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  1. ZiggyMcjoney

    Ability/Behaviour Questions (Targeting types and items)

    Hi guys, I've got a couple of questions to ask. 1. How would I make a spell such as Defense Matrix be able to target allies? At the moment it just works on the caster. 2. I've made a couple of items for different units to use. My weapons work perfectly, however my armour is causing me...
  2. ZiggyMcjoney

    Automatically training and sending units

    Trying to make a trigger to get a building to automatically train units. When it is built, it will add five units to the queue, and then when a unit finishes training it will add another one. When a unit is trained, it will be sent to a certain point depending on which player it belongs to...
  3. ZiggyMcjoney

    Newly created data not showing up in selection windows

    Apologies if this topic has already been covered, a quick search didn't reveal anything so I made my own thread. I created three new units: a dog, a kennel to produce the dog, and a builder to produce the kennel. I created the dog, gave it a weapon, customized it and ended up with a...
  4. ZiggyMcjoney

    [JASS] GetConvertedPlayerId()

    I have some GUI triggers and some JASS triggers. Global variables have been set which use arrays 1, 2, 3 and 4 for players 1, 2, 3, 4. I understand that when doing something like the following action: Set MyVar[Player number of (Owner of (Triggering unit))] = 1 in GUI, the 'player number of...
  5. ZiggyMcjoney

    Achievement TD

    So I was bored one day, and I decided to fill up the spare time over the holidays between doing anything interesting I'd do something I used to enjoy quite thoroughly - make TFT maps! So ignoring the fact that most of my friends had uninstalled TFT and moved on, I started making it. I'd done the...