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  1. Oljin

    [Aeon of Strife] Black Clans War

    Update 1.2.2 :)
  2. Oljin

    [Aeon of Strife] Black Clans War

    updated to 1.2.1
  3. Oljin

    [Aeon of Strife] Black Clans War

    Update 1.2 is here! And I have now a new laptop with Windows :D feels much better!
  4. Oljin

    Fire And Ice Synergie v1.03

    I rewrote the whole trigger to make it IMO MUI. I used a more sophisticated indexing system I learned from other spells. I don't need the caster group now. Also, I can cast it multiple times on the same hero (with reset ability cooldowns i spammed it on a single hero before it turned off) and...
  5. Oljin

    Burning Arrow

    I figured it out! Your script is fine, but the units in the object editor need to be changed. Change the "Movement - Type" to "Fly" and not "Foot" (for both Units) Also, change the "Movement - Height Minimum " for the arrow to 50.
  6. Oljin

    Do these triggers leak?

    Ok i improved it with a more sophisticated indexing system: Regen Globe Trigger Events Unit - A unit Dies Conditions Or - Any (Conditions) are true Conditions (Unit-type of (Dying unit)) Equal to Unit_Demolisher (Unit-type of...
  7. Oljin

    Do these triggers leak?

    Ok i already thought so that they do leak. Thanks a lot! I wasn't sure if Position Center of Map does also leak, now i know :) So then what would you say about these two triggers? My assumption is that there are never more than 100 runes active on the map. Regen Globe Trigger Events...
  8. Oljin

    Do these triggers leak?

    do these triggers leak? Boss Event Announce and Countdown Events Time - Boss_Event_Loop expires Conditions Boss_Events Equal to True Boss_Status Equal to <Dead> Actions For each (Integer A) from 1 to 20, do (Actions) Loop - Actions...
  9. Oljin

    Reputation (+4): (Bundle) like it :)

    Reputation (+4): (Bundle) like it :)
  10. Oljin

    Reputation (+4): (Bundle) hammer awesome spell!

    Reputation (+4): (Bundle) hammer awesome spell!
  11. Oljin

    Reputation (+4): (Bundle) love this spell!

    Reputation (+4): (Bundle) love this spell!
  12. Oljin

    Reputation (+4): (Bundle) nice spell, works perfect :)

    Reputation (+4): (Bundle) nice spell, works perfect :)
  13. Oljin

    Impact Wave v1.2

    the spell works for itself fine, but it triggered always another spell of the hero. i changed the "Order String - Use/Turn On" in the object editor of the affected spells (gave each another stirng, or none), but still it was like that. is there something else i could do about it? or i will try...
  14. Oljin

    Fiery Damnation v1.31 Gui and Jass

    unfortunately this spell created so many lags in my map that i had to remove it. the more it was casted the slower the game was, until it was that slow that we had to abort it. i tried to find out why it does it, but i couldnt find any leaks...
  15. Oljin

    v1.2f Timed Bomb

    works fine, spell is good :)
  16. Oljin

    Burning Arrow

    i have some trouble with the arrow point creation in this spell... the arrow is created a little bit left or right of the hero, and not where it should. i checked the triggers and tried to correct it with offsets towards angles (+/- 90°) but it didnt help really. Also, i compared the trigger...
  17. Oljin

    Elune's Arrow v1.1

    spell works perfect, good job! and thanks for the spell!
  18. Oljin

    [SpellPack]- Elemental SpellPack v1.07b

    First i wasn't sure if it is still MUI when multiple spells use the same variables, but according to the other comments it still is... anyway i just used some few of them, and those work fine :) thanks!
  19. Oljin

    Elemental Wave [MUI] v1.7.1

    Nice spell! It was doing a bit too less for my taste, so i added a heal to friendly units too (it damages enemies and heals friends in its path). check it out on my map (Lady Vashji).
  20. Oljin

    Freezing Bow v. 1.5

    really nice spell! i like the possibility to change between unit and point target, although i used only one of it (because of balancing for my game). But else, really nice and original!
  21. Oljin

    Arctic Blast

    spell works fine and is easy to import, good job!
  22. Oljin

    Star Shower v1.06

    really nice spell! works super good!
  23. Oljin

    Maelstrom v3

    nice spell! works fine - I use it as an ulti (for Lady Vashji) but I haven't found yet the right balancing for this spell. the drag into the maelstrom is extremely strong, because if the damage is high enough this is kind of a one-shot killer. i try to reduce the drag speed and how often one...
  24. Oljin

    Rapid Slash v1.1

    this version works good with my old WC3 1.27 version - the new versions of this spell didn't work for me, so i stayed with this one. check it out here.
  25. Oljin

    Rockfall [Paladon]

    works great! had no problems with import or with the spell itself, all fine! :)
  26. Oljin

    Cutting Edge v2.1

    works ok, but not with fortress/strongholds - i could get stuck within the fortress if that last point was exactly in the middle of the fortress. So I combined it with CheckWalkability (creating an item at move position, basically) and with that it works better
  27. Oljin

    Fire And Ice Synergie v1.03

    quite a lot of animations, and when i played alone (1 player) with multiple heroes (3 kaelthas) then their spells were linked somehow, so it was not really MUI when i play alone. but i it's different when multiple players cast it, then it works. So it's just "half MUI" for me... and also i had...
  28. Oljin


    the spell is quite nice! i use it in my map. I like that the it does AoE damage and then stays for a while :) But the first cast always lags, is it possible to preload somehow the models such that the first one does not lag?
  29. Oljin

    Circle Impulse & Judgement MUI VI

    already used your spells long time ago in my RPG game (The Sword of Narzul) and now again my new map (The Black Clans War, AoS / MOBA). Great work, nicely done. nothing to complain - works perfectly.
  30. Oljin

    Reputation (+2): (Bundle) unique und original spell! setup and modifications could be better

    Reputation (+2): (Bundle) unique und original spell! setup and modifications could be better
  31. Oljin

    Hoist of the Seven Conundrums v1.0

    this spell is really original and amazing! truly unique! + very good job with all the animations + works fine, i see no leaks - not easy to find the lines where the heal and mana happens, because there is no configuration trigger. - i didn't find a easy way on how to scale the heal with...
  32. Oljin

    Arc light

    Cool spell! nice for paladins
  33. Oljin

    Fire Fury 1.0

    this is a really cool spell! good work, works well!
  34. Oljin

    Power Hook v1.3

    great spell! i used it in my moba game :)
  35. Oljin

    Explosive Spell Pack 1.5 GUI by NFWar

    really nice, original spells! i gave them all to gazlowe in my map :D
  36. Oljin

    Barbarian Skills 1.1

    yeeah awesome cool spells! love them!
  37. Oljin

    Hammer of Thor v1.08

    really cool looking spell and works perfect! awesome!
  38. Oljin

    Lich King Spellpack v1.03

    nice spells and cool effects! like it! the Frostmourne Hunger's ability (the charge ability) didnt work quite right in my map after i imported it, so i replaced the "Attack Speed Dummy" ability with a custom Berserker ability (and possibly new custom buffs too) and then it worked. I used it in...
  39. Oljin

    Volatile Light v2.01

    really cool spell with nice effect! i had to use Periodictimer = 0.1 seconds, because it created lags in local game 1v1 when the ability was casted twice around the same time (we had both the same hero).
  40. Oljin

    Electric Conduit v2.01

    awesome spell! i used it as an ulti for drek'thar in my map :)
  41. Oljin

    Fan of Knives v1.03

    works great! like it!
  42. Oljin

    Simple Spell Pack v1.3

    most spells work perfect, only Ion Cannon didnt work for some reason in my map... but else i like everything! great job!
  43. Oljin

    Reputation (+4): (Bundle) really well programmed!

    Reputation (+4): (Bundle) really well programmed!
  44. Oljin

    Check Walkability

    i used your system to improve about 3-5 spells in my map. your system is super useful and easy to use! great job!
  45. Oljin

    Reputation (+4): (Bundle) well programmed!

    Reputation (+4): (Bundle) well programmed!
  46. Oljin

    Charge Spell-System 3.0v

    very useful system to create some charge abilites. but it's not straight forward to import it... had to make first another little test trigger to toggle the animation index and check if i got the right two animation for the walk and attack part. and also i changed the parts where it checks if...
  47. Oljin

    Damage Engine

    Really nice system! Works perfectly! very well programmed, thanks a lot! i have it impemented in my map.
  48. Oljin

    Reputation (+3): (Bundle) looks good!

    Reputation (+3): (Bundle) looks good!
  49. Oljin

    Reputation (+3): (Bundle) looks good!

    Reputation (+3): (Bundle) looks good!
  50. Oljin

    Grom Mirror Image

    EXACLTY the image i was looking for my hero :D thanks! Check it out here