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  1. yxq1122

    How to get back to use the classic Green theme?

    I cannot find a menu to allow me to use the classic green theme. For me, I don't feel like a yellow theme somehow. Can someone tell me how to get back the green theme (Night elf)?
  2. yxq1122

    Provide an option to use the classic green theme

    The remoosed Hive should inherit legacies. The current green theme of Hive looks very nice and comfortable. I believe almost Hivers more like a green theme. So I suggest providing an option to allow the users to use the current green theme at least.
  3. yxq1122

    How to append an ability to the ability list of an unit using Lua ObjectMerger

    Hi, everyone! I used the following Lua commands when I tried to append an ability 'A001' to the ability list of an unit "h005": //! i makechange(current, "uabi", "A001") However, that command doesn't work. All abilities of the unit will be replaced by the single 'A001'. Actually, I Just hope to...
  4. yxq1122

    Getting help on using ObjectMerger

    Hello everyone! The original ability list of an unit will be replaced by a single value of "A001" when I use the following Object Merger Lua command: //! externalblock extension=lua ObjectMerger $FILENAME$ //! i setobjecttype("units") //! i createobject("hmpr", "h005") //! i makechange(current...
  5. yxq1122

    What can Blizzard do to recover the current decline of Warcraft III: Reforged?

    Hi, Hivers. The latest official release 1.32a may disappoint you. Here I summarize some possible must be done things that could recover the current decline of Reforged for next patch (personally): 1. All promised contents should be implemented. 2. Add back custom campaign feature. 3. Fatal...
  6. yxq1122

    Warcraft 3 reforged test in unreal engine 4

    1. Orc units and buildings test 2. Illidan test 3. Sylvanas and elf units test 4. Rexxar campaign Author: Axcelion
  7. yxq1122

    Do we get the permission from Blizzard entertainment?

    Well, we players now have developed various modding tools for the beloved Warcraft III. However, from the content of the end user license agreement, we can find that the user can't create all kinds of related derivative works based on war3 or world editor? So do we get the proper permission from...
  8. yxq1122

    War3 Foundation Structs (WFS) libraries

    Introduction This is an idea or concept! What is WFS? It is a series of structs that packages all operations for all types of objects in vJass for Warcraft III. Simply you can understand it as something that is similar to Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC) library that has packaged all...
  9. yxq1122

    Object merger Bug: multi-choice

    Hi, guys! Have you noticed the data field that provides multiple checkboxes of an ability in the object editor. These data fields may not be edited by ObjectMerger command correctly, e.g., the data field with raw code "Nsi1" in ability Drunken Haze. When running the command //! i...
  10. yxq1122

    IsUnitWard and IsDestructableDebris

    Hi, guys! You may know that there are no such natives to determine the ward unit type and the debris type of a destructable. If someone could make a system to do these things, it would be great.
  11. yxq1122

    Need new natives list from patch 1.30+

    Greetings, guys! I need a new natives list of 1.30+, which provides more options to manage object data and UI system. I now can't get the newest patch to be installed. So could someone help me to extract the new natives from common.j under your warcraft installation folder if possible. Thanks a lot.
  12. yxq1122

    Pre-release: war3 effect designer

    Keep writing code. Are you exhausted? Faced with the hustle and bustle of city life, is your map project procrastinating? Maybe you have dreams, but you don't have sufficient time. The reason is that although existing WE Mods provide a good GUI and code experience similar to Microsoft visual...
  13. yxq1122

    How can we import and use custom natives in WEX without RtC?

    As MindworX said, WEX didn't include the plugin - Reinventing the Craft (RtC) since SharpCraft is a managed replacement for RtC. Thus, I have a question: how can we use custom natives and nAPI in WEX?
  14. yxq1122

    A new journey - 2019 "Warcraft III" Golden League

    In 2018, the "Warcraft III" Golden League has brought fantastic competitions to players'friends, so that players feel the charm of the "Warcraft III" competition. The Golden League of World Warcraft III in 2019 is about to usher in a new journey. We will provide professional players with more...
  15. yxq1122

    [General] Is there any way to completely add/edit/remove object data by codes?

    I have been wondering that it could be very promissing and useful if there is a world editor addon (perhaps JassHelper or Grimex) that can completely support the object data editing (add/remove/edit). Things may be done like what Grimex behaves. //! external ObjectMerger my_abilities.w3a...
  16. yxq1122

    Low connection rate to this site!

    Sometimes connection with site becomes very low. A long response time is needed, or no response occurs for webpage. It is strange that the connection rate decreases gradually after many time clicks, although the first connection may be of high speed. Could somebody help me to deal with this...
  17. yxq1122

    Great contributors on Warcraft editing tools

    Preface: They created great fundamental editing tools for Warcraft III. Any map maker or modder throughout the world benefits from their hard works. In the field of wc3 modding, they are experts, heroes, and legends. Many respects and reputations should be given to them. Could you remember their...
  18. yxq1122

    Exporting codes to trigger editor

    Greetings, guys! I am now developing a wc3 tool that needs to export codes to the trigger editor of the world editor. This functionality is similar/same with that the JassCraft has, but zoxc has gone. So I appreciate that anyone can give me some technical help or guidance. I use c/c++. Thanks...
  19. yxq1122

    Bundle idea: leading to UNWE?

    Greetings! Getting tired with your project? Nothing seems to improve the mapping efficiency except for the world editor. This is an idea that UNWE bundle should be assembled using the current fundamental editing tools of war3. What is UNWE? This is a concept that the current Blizzard World...