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  1. Coldgamer

    Comment by 'Coldgamer' in media 'Warcraft III - Acolyte of Life revamped mansion'

    The new ligthning has much more atmospheric but I liked the carpets and the interior before more because the color matched better. I also always find that it stands out when when WOW models with their comic look are mixed with other models (like the carpet and fireplace for example). That is of...
  2. Coldgamer

    UI v1.3

    You're a fcking genius and dream for map creator :grin: There is another function you could add -> Item description
  3. Coldgamer

    UI v1.3

    Maybe an optional feature: Gold and Lumber Symbols can be set per path (currently they are fixed in the UI) because most RPG maps use lumber as talent point or something else :grin:
  4. Coldgamer

    UI v1.3

    Just beautiful and awesome!
  5. Coldgamer

    Tomb of the Dragon

    Played it today with my buddy, we used Version v1.01f so maybe some points are out of date. Pro: The overall look from every single map is just fantastic, there are so many cool ideas, we never got bored (I could tell so many things we liked but i prefer to remain vague to prevent spoilers)...
  6. Coldgamer

    Relativistic Missiles [vJASS][LUA][GUI]

    Hey Chopinski, ty for this awesome system, it is really powerful. I just noticed that version 2.4 (and 1.5 Utilities) does not work with your hero spell system. I saw that it comes from the restructuring of the GUI version. Can you maybe make an example how I can implement your spells despite...
  7. Coldgamer

    [Solved] Its corrupted, im soo done

    Did you have a crash by saving your map? I always lost all my Imports if I saved my map and had a crash (and then ur imports are lost). Nowadays I always create backups because of that shit
  8. Coldgamer

    Spellweaver's Talent Kitchen

    I mostly also use GUI but take a look at the examples (especially the druid examp), in my opinion they are so easy to read/reproduce, even I could use this system :grin:
  9. Coldgamer

    Comment by 'Coldgamer' in media 'Terrain for a Fantasy Life map'

    Crazy, I have never seen anything like this before
  10. Coldgamer

    Comment by 'Coldgamer' in media 'Terrain for a Fantasy Life map'

    Sweet look but from a realistic perspective, there are maybe to much tombstones next to each other
  11. Coldgamer

    Spellweaver's Talent Kitchen

    This my friend is absolut amazing! Ty for the druid example! Edit: Little question aside, how could I make like in wow a requirment of points set in a line? For example u have to set 5 points overall to unlock the 2nd line, 10 points to unlock the 3rd line and so on
  12. Coldgamer

    Slimes (Constipating Edition)

    Very useful!
  13. Coldgamer

    Spellbound's Custom Lightning Effects

    Just perfect and saves my day because reforged lightnings are still so bugged
  14. Coldgamer

    Lord Marrowgar - Reforged

    Just Perfect!
  15. Coldgamer

    Didn't test other exclamation marks but I added to your model a GlobalSequence (with the war3...

    Didn't test other exclamation marks but I added to your model a GlobalSequence (with the war3 model editor - Sanity test said: "Invalid global sequence 0") and that worked for me.
  16. Coldgamer

    Quest Exclamation + Question Mark & Variations

    Sweet and useful models but if I import the blue question mark (ExcMark_Blue_RepetableQuest.mdx) map crashes (tried even with a new map).
  17. Coldgamer

    Magnaron (fomor)

    Looks really nice!
  18. Coldgamer

    Labyrinth of Puzzles 2 v1.0

    My mate and I really enjoyed the game, took us nearly 3 hours to complete :D liked the fact, that we had zero bugs !
  19. Coldgamer


    Absolutely terrific look!
  20. Coldgamer

    2 Player Campaign 2020 - HD & SD

    Me and my mate playin your map and I dont gonna lie, we have a lot of fun :grin: Let me give some of my experiences so far: - In the human campaign were no major bugs. - Currently we try the undead campaign and unfortunately I had to fix some stuff, otherwise we couldnt play. Already at the...
  21. Coldgamer

    Ether's Mega Doodads Project

    Beautiful models, thanks for uploading them! Was really sad after underground decided to keep public out. Keep the good work up!
  22. Coldgamer

    Export All Files... Destroys Export

    I don't know if this is already a known error or if it only occurs on my computer, but all files are mixed up or damaged when using the "Export All Files..." function. I had noticed the problem when I wanted to export parts of models from my current map and import them into a new map. At first...
  23. Coldgamer

    World Editor and Undead Race NOW LIVE

    Models placed in water are not visible: You could place any model you want, it's always invisible in the water. Even the surface tool is invisible in the water: Edit: Ingame the models are visible.
  24. Coldgamer

    Damage Engine

    Works absolutly perfect, I am so grateful to you!
  25. Coldgamer

    Damage Engine

    Bribe, thanks for this absolute fantastic system! There are so many helpful things in there, i really love your system. Currently I'm trying to understand everything but there is something I'm wondering. There is the text floating system, which displays the text in blue for spells, what works...
  26. Coldgamer

    UI: Frames and Tooltips

    I've already tried it: function face2 takes nothing returns nothing call LoadToc("war3mapimported\\BoxedText.toc") local framehandle face = BlzCreateFrameByType("BACKDROP", "Face", BlzGetOriginFrame(ORIGIN_FRAME_GAME_UI, 0), "", 0) local framehandle faceHover =...
  27. Coldgamer

    UI: Frames and Tooltips

    Thanks for your tutorial, could you mabye make a JASS example? Can't convert my map to lua :ugly:
  28. Coldgamer

    Sneak Peeks

    This looks absolutly insane, the new UI possibilities are just awesome! Keep going!:grin:
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  31. Coldgamer

    UI: Creating a Cam control

    Sorry, my question was maybe confusing, didn't mean scrollbar -> i meant Slider :ugly: I just want to give every player in some orpg for example the option to change his camera distance like in your example. But what i so far understand is, that everyone see the same slider, so if one player is...
  32. Coldgamer

    UI: Creating a Cam control

    Thanks for your Tutorial :thumbs_up: Got a question about Multiplayer: Is there any option to realize a scrollbar for every player? For example, with the button, you could query the player (getPlayer) who had pressed the button. But that wouldn't make sense with the slider. Any suggestions?
  33. Coldgamer

    UI: Create a TextButton

    First, I want to say thank you for your awesome Tutorials! I have question about the Button: Is it possible to detect which player has pressed the button? I want that a player can open a menu over the button for example but I want to recognize which player has pressed the button, so that the...