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  1. grondo-lamer

    Old dubbing - how?

    Yea I guessed that, although I have no idea how to do that, since there is no more MPQ format. Then I could see if it worked fine after updates. Also would be nice to have it at least just for the campaigns, since I don't wanna go on the old stretched screen.
  2. grondo-lamer

    Old dubbing - how?

    Hello, I think I'm not the only one who can't stand the new voices (except for ENG, that didn't get changed) in Reforged WC3. Does anyone happen to know how to bring the old dubbing back to the game? There's no way to change it via options. I'd be really grateful, the old dubbing is my childhood.
  3. grondo-lamer

    Warcraft : Orcs

    Hmm how to pass 3rd's too hard humans have archers since start so even if u make spearmen and upg them comp will alrdy have twice upged archers and will send units at u to pwn u.
  4. grondo-lamer

    Nerubian Elder

    Reminds me of Baal from Diablo 2
  5. grondo-lamer


    gnoll head? O_O
  6. grondo-lamer

    Boars Dire and Pale

    wow, nice, they remind me of Titan Quest
  7. grondo-lamer

    Goblin Rocket Rider

    lol I had an imagination about this pwning World Trade Center :goblin_boom:
  8. grondo-lamer

    What you did today v1.0

    Watched the whole Diablo 3 Beta gameplay ;)
  9. grondo-lamer

    Minas Tirith by Jack

    Orly? Riders of Rohan are Rohirrim
  10. grondo-lamer


    ah sry it works :P:thumbs_up:
  11. grondo-lamer

    Human Barracks

    Better than the original barracks from WC3 :)
  12. grondo-lamer

    Dwarven Ram Rider

    hmm i thought dwarves dont ride any animals :goblin_wtf:
  13. grondo-lamer

    Undead Spartan Warrior

    shield looks bad :ogre_rage:
  14. grondo-lamer

    Castle Wars Professionals v0.6

    i can't see this version in warcraft
  15. grondo-lamer

    Dwarven Phalanx

    phalanx? he's a halbardier, and the halberd looks strange (top should be like a spear, not like a sword)
  16. grondo-lamer


    uruk means orc and hai means race (same as in olog-hai = olog means troll, hai race), and ur wrong: u said half elven and half orcish WTF? they were half goblin and half orcish
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    What does urukai mean? ..........I only know uruk-hai, it means orc-folk in black speech....
  18. grondo-lamer


    Nice model, but it crushed editor...
  19. grondo-lamer

    Mining mania, a new map type that was never created before.

    You should change positions between gold and silver, gold is worth more than silver! Uhm there should be iron.
  20. grondo-lamer

    SauronsMace uh? Sauron doesn't have sword, you are not a LotR fan, you don't even know that Sauron has a MACE
  21. grondo-lamer

    Minas Tirith by Jack

    Why did you use Dalaran for Minas Tirith and only 3 levels instead of 7? Look The city was divided into seven levels In that map there's something called Rohirm. What's Rohirm? What's Morder??? Why Aragorn, Gimli, Legolas and the dead are in Minas Tirith...
  22. grondo-lamer

    What is your favorite in Lord of The Rings??

    eh mby...favourite from tolkien-works (not just from LotR)? so :con: Morgoth & Gollum Angband :vw_death: (mby not?) - Moria then Dwarves ftw! :ogre_love:
  23. grondo-lamer

    ringofpower Here is the corpus of all Black Speech quotations: Ash nazg durbatulûk, ash nazg gimbatul, ash nazg thrakatulûk agh burzum-ishi krimpatul (One ring to rule them all, one ring to find them, one ring to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them) It...
  24. grondo-lamer

    hai iq

    hai iq
  25. grondo-lamer

    The Lord of the Rings

    4/5 very good map, but there are bugs: -Dol Guldor instead of Dol Guldur -wingered Nazgul cannot attack land units -Dain Ironfoot - really he lives in Erebor, not in Iron Hills -Barad-Dur tower can be destroyed with units
  26. grondo-lamer

    Hi, do u remember me from b-net?

    Hi, do u remember me from b-net?
  27. grondo-lamer

    Comment by 'grondo-lamer' in media 'HorseChariotV1'

    nice transport! :P
  28. grondo-lamer

    Copper Coin

    pls tell me, why i can't see copper and silver coins in game
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    o super stara babcia xD
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    o siema wreszcie sie polak znalazl ;p

    o siema wreszcie sie polak znalazl ;p
  32. grondo-lamer

    Power Lich

    Necromancer? In HoMM necromancer is a hero (on a horse) and the unit you mean is called lich :spell_breaker:
  33. grondo-lamer

    Icon Making - The Unofficial Warcraft III Forums - icon making

    Icon Making - The Unofficial Warcraft III Forums - icon making
  34. grondo-lamer

    ya, this is Titeuf :P. IconMaker where are you from? im pl

    ya, this is Titeuf :P. IconMaker where are you from? im pl
  35. grondo-lamer

    i want

    i want
  36. grondo-lamer

    where are your icons?

    where are your icons?
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  38. grondo-lamer

    Wraith Lord

    the grim reaper!:D
  39. grondo-lamer


    Red player's unit color needn't to be red. U can change that in unit editor :grin:
  40. grondo-lamer


    nice, but fix teh arrow
  41. grondo-lamer


    good job, can be used to make troll warlock
  42. grondo-lamer


    i used it in editor. fix it, this model is bugged, can't see it in game
  43. grondo-lamer


    can be used to make Mantikore :P
  44. grondo-lamer


    very good :):)
  45. grondo-lamer


    where is autocast icon? 4/5 pls make it
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  47. grondo-lamer

    Power Lich

  48. grondo-lamer


    yay goldz!
  49. grondo-lamer