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  1. The_Raven

    Wow, I've been slacking off...

    ...but no more. I'm finally going to get caught up this weekend, but I need use you guys' help. Please report any spells or posts that you find to violate the rules - either by posting them here or by Pming me. Thanks! ~The_Raven
  2. The_Raven

    Attention all TToR users!

    It has recently been discovered (thanks to Daelin) that spells made using TToR do not display the following information improperly on this site: Spell Map Name, Spell Author, & Spell Info. It is unknown what the cause of this problem is. If you have a spell that is affected, you can remedy...
  3. The_Raven

    Spells - Frequently Requested Spells

    Spells – Frequently Requested Spells: The following are some of the spells that are most requested on the Spells Forum. Please read the list and make sure that your spell idea is not on it before making a request. Spells requested that are already on the list will have their thread...
  4. The_Raven

    Most Frequently Requested Spells

    I'm compiling a list of the most frequently requested spells in this forum and the spells that fufill the requirement. Any help would be appreciated. Please post the kind of spell (ex. A temporary mind control) and link(s) to the spell(s) that fufill the requirement (ex. Seduce...
  5. The_Raven

    ...and as we reach 3000 posts...

    ...I just thought that I should take the time to congratulate everybody for all the great spells posted in the Spells Section and all that we have accomplished in this forum. Congratulations everybody! ~The_Raven
  6. The_Raven

    Spell Import Tutorial

    It seems that explanation that I provided in the FAQ for spell import is not sufficient. It would be greatly appreciated if any of the more experianced spell makers would write a step-by-step tutorial for importing spells. If anyone does, their turorial will be added to the FAQ and credit will...
  7. The_Raven

    I Need an Idea

    I'm finally going to start making spells again this weekend. I need a good idea for a "come back" spell. Any ideas? I had so many ideas a while back, but I went back to them couple days ago and I realized that they weren't very good. ~The_Raven
  8. The_Raven

    Official Spell Request Thread

    Since there are so many request threads and so many threads by people taking requests, and since many of these threads are often overlooked, I figured that I would try to create an official thread for requests. Here’s how it works: • Anybody can post a request. • Anybody can accept a...
  9. The_Raven

    Spells Forum Posting and Submitting Rules

    Spells Forum Posting and Submitting Rules: Below you will find the rules regarding posting messages in the Spells Forum and submitting resources to the Spells Section. Please take a moment to review these: If you find a post or resource that violates these rules, then please PM Vexorian or...
  10. The_Raven

    Screenshot Capture Tutorial

    This tutorial describes how to capture a screen shot from Warcraft III, save it, and submit it to this site. 1) Open your map in Warcraft III or in the World Editor. 2) When you find a screen you would like to capture, press the print screen icon. On most keyboards, it is next to the...
  11. The_Raven

    Section Sub-Moderators and a “Rejected” Section

    I think that something needs to be done about the amount of crap that users have been posting on this site. I suggest creating a “Rejected” section, where content that is of poor quality can be sent. There would only be one of the sections, and it would be completely separate from the other...
  12. The_Raven

    Model - Storm Bolt Rotation (Very Simple)

    This is a very simple request for the Storm Bolt Missle animation (Abilities\Spells\Human\StormBolt\StormBoltMissile.mdl). I need it rotated so that the hammer part is facing the ground. As always, I will give full credit. ~The_Raven
  13. The_Raven

    Model - Strand of Life

    I would like a model that is a silver string. The string would be very thin, but still easily visible. The string would be about as tall as the lightning doodad. For the birth animation, I would like to see two strings, one coming from the bottom of the model and one from the top. The strings...
  14. The_Raven

    Model - Mirror Sphere

    I'm looking for a sphere a little larger than a Farm that will reflect everything around it like a mirror. ~The_Raven
  15. The_Raven

    Arthas's Weapon

    When Arthas was a Paladin, he held his hammer in his right hand. When he got Frostmourne, he held it in his right hand. However, when he became evil, he held Frostmourne in his left hand! I think Blizzard goofed. ~The_Raven
  16. The_Raven

    Re: Cooldowns

    There have been multitudes of questions and requests that involve manipulating spell cooldowns. Most of these ARE NOT POSSIBLE! Because of this, I would like to clarify a few points regarding spell cooldowns: 1) The remaining time left in a spell’s cooldown cannot be set via triggers. 2) The...
  17. The_Raven

    Is the Site Really Slow Today...

    ...or is it just me? ~The_Raven
  18. The_Raven

    Bugs in RotD

    I'm half way through map 2. Here's a list of the bugs that I've found so far: General: 1) Whenever Burrow is cast, Jet Pack also activates. Intentional? If it is, please explain you logic. 2) Please pause all units during cinematics. I lost the game twice because while one unit had...
  19. The_Raven

    Spells - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Spells – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): 1) How do you make spells? What program(s) do you use? You make spells primarily by using the Warcraft III World Editor. Spells are one of the most complicated aspects of map-making because they involve combining all your knowledge of the World...
  20. The_Raven

    Which Gender are You?

    Please answer honestly. ~The_Raven
  21. The_Raven

    If a template spell map were released, would you use it?

    All of my maps use what I call a Template Spell Map. This includes a basic terrain, preplaced Creeps, and a Testing Assistant. The Testing Assistant is a spellbook item that has various abilities, which help you test the main spell of the map: 1) Restore - Completely restores the hit points...
  22. The_Raven

    MODEL - Black Hole

    I need this for a spell that I'm working on. Of course, full credit will be given. Here's all that I require; the rest can be creativity: 1) A swirling mass that gets darker as you get closer to the center. 2) The outer part of the model "swirls" into the inner part. That's all I can...
  23. The_Raven


    How do people make those animated avatars? ~The_Raven
  24. The_Raven

    Troll in the Spells Section

    Recently, one or more trolls have appeared in the Spels Section. They have rated most of the recent submissions a one without no explanation whatsoever. Can somehing please be done about this? ~The_Raven
  25. The_Raven

    This Isn't Right This is one of my spells. A couple days ago, it was just passing 300 downloads, but now, it just topped 1000. Until today, I hadn't looked in on it since it left the first 15 of the Spells section. Could...
  26. The_Raven

    Suggestions Regarding Ratings

    1) Can you give the user the option to change his/her rating of a submission? People are always updating their submissions. Something you gave a 1 to yesterday could deserve a 5 today. 2) Could you list the users who have rated a submision? I've seen several cases where submissions with a...
  27. The_Raven

    Which do you like to see most in spells?

    Which do you like to see most in spells?
  28. The_Raven

    Site Record Questions

    I have four questions about this site: 1) What is the record number of downloads that one spell has ever received in a day? 2) Can you trace which IP Addresses have downloaded a spell? 3) Can you trace which IP Addresses have rated a spell? A quick response would be appreciated...
  29. The_Raven

    Point-to-Point Portal I must see five posts a week about someone looking for or trying to make a portal ability. However, I have never seen one ever done. I decided to change that. The spell needs a little work, but its simple and straight-forward. Enjoy! P.S...