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  1. frankie11

    Wake of the Apocalypse (Recruitment)

    Click here to visit the project thread In need of: Terrainer (To do basic outline of map) -I need you to make the terrain look like a desolate wasteland. It needs to looks worn, ravaged, torn, etc... I prefer barrens tileset;however, if you have a better idea and can make it look good...
  2. frankie11

    Wake of the Apocalpyse

    It has been 12 years since the second coming of the Messiah. Since the utter destruction of the earth. Demons ravage the land now. Not many survived. You... are left behind. You must rebuild the planet from it's ashes. Build tents, signalling people to come. It is your duty to regain control of...
  3. frankie11

    Unwrap my model, plz

    I made a model today from scratch and primitives and I would like someone to unwrap it. Don't worry--- I know it sucks, but it will just be the Lorekeeper in my map. (Post here and I'll email it to you... the threads don't allow .ms3d files :[ )
  4. frankie11

    Tale of A Dragon

    Theme/Plot: You. Are. A Dragon! Hatch, grow up, reach maturity and raid other dragons' lairs as you, Aluastrasz, protect your own from various invaders! You decide your actions. Gameplay: In this RPG you start as a baby dragon and after completing certain goals become more...
  5. frankie11


    Hello, I believe that I have seen a model on this site called Helldragon or something of the sort- I can't seem to locate it now. I think it was made by Olofmoleman... it looked a lot like DvO's Nightmare sheep. I have checked here and at wc3campaigns and I can't seem to find it. If someone has...
  6. frankie11


    I would like to request a model of an assassin (keep it simple). I think it should look something like these models: It must have a short, skinny dagger that comes from it's sleeve...
  7. frankie11

    frankie11's Model Gallery

    I've been trying my hand with.. really geomerging and editing lately with oinkerwinkles and I came up with these 2 Goblin Models. First is the WIP: Goblin Alchemist on foot. I need ideas for a different weapon. Second is a Goblin Witch Doctor (Credits to: Will the Almighty and Handclaw for...
  8. frankie11

    Need help with goblin model.

    I made this goblin in Oinkerwinkle's vertexmodify tool. It's a mix between the goblin sapper body and the goblin alchemist head. I need to know 2 things.. 1) How do I get the unwrap for this model 2) How can I make the head stay on in the animations?
  9. frankie11

    Goblin Alchemist

    Hey guys, I've looked everywhere in my War3.MPQ, War3x.MPQ, but no luck... also, my War3xlocal.MPQ and War3Patch.MPQ both have nothing to export in the Warcraft 3 Viewer so, I simply need a Goblin alchemist model out of the MPQ... I'm using it to make my first model.
  10. frankie11

    Evil Arthas by b17rider

    Hey... I see that b17rider made a skin waaaaaayyyy back in 04 but all we have is his FrostMourne and I really like his Arthas skin so I was wondering if any has access to the rest of the skin that goes along with this: thanks.
  11. frankie11

    Game Clients?

    Hi everyone, I recently reformatted my pc, but all of my games were on it and I have lost the CD's. Is there a site where I can download the Game Client for WC3 and TFT? I wrote down my CD keys before I reformatted too.
  12. frankie11

    Frankie11's Textures

    I will post all my WIP's, works and concepts in this thread. First off, I have my- Ancient Arthas (Royal Guard thing). Second, I have my WIP: Pimmon (Peon Edit), and Third & Final for now: WIP- Fel Arthas.
  13. frankie11

    Texturing a Cape

    Hi, I'm currently working on an Arthas "skin" and I've looked at MANY tutorials;however, I have found nothing on how to texture a cape. You can find my skin here. I would appreciate ANY help at all. (i.e.- your techniques; tutorials from a different site.) Thank you. ~frankie11
  14. frankie11

    My first *complete* skin.

    I worked on this for several hours and feel that it is a good skin. Everything that is edited is freehand except for the hair-- I used filters for that :O) Comments appreciated!!! ~frankie11
  15. frankie11

    Pimmon (Peon)

    I have worked on this skin for the past 3 days and I would like constructive criticism and critiques on it as I continue to further develop it. It is a Pimmon from "Alien Nations"
  16. frankie11

    Peon Edit

    Hi, I would like for someone to remove the ears from a peon and have the model use the skin attached to this thread.
  17. frankie11

    Pimmon Skin/Model

    Dear Modelers, I appreciate all that you have done for THW and for every model you even take your time to make to increase the greatness of this game. Moving along to my request, this is what I would like: What: Model/Skin of a blue, mushroom-loving creature called a Pimmon. Why: I am...
  18. frankie11

    Trigger Help- All Units in Region:Move instantly to Center of Another Region

    I'm making a map called AoS: Strongholds- Dalaran and I'm having trouble with one of the triggers. I want to make a trigger where all units in the region owned by a certain player are instantly teleported to a different area. Thanks in advance.
  19. frankie11

    LOTR Campaign

    Name: (Undecided- LOTR Campaign so far) Creators: frankie11 Current Stage: 2%-ish Summary: It's the same as the storyline of the movies or whatever;however, this time you play as the bad guys and try to get the ring. Map features: ----- Miscellaneous (Credits): olofmoleman for the Nazgul...
  20. frankie11

    LOTR- Warg Rider

    I would like a Warg Rider skin. I don't like the green skin of the WC3 Orcs so I'd like a LOTR, Grey-Brown skinned warg rider. Thank you. EDIT: BTW- I don't care if it's CnP.
  21. frankie11

    Faceless One Path

    What is the path for the Faceless One? I looked in wc3viewer, but i can't find it... I just need to attach a custom skin
  22. frankie11

    Pandaren Staff

    I would just like for someone to remove the staff from the Pandaren Brewmaster because I need it as an attachment for my RPG.
  23. frankie11

    My Troll RPG-ish.

    Witch Doctor Travels RPG (In development) Name: Witch Doctor Travels Creator(s): frankie11 and tankass (with our combined skills we should be able to finish this campaign. Current Stage: ~7% Summary/Objectives: So far I have this- You play as Zul'Kis a Troll Witch Doctor (his...
  24. frankie11

    Help with map!

    I think this should be in the request forums since it is a request. I'm requesting that someone help me with Ideas for my map- I'm not supposed to overdo trees and such , but I do not know any other way to make this map semi- leading on the tutorial Island (Starting Island) I haven't done any...
  25. frankie11

    Playing Different Stand Anims

    When I make a trigger to make a unit do a certain animation, what would the path be for Stand - 4? My action is: Animation- Play (Character)'s ______ animation. I've tried stand4, stand-4, and stand - 4.
  26. frankie11

    Troll UI.

    Are there any troll UI skins? I've been looking but no luck. If there aren't any I was wondering if someone can make one- it doesn't have to be real fancy- just some minor edits to the Orc one. Thanks if you can do this.
  27. frankie11

    Pan's Labyrinth- Spanish?

    Is ALL of Pan's Labyrinth Spoken in Spanish with English subtitles? If it is- I'm going to be really disappointed.
  28. frankie11

    Witch Doctor- Hero Glow

    I would like if someone could add hero glow to the Troll Witch Doctor. It's a simple request- I'm using it in a map and I'm sure it would be moderately useful to others as well.
  29. frankie11

    Spell Help

    I've tried for a while now and can not get this spell to work in my map (I'm a bit of a noob) could someone implement the spell in my map for the "Heal-Mix" Ability and the "Voodoo-Mix" Ability using Rastje Herb for Healing and Mostje Herb for Voodoo. EDIT: I got the trigger to work but I want...
  30. frankie11

    Help With Trigger/Spell! (Crashes Editor)

    Whenever I enter the "Custom Script: loop" section of this: Events Unit - A unit Starts the effect of an ability Conditions (Ability being cast) Equal to Your Ability Actions -------- Required Variables -------- -------- - AntiLeak_Point -------- If (All Conditions...
  31. frankie11

    Goblin Witch-Doctor

    I would very much like for someone to make this Goblin Witch-Doctor: . He's the one at the top left with the red cloak. I have a goblin campaign that I have finished and stuff, I'd just need to tweak a few things to make this...
  32. frankie11

    Map Ideas and Unit Ideas.

    Who else here would think a single player starcraft campaign would be cool? Like, pick your character- Protoss, Terran , or (Some new humanoid branch of zerg like kerrigan) and get cool weapons and stuff.... I think it'd be cool. Also, Hybrids like zerg/protoss or protos with marine suits or...
  33. frankie11

    Starcraft: Hyrbrids & Dragoons

    Super Edit: Scratch the Hybrid idea since nobody seems to buy it- but I would still like a dragoon like this: . I know there's already a dragon ,but not one that looks like this one. Thanks. ~frankie11 Edit2: Watch this video for more stuff...
  34. frankie11

    Metamorphosis Spell Help :O)

    Ok, I want to create a spell where the character can shift back and forth between forms. For example, when I click (Wolf Form is the name) it, i want it to let me stay in the form as long as I want and then when I'm done, click the button to change back into human form. Can anyone help me and/or...
  35. frankie11

    Keeping Heroes

    I'm making a campaign and the first level is the level where you pick your character, I want to know how to make it so that on the next level, you keep your character that you picked and then on further levels after that you can make it where you keep your levels, items, skills, etc... Thanks!
  36. frankie11

    Attacking help

    I would like to make it where the units don't attack my unit through gates and stuff.... I.e. my char. walks up to the gate to break it and Kel'Thuzad starts pwning me from afar.
  37. frankie11

    Realistic Terrain.

    Hey, I need to know how to guida a unit to a specific area using trees, etc... but making it look more realistic. I don't want to just make a terrain, I want to guide my units to specific areas, but I don't want it to be so obvious that I'm doing it... I just need a couple of tips or what you...
  38. frankie11

    Gate--- Opening

    How do you make a Gate use it's animation, "Death Alternate" so that it will appear as if it is opening and then have it close once you walk out.... I could never figure this out and it's important to the map I'm making... thanks :O)
  39. frankie11

    Sporelok (Sporeggar)

    I'd like to see a Sporelok model. You know, the mushroom guys from WoW:TBC. Thanks! EDIT: Sorry for being so vague... I looked all over and can not seem to find a picture of this little booger. I have a model of a Troglodyte that would be very helpful in making this guy since it seems that...
  40. frankie11


    I was wondering if somebody could please extract a (male) Human rogue with full Bloodfang (tier 2) armor and two Gutgore Rippers (Daggers-One in each hand). If someone could do this for me I would appreciate it very much, seeing as I cannot do it myself :O). Have a wonderful day ---frankie11
  41. frankie11

    Triggering and Map/Campaign help

    Ok, so... I'm making a campaign about a bunny and a goblin. It's sort of a comedy campaign. Well, I don't know how to make each player be a specific race... FOr example, I need to know how to make Player 1 (Red) be humans every time and Player 9 (grey) be Orcs every time. also, when I test the...
  42. frankie11

    [AI] I need help...

    I need help making a trigger for 3 different things all involving the same unit. Also I'll need one more to make my campaign go to the next level. Ok, so here's my request... I need a trigger to make a little dialog box with text in it once i kill the end boss, it also needs to make my main hero...
  43. frankie11


    Okay, so I'm making a Scarlet Crusade campaign... "Ashbringer" Mograine, his son and a knight are the main characters and I really need the corrupted ashbringer sword. Can someone Please extract it for me or make it? Thanks! :D
  44. frankie11


    Alright, lots o' peeps complained that Tenebis model is crashing their editor, it crashed mine too.... Can someone please take some of the unnecessary anim's out so I can use it in my map? (I had the WEU, World Editor Unlimited, it didn't help so I just need someone to remove some anim's and get...
  45. frankie11


    I know someone has already done Raziel...but it looks crappy (better than anything I could do) but still crappy. So, please can someone remake Raziel with soul reaver and wings and make him with a little better proportions than the last? thanks
  46. frankie11

    The sims 2 ps2

    does anyone know how to get that brain hat in the sims 2 for playstation 2?it's the last hat in the hats section. (i've tried the "unlock all fashions" cheat it doesn't work for that hat)
  47. frankie11


    Take the fully animated coco pain model (not trimmed down) and take the horns off of it, the brain out of it and make it not see-through please. I really want this model, please do this for me.
  48. frankie11

    Convert my model please!

    anyone that has warcraft 3 model editor and can get it to work ill send you my edited model and can you please convert it to mdx?
  49. frankie11

    Exporting to mdx

    how do you export to mdx using milkshape?
  50. frankie11

    Simple request

    can someone take the crown off of king slime please? that's all i need. ( i don't have gmax and im 12 so i cant get it)