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  1. Ssilhouette

    Battle For Frozzen Throne

    Hi guys, how do I play this map, its file size is too big. Help please.
  2. Ssilhouette

    Abnegate Exilant 10.86

    Looks great, must try this.
  3. Ssilhouette

    Wintercore HD 2.67b

    Nice and enjoyable.
  4. Ssilhouette

    IID Beta v0.88b

    Good and fun aoe map.
  5. Ssilhouette

    Terrania v1.16

    Awesome and unique game. Nice one.
  6. Ssilhouette

    Twilight of the Gods 3.2

    Good and nice defense game.
  7. Ssilhouette

    Pokemon TD Team Red v2.0

    Nice tower defense. Love it.
  8. Ssilhouette

    Duel Arena [40]

    Great fast-paced arena maps. Very nice.
  9. Ssilhouette

    Legends (Beta)

    Not a bad AOS, looks nice.
  10. Ssilhouette

    Shadows of the Past v0.9.3.0

    Great RPG, perhaps the best RPG!
  11. Ssilhouette

    Earthsong III

    This RPG looks so nice. Thank you.
  12. Ssilhouette

    Sunken City v2.4.8f

    5/5 for this good game.
  13. Ssilhouette

    Rites of the Earthmother v1.10a

    Nice map...looking for its improvements
  14. Ssilhouette

    Rise of Heroes II v2.5

    Nice map. Love it. :)
  15. Ssilhouette


    Looks nice so far. Should give more detailed descriptions, so it will attract more people to play this map. ;)
  16. Ssilhouette

    Diablo III PvP Arena v.1.03

    Great map. Thumbs up
  17. Ssilhouette

    Dissidia Final Fantasy: HotT [v1.1b]

    Awsome map, love it. Just make it less laggy would do.
  18. Ssilhouette

    Blood Squeek 1.02c

    Simple and nice maps, always love it. Keep up the great job. More players (harder of coz) and more hero choices would be better.
  19. Ssilhouette

    Ashenvale Tournament v1.05

    Simple and nice maps. Love it. Keep up the great work.
  20. Ssilhouette

    Decisive Night v12.3

    Great hero defense map, I love it.
  21. Ssilhouette

    HoW BETA Version 3.3.0a

    Great maps, good idea.
  22. Ssilhouette

    Cataclysm AoS v1.17

    Lovely, really nice map. Love it.
  23. Ssilhouette

    Cataclysm AoS v1.17

    Nice map. Great job.
  24. Ssilhouette

    Assassins v4.1 +AI

    My suggest: -Enable unlearn skill (function or command) and get back ability points. -More unique and variation of items. So that not everybody gets almost the same items. -Also to put item recipes in F11.
  25. Ssilhouette

    Strife of the Elves V2.14

    Nice, looking for more new heroes.
  26. Ssilhouette

    Rise of Winterchill 0.71m

    Great maps, keep it up.
  27. Ssilhouette

    Naruto vs Bleach 1.6 Open Beta v1

    Great map I must say.
  28. Ssilhouette

    Path of Blood

    Screenshot not working.
  29. Ssilhouette

    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) I like this kind of RPG.

    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) I like this kind of RPG.
  30. Ssilhouette

    World of Ancients Desert Winds v0.19

    Great maps, keep up the good work.
  31. Ssilhouette

    Hyperion Legend RPG 1.0b

    More Jobs or more specific Job would be better.
  32. Ssilhouette

    World of Ancients Desert Winds v0.19

    Looks really great.
  33. Ssilhouette

    Heroe's Of Gaia v.1.20d.b

    Yes please, some screen shot would be good.
  34. Ssilhouette

    SnuffZieZ Orpg Onyxia's Lair v1.1c!

    Suggestion: Use custom models for heroes.
  35. Ssilhouette

    Questions and suggestions

    That's great, sorry didn't read much yet. It's fine with the item models. But actually most of RPG I've seen so far they just have same item. Every player can get one. Yeah I will slowly check out other posts.
  36. Ssilhouette

    Strife of the Elves V2.14

    Really love this.
  37. Ssilhouette

    The Oakwood Forest

    Good luck on this, looking forward for it. Looks really interresting.
  38. Ssilhouette

    Questions and suggestions

    Hi, How about models? Why not using custom model. Will be more interresting. Also if it possible, item-model-effect. Like if we wear an armor, our hero will have added some armor wearing on him. Items? Use random moddifiers on items every time it drop from monster. Take the real Diablo 2 as...
  39. Ssilhouette


    This is good enough. Realy nice.
  40. Ssilhouette

    Everwood - The unique ORPG

    Looking good, here some of my comment. What about the items. I just suggest to be unique modifiers on random. e.g. '10% chance to cast' or 'auras when equip' something like that. To get this how about like on crafting. Just a though. Actually I think it just boring if all players can have...
  41. Ssilhouette

    WoW Arena Allstars 6.9k

    Realy nice why if official website dun hv this one?
  42. Ssilhouette

    Any Good/Cool Ideas/Suggestions?

    What about the combat system to be more like in WoW, I have seen someone made almost similar one in Dark Invasion 2 RPG. Like when we attack, the character will swing/slash, it only hit anything in the area infront if it. Also to the skills and abilities.
  43. Ssilhouette

    Would You Play Wc3:WoW After SC2?

    I never like playing Starcraft or Starcraft 2. Has being waiting Wc3:WoW.
  44. Ssilhouette

    WoW Arena Allstars 6.9k

    Realy nice map, great skill and strategies are required to play it. Love this. 5/5
  45. Ssilhouette

    Tr1NiTY's ORPG v1.3

    Ok I have play it, it has many problem there. But still I like the map. 1- Loading/lagging problem, its very long and sometime it's cause people to disconnect from game. 2- Event, lots of bug there. Overall is ok. More advanced jobs and more specefic skills and items would be more...
  46. Ssilhouette

    Eejus EliminationTD v1.2

    Colonial builder is too overpowered. Lumber doesn't matter.
  47. Ssilhouette

    Erm...well...I dont know what to say but nevermind. Hmm...can you let me know all your nice map...

    Erm...well...I dont know what to say but nevermind. Hmm...can you let me know all your nice map with good AI?
  48. Ssilhouette

    Spell Request Thread [unofficial]

    Is someone going to make my spell? Why I'm not in the waiting list? :(
  49. Ssilhouette

    Spell Request Thread [unofficial]

    No problem at all, just take your time. If the spell too complicated just make something similar like what I request. Thanks. P.S Sorry for spelling error :xxd:
  50. Ssilhouette

    Spell Request Thread [unofficial]

    Ok hope this is easy and simple spell. Spell Name: Poison React Icon: Slow Poison Ability type: Passive Descryption: Each attack poisons the target, the poison react by continous attack and become stronger. Slow attack and mevement speeds of target. Level 1: 3% slows every 4 attacks...