshop?

    I am so curios if there are any can anyone list down the links of the website? Please :ogre_hurrhurr: :ogre_kawaii: thanks in advance
  9. TitaniumBlades

    One headed Ogre Stone Thrower please

    :ogre_haosis: :ogre_icwydt::ogre_hurrhurr::ogre_frown::ogre_datass::ogre_rage::ogre_love: Please guys can anyone edit a one headed version of this please it is an...
  10. TitaniumBlades

    Small Edit please help :(

    Dont Just ignore this Please Please guys help me Im begging you I just want to edit 3 models please. Can you guys please edit this spearman model I cant seem to edit it. (1st) If you can please change his shield into a steel buckler (NOT THE BANDIT ONE) and his shoulder pads into something...
  11. TitaniumBlades

    Please help me! anyone :(

    Look on my other thread because some people think Im spamming.