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  1. Asip

    Jass NewGen WE HELP

    Okay guys another question, I use Jass NEWGEN WE I cannot hit the test button without this popping up I then said, oh well moved it to my map list under Downloads, now when I open wc3 up pull up the map and hit "Start Game" First of all, No player slots, Second of all, I hit Start game, acts...
  2. Asip

    New UI Skin HELP!

    Hello guys I recently Dl'd the ICE Theme for UI. And honestly, I know how to import but how do I set it up and change my UI to it?
  3. Asip

    (SPRPG) Ancient Lands I: Somarius Recruitment

    Hello Hive, currently I am looking for members to fill my SPRPG's team. These are the available positions. Triggerer(Need:1) Spell Creator(Need:1, Optional:2) Model Creator(Need:1+) Quest Story creator(Need:1) Icon Creator(Need:1) Item Creator(Need:1) Jass Scripter(Need:1) First...
  4. Asip

    (SPRPG) Ancient Lands I: Somarius

    "They said... War would never come to us in these lands... They said they wouldn't return.. They did... Long ago we stood... We fought together... United Against a common foe... The Caelturai...." Hello hive, once again I am back on a project I know I must finished, I've never...
  5. Asip

    World of Warmasters ITEM IDEAS

    Hello members of Hiveworkshop. I am Asip incharge of a project called World of Warmasters and we ever so would LOVE to hear what you think about what items we should have in our game. Now we do have two versions of it. Online version for multiplayer. And offline version for Single player...
  6. Asip

    World of Warmasters

    Siren Productions presents to you... World of Warmasters "We listened and we heard…We heard the chimes of war….The war is In humanity's hands……" "For years now we've fought in rage over land…women….money….power…Those days are over….We face a new threat…..The threat thought to be...
  7. Asip

    World of Warmasters

    Hello welcome to the first actual recruitment stage of World of Warmasters 0.1, Okay here is what I need from you wonderful members of Hiveworkshop. When I say Engineer that means basically just someone for triggers, I call them engineers Because they usually script the engine so... Yea...
  8. Asip

    Good Idea for map or no?

    Hey guys my goal in life is to be a GM of a online MMORPG(Yes i sound like a mega nerd but thats why I'm creating a MMORPG.) But anyway the question is. I am working on a World of Warcraft type map like a Private Server allowing one Player to be the GM when you play the map. And can if wanted to...
  9. Asip


    "Command center! We have a problem! Were stuck here in Daerus City stuck in a buildin-RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" -Transmission ended. Steven5201 and Asip Proudly present to you... Operation:Apocalypse...
  10. Asip

    I need help with a simple Trigger.

    Hello everyone here reading this. I currently am trying to make a trigger that restricts players from building a barricade in the buildings. And I currently cannot do it cause I have no idea. Could anyone please help me soon. Ty.
  11. Asip

    Terrain Templates

    Hello Hive members, I have decided to make terrain templates to help people out by terrain templates I mean, making a terrained map for people and then uploading it in this thread allowing Download. I am currently looking for people who are wanting to help out and help make these terrains...
  12. Asip


    Today at 1:58 PM Eastern a Earthquake hit in Virginia and was felt from NY To Toronto. It was 5.8. I personally say that somethings going up in the world...Idk what but somethings not right....Then again mabie Deathwings coming! :D I'd love that lol...But anyway thats a pretty big range. I...
  13. Asip

    Asip's Custom Race Contest #1

    Custom Race Contest #1 This is a contest hosted by me, Asip. This contest is all about creating your very own custom race for a RPG map or a Melee map. It is your choice. The maps for creating your race on will be put up here soon, so prepare and plan out the race. If you pick the...
  14. Asip

    How do you make water like this pic.

    Hey in my map my friend created this but he is just being annoying by not telling me how he created the water like this I ask and Ask and hes like "No I will neva tell you." And Its pissing me off so can someone tell me how?
  15. Asip

    World of Warlords ORPG

    Humanities War For years now humanity has been in a war with the Orcish horde…They've fought for more than 2 decades…Two decades of death...During this time they heard of a upcoming for said to destroy all human life…They thought it was the orcs making a new weapon. As they sent...
  16. Asip

    Gem on bottom left of world editor?

    Hello members of the Hive do any of you know what this little gem in the corner of world editor is? If so please tell me thank you.
  17. Asip

    LF Staff

    World of Warlords is looking for workers! Hello everyone I am currently looking for more people to help me on my map World of Warlords ORPG the slots I need are Modeller 6 Testers Bug Finder and a item tooltip/spell tooltip creator. If you wish to contribute please enter in the...
  18. Asip

    LF A modeller

    Hi I am new to the forums still but I need a modeller for my map because once I get its expansion out after nine updates on it I'm gonna need about 25 models made. You don't have to help I am just asking if you can.
  19. Asip

    Deathwing Model

    Hello I tried to use the model of deathwing and for some reason in game it doesnt show all it is in game is a shadow of nothing because it is nothing I followed the tutorial too! :vw_wtf:
  20. Asip

    Can someone teach me Jass?

    :am:Hi Idk if this should go here but can someone teach me how to use Jass? And If this post shouldn't be here I apologize I am still figuring out this forum. Sry.
  21. Asip

    How to make a Quest?

    Hello guys Sry I am asking such a newby question but how do you make like a quest for players, not a "info one" But like this. A player goes to the Priest Priest James and get talked to and a quest is added after he talks and they get it. I basically mean how do you make him talk to the players...
  22. Asip

    Trigger Help needed. {chat commands}

    Hello Guys I am currently looking for someone to help me with a trigger I am trying to find out how to do. Is there a way to make a trigger where only a certain account such as my account on wc3 in my map can access a code like only player:Bob can enter the code -gimmegold for 10000k g. Because...
  23. Asip

    HELP PLEASE ON War3 Model Editor

    Please help me I downloaded the tool War3 Model Editor and have no idea how to make my own models or even edit them please help me soon!D::goblin_jawdrop:
  24. Asip


    Hello i am asip i am a newer map maker i came here for a unprotected version of Titanhex`s DnD Grand Project 09/15/??((FOREGOTTT)) so i just want to know if he will help me with making rps and help me make a dnd so thx Asip