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  1. Kidd|WhiteHeaven|

    In need of a Map Maker Crew

    Hello, I am in need of a map maker crew, for the new map series based on the mod Afraid of Monsters. It will be released whenever we finish. In return when finished, i will create the ending credits with all of the names who have helped me. What i need is: Needed Modelers - 10 tops Scripters -...
  2. Kidd|WhiteHeaven|

    Afraid of Monsters: DC

    Map: Afraid of Monsters Creator: Kidd_Walkerro/Dav1dLetherhoff Description: In the modern world where wars begin and end, chaos in the streets, and addicts. A man, named David Leatherhoff, turns into a insane killing machine. David was a Painkiller Addict, which brings him to the hospital where...
  3. Kidd|WhiteHeaven|

    [Trigger] Trigger Problems

    I need some help on some triggering. Summarizing on what I need on: Item Upgrading by Buying the Same Item Auto Toming Possibly Nova Spells. Item Upgrading by Buying the Same Item Event Unit - Sells an Item (from shop) Conditions Item Type of (Sold Item) equal to (MyItemHere) (Number...
  4. Kidd|WhiteHeaven|

    [Trigger] Problems with Replace Function

    Im using the Unit - Replace in my map when the hero uses an item. Events Unit - A unit uses an item Conditions Actions If/Then/Else Multiple Actions Conditions (Item of ((Hero Manipulating Item)) of Uzi)) equal to Uzi Then Unit - Replace (Hero Manipulating Item) with Human w/ Uzi with...
  5. Kidd|WhiteHeaven|

    [Trigger] Wc3xp

    W Warcraft C Cooperation X Xperience M Mod Its really a system that is based off the SCXPM for Sven Coop. For information on SCXPM, go here. It has all the information of SCXPM. And if you dont know what Sven Coop is, go here. Strength bases on Hp, gives 1 each level Superior Armor bases...
  6. Kidd|WhiteHeaven|

    Another ORPG Project

    Tormented Realm Descriptions here: I need some good terrainers, jass scripters(for some triggering problems and the save/load system), and anyone else who thinks they can help.
  7. Kidd|WhiteHeaven|

    Clan Olympics

    Im making a clan olympics map for my clan. Will anyone help me? not many map makers in the clan. Strategist badge = XNOTHINGX that badge didn't have anything good in it. Thanks for helping me if you are!(i havn't started map though.
  8. Kidd|WhiteHeaven|

    Survival Hill

    NAME: Survival Hill DESCRIPTION: You are a group of marines. Your orders were to secure a nearby outpost in a town called "Trianton". Usually, there would be people roaming the streets and cars, but ever since the virus has been passed, people have been turning into zombies. Your job is to...
  9. Kidd|WhiteHeaven|

    Save/Load in my map

    I downloaded Kode's save/load system, but when i do -savehero in my map, it remove my hero and there is no code showing. How do i fix that? I dont know how to do JASS. And im too lazy to learn jass at all! =/ Please help me, cuz my map is going to be like a planned map of DOTD, or like what...
  10. Kidd|WhiteHeaven|

    T.r Orpg

    T - Tormented R - Realm ORPG Description: A strange warp hole first appeared in the city of Lordaeron. A few footmen and their captain went inside the warp hole, only to find a different realm. The warp hole dissappeared, then reapearred in the city of Kalimdor, where the famous "Hero Class...
  11. Kidd|WhiteHeaven|

    Corruption Eye Murders

    NAME: Corruption Eye Murders AUTHOR: Kidd_Walkerro DESCRIPTION: A team of soldiers has abandoned a battle. They enter a strange cave with dead bodies, spikes, lava cracks, and a room where theres chains, walled chains, torture table, and MORE dead bodies, one of the soldiers recognizes the...
  12. Kidd|WhiteHeaven|

    Custom Hero Survival IRONV1 RECRUITMENT

    I need help on these things: Triggers - Cinematics i can do Terrain - Fine Spells - I need help making some custom spells for the custom spell shops Units - I need help with the units, custom or just go with the standard. And if standard, help me edit most of the standard units, not...
  13. Kidd|WhiteHeaven|

    Custom Hero Survival IRON

    MAP NAME: Custom Hero Survival IRON V1 Description: You are a hero that was brought to an arena to fight to the death by the corrupted king. You must fight your way through 40 rounds of creeps and rid the king of his corrupted spirit! This is a new map i am working on. My Line Defense map has...
  14. Kidd|WhiteHeaven|

    Making Stick Figure Animations

    If your interested in making SF Animations, download this program to make em!: Pivot And before you say "THAT SUCKS!!!", watch these 2 videos. These people were using Pivot: They are good...
  15. Kidd|WhiteHeaven|

    Limit Breaks in GUI

    Making Limit Breaks in GUI By Kidd|WhiteHeaven| NOTE: A limit break is like a ultimate skill, only available through your will, or something. Cross Slash is an example im using, and its a limit break in the game FF7. Is very usefull to people who want to make FF7 maps. Welcome to...
  16. Kidd|WhiteHeaven|

    Dancing Gonome!

    This is a video i made at 3:00 AM last sunday. Heheheh. Dancing Gonome! If you like the music, you can get it at on their audio portal, called Guitar vrs Piano.
  17. Kidd|WhiteHeaven|

    [Trigger] Saving and Loading using WEU

    Im planning to use the WEU 1.20 Save and Load triggers. The problem is, in the loading, how do i do that? This is what i was thinking of: Events Player - Player 1 types -load + (ENTERCODEHERE) as an exact match Conditions Actions Advanced Multiplayer - Restore hero using string [Entered...
  18. Kidd|WhiteHeaven|

    Problem With Tips In Map!

    Theres a problem with my tips in my map, i dont know whats wrong with it, heres my map, please help me! I dont wanna copy it all down, take too long n what not. Once you get the map open it(i was using WEU), go to the trigger editor, the Information file, then enable the trigger "Tips" it says...
  19. Kidd|WhiteHeaven|

    Noob Question [Multiple Arrows]

    Errrmmmmm i know this a huge noob question, but i dont know what the Multiple Arrows spell is or making a multiple arrows spell. Is this a triggered spell? Cuz i know its not! What is the real name of this spell if its in the game? I never bothered to use this untill now. -.- :bored:
  20. Kidd|WhiteHeaven|

    FireSphere Help

    I downloaded a spell called Firesphere, and it uses the Set Level of Ability for Unit trigger, and i dont know how to make it work for the Caster unit cuz its a Turn On Trigger from the other trigger(FireSphere is the other trigger.) The guy that made it only used a hero variable for this. I...
  21. Kidd|WhiteHeaven|

    How can i make a spell cast another spell and fires more of it?

    How can i make a spell be casted and then uses a spell in your abilities and fires bolts of it? For instance, like the Targeted Magic spell in Enfos map, it uses Frost Scythe on the enemy units in range. How can i do that?
  22. Kidd|WhiteHeaven|

    Making a REAL Grenade Spell

    How to make a real grenade spell By Kidd|WhiteHeaven| Contents Exploding grenade on contact Exploding grenade after a few seconds This is pretty much a short tutorial, but this should probably work on making a real grenade spell using GUI. I dont have my WE open right now but i can...
  23. Kidd|WhiteHeaven|

    Double Kill sounds n stuff

    How can i do a double kill sound when someone gets 2 hero kills and didn't die yet? Like in that sniper elites map where ur a sniper n u kill the other team for points. that maps protected, i think.
  24. Kidd|WhiteHeaven|

    Random Item Dropping

    I know theres a tutorial for this.. but that got me confused(looked up on I need help on making monsters drop items, at small chances, and good chances.
  25. Kidd|WhiteHeaven|

    Halo Weapon Model Attachments

    I need halo weapon model attachments. One of them i will use in my map(energy sword.) The rest, ill use it in some other project i will start.
  26. Kidd|WhiteHeaven|

    Image Showing

    How do i show an image using the image function Image - Create? And what do i set it to? Indicator Selection Shadow Ubersplat Occulusion Mark Topmost
  27. Kidd|WhiteHeaven|

    Line Defense

    Map: Line Defense Description: Based on hold the line (Mobius-One's idea). For years of war, it is not over. The fight is still on. All that remains, are 10 heroes. The only remaining town, is BarrenHelms. The Arcane Magistry is all that remains. The heroes must defend it. From the dark lord...
  28. Kidd|WhiteHeaven|

    Dino Defense

    Im planning to make a dinosaur defense game, its like marine corps defense cept defending against dinos. im also looking for a crashed helicopter or plane model. and im going to need a save/load system. because most save/load systems i dl off the net, i copy n paste it to my map, and it says...
  29. Kidd|WhiteHeaven|

    [Trigger] I was playing a game and...

    EntMod. Is it possible that you can do some code engine and you can load your code ingame and screw around. Better on Sven Coop. Im just wondering if you can actually do this(mebe with some jass...) I know this stupid idea, im just wondering about this. i wondered about this right after i was...
  30. Kidd|WhiteHeaven|

    Healing Mass

    Channeling spell in my map. I need it to heal all units in range. But I dont know how to make how far units are to be healed nearby the caster, and I dont know how to make the healing percentage to go up every time it is leveled.
  31. Kidd|WhiteHeaven|

    Fading Floating Text

    I seriously dunno how to make floating text disappear. I used the Floating Text - Fading Age trigger. And it dont work.
  32. Kidd|WhiteHeaven|

    Basics of a Trigger

    Basics of a Trigger By Kidd|WhiteHeaven| Contents What are Triggers? How do we make a trigger? How can a Trigger Activate? What if the trigger doesn't/does have a event if its off? How come a player won't leave since his unit died? I know how to do that now, but how do the conditions work? I...
  33. Kidd|WhiteHeaven|

    What is better?

    RPG or Survival Horror maos? Rpg maps like FFopen, master crafters, black road, defiance, and other great RPGs are good because: 1. Saving/Loading(on some of the correct maps. Imagica does not have Save/Load.) 2.triggered spells. 3.models(some ,maps) Survival Horror maps like Notd , Dotd...
  34. Kidd|WhiteHeaven|

    A request on my site.

    This was a request on Warcraft Starcraft Workshop. A member named Darkblade53 requested a Warcraft 3 Map Editor CD Crack. His brother gave his cd to his friends so he couldn't make maps. But he still could play because of the WC3 cd crack. Is there any Wc3 Map Editor cd cracks? If there is...
  35. Kidd|WhiteHeaven|

    All-Out Hero Battle Builder

    All-Out Hero Battle Builder by Kidd_Walkerro This is some hero builder map that is like all others... except you cant choose the heroe's spells until next version. There is a topic on spell suggestions that i have made. Some of those spells need triggering. So i need help on my map with...
  36. Kidd|WhiteHeaven|

    Wc3 + TfT weapon models

    I need the Wc3 and TfT weapon models in a zip file. I dont have winrar. Any chance someone can put all the wc3 + tft weapon models in a zip file? I'd be glad. Also, how come the wc3 + tft weapon models were in a Winrar file and not a winzip?
  37. Kidd|WhiteHeaven|

    [Trigger] Another LeaderBoard Problem

    Having problems with making a leaderboard, and 2 teams that are seperated. On the top(not title), it says Team 1 and after the last player in team 1 is Team 2. Heres what i did. Events Time - Elapsed Game Time 5.00 seconds Conditions Actions Leaderboard - Create a leaderboard for (All...
  38. Kidd|WhiteHeaven|

    [Trigger] The units in my map

    How can i make the creep heroes in my map go up a level every time it dies? I mean something like the creep heroes in naruto hero builder or any other hero builder. Im making a herobuilder also XD. I experimented but couldn't find. Here is something that i thought it would work. Events Unit...
  39. Kidd|WhiteHeaven|

    [Trigger] Duel trigger

    Im making an all-out hero battle, evilcryptlord is helping me when i send the map to him on monday, i need to know what the duel trigger is. Is it this? Events Timer - (mytimer) is finished Conditions Actions Unit - Move all heroes owned by all players to duel square Sound - Play Duel...
  40. Kidd|WhiteHeaven|

    Model help

    Can we import a model that was never made by ppl but was made for a 1st person shooter game? Like counter-strike or half-life. Cuz when i was searching for RE models in the model resources, nothing showed up.
  41. Kidd|WhiteHeaven|

    Requesting some spell suggestions.

    Requesting some spell suggestions for my map.
  42. Kidd|WhiteHeaven|

    Importing a model

    Euhmmmmm probably ganna go in graveyard isn't this.. To import a model, you must first go to the import manager. Steps: 1. Import all stuff 2. Change Model name to just the model name. For instance, "war3imported\terranmarine.mdl" change that to "terranmarine.mdl" That should work(i think)...
  43. Kidd|WhiteHeaven|

    my own forums

    this ok? i just need members that are usually active.:grin: :grin:
  44. Kidd|WhiteHeaven|

    [Trigger] Changing Damage Type

    Working on a map. How do i change the damage type? I know the trigger is advanced(or is a replaced one.) Idk if there is a replace unit trigger. And Changing the damage type is like this(i think): Replacing Unit Trigger Events Unit - A unit enters [Magic Damage Hero] Conditions None...
  45. Kidd|WhiteHeaven|

    [Trigger] Ammo trigger

    This a system or a trigger? Just wondering. If it a trigger, how do i make guns use ammo? Not including multiboard. Like items. Something like: Events (dunno what events are) conditions [Triggering Unit] has item of type ((Glock)) AND [Triggering Unit] has item of type ((9mm Clip))...
  46. Kidd|WhiteHeaven|

    Removing/Adding spells

    How ya remove/add spells? is it the triggers 1: Hero - [triggering unit] learn spell: (whatever) 2: Unit - Remove (spellname) __ Is that it?
  47. Kidd|WhiteHeaven|

    Resident Starcraft

    i made this for a story writing contest in another forums. Its here. Username on the forums there is NoViNkEnTd. What you think of it? Scoring: 1= Blam this piece a shit! 2= Waaaaatever 3= Not Interesting or new 4= Seems like its...
  48. Kidd|WhiteHeaven|

    Newgrounds Audio Portal!

    Audio made by members of the flash website. Used for anything. But is probably invalid for WC3. I tried using a music from there, it does not work when i imported it already and reopened the map. Can Download these.
  49. Kidd|WhiteHeaven|


    Heheh. I like this song. Soo catchy. Watch this. It shows 2 kids dancing to Streamline. You can download streamline here! Its under the play button if you cannot find. Another Streamline Video. This one is...
  50. Kidd|WhiteHeaven|

    Will need an image.

    I need an minimap image for my zombie map. Something that is Resident Ages. Like... a Zombie, A Marine, A Robot. Thanks. I will give credits.