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    [General] Experienced divided in range

    Im sorry, i dont understand vjass that much, how would i make the trigger recognise the dying unit, and search the hashtable for the exp value?
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    [General] Experienced divided in range

    My map has over 100 units, how would I setup 100 different exp amounts?
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    [General] Experienced divided in range

    yeah, i tought it would be tricky too. anyone has any exp system to recommend?
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    [General] Experienced divided in range

    So, on my map, theres a max of 8 players. Everyone controls one hero, thus gains exp. How can I make, when a unit dies near 1+ heroes, to not divide the exp by the amount of heroes, but to be the same to all of them, if they are in range?
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    [General] Unit limit in the map

    So, i've reached the maximum number of creeps on my map, 512. Is there a way to increase to cap, or to convert all existent creeps to trigger?
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    Hm, everyone said it is perfect, but it is not exactly perfect, I tested the code, the itens it copied right but the level it didnt. I was level 9 with 6 itens I saved and loaded Level 2 with 6 itens. I dont know where is the error, but if u fix I will rate 5/5
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    [Trigger] Exploding a Dead Unit, Possible?

    I have one Idea, set the custom value of the unit as the gold dropped.Then do Add CustomValue of triggering unit to the attacking unit.then explode =)
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    [Trigger] Camera problem

    Every0.03 secs Lock camera on hero. This will work i think.
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    GUI Base Capture System - I need help

    I think I know. A unit enter Region Triggering unit equal to blahblah Set Counter[player number of owner of triggering unit] = 0 Set Unit[player number of owner of triggering unit] = triggering unit trigger - turn on trigger above Every 1 seconds of game time Condition --- Set...
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    [Trigger] Offset points for an octagon?

    If you want any polygon just use 360 : (Number of the polygons side), It is very simple, You want octagon, 360 : 8 = 45 If you Want the eight points just set Octagon[1] = 45 Octagon[2] = 90 Octagon[3] = 135 Octagon.... = .... Octagon is a variable real array
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    [Trigger] Whats wrong here?

    Area Congelada Events Unit - A unit Starts the effect of an ability Conditions (Ability being cast) Equal to Area Congelada Actions Set AC_IT[1] = (AC_IT[1] + 1) Set AC_TP[AC_IT[1]] = (Target point of ability being cast) For each...
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    Arthas (Lich King Form) & Heroes Spells

    Hey guys, I need some spell ideas to my units: Arthas ( Lich King Form ) Lich Slayer to kill arthas and lich. The spell cant be overpowered. The spell cant be damaging aoe The spell must fit with the unit The slayer spell cant be more than 1/12 powered than the arthas, lich ones...
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    The mouth is horrible! 4.75/5, else is perfect!
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    [Trigger] An invisible bug

    Hm, i saw it, and is not when you cast it at the same time with other player, it bugs and you cast it for the second time, sorry, i couldnt find the problem.
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    [Trigger] An invisible bug

    Please, post the map here, so i can fix the error.
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    The lightning doenst look a lightning, make it more real, the hand is ok.4/5
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    [Trigger] An invisible bug

    What the variable ES_i_Number is?I dont Integer A would be the best solution.
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    [Trigger] Itens

    @Maker : Doenst work ( tested) @Apocalypse : Try now.
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    [Trigger] Itens

    I have a problem, Frostmourne Events Unit - A unit Acquires an item Conditions Actions If (All Conditions are True) then do (Then Actions) else do (Else Actions) If - Conditions (Item-type of (Item being manipulated)) Equal to Frostmourne...
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    Fallen Unicorn

    It doesnt look a FALLEN unicorn.
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    Gravity Hook 2.0

    Retarded ? Who you think you are? I didnt even say about you and I wouldnt.The map suck, because NO ONE cant play without installing a fucking program.
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    Gravity Hook 2.0

    0/5 (I cant play the map, and if I have the problem, no one in battle net would have the tool - You made this map for just get approved and no one play?)
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    Why can i still select my dummys even though i gave them locust?

    Maybe locust doesnt affect these models or you cant use all dummies based on the same unit (ArchMage)
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    Unit Spell Animations

    A Unit starts the effect of a spell. Spell equal to whatever Animation - Reset Unit Animation Also, use Channel spell.
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    I didnt like, sry Mr.Goblins, I always like your skins, but this one is to thin, make it more fat.
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    Creep Respawner

    He said player 13.
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    [JASS] Unselectable

    Add Locust to unit.
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    Trigger/ability Problem

    events- a units dies conditions- unit type of triggering unit equal to footman events- unit create 1 footman corpse for player1(red) at position of dying unit unit kill last created unit.
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    [Trigger] Bouncing Ball?

    The ability is based on???
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    [Trigger] Why does this lag?

    Use 0.03 seconds, because 0.01 lags much.
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    Quest Generator v1.2

    Wow, really good! Suggestion : Add more phrases---The quests are too easy, try to create the unit at random point in the map, to make it more long.---Creating all itens in one place in a point make it too easy.---Add more interactive quests, like - Hey, can you recover my axe? (then create many...
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    [JASS] How do I...

    Wait, what do you mean by Dark and blurry?do you have a map example?
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    [JASS] How do I...

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    What do I need to do to make this code work?

    i think the animation is *Stand Alternate*
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    lag issue.... and bug

    Hey aaron79, the error is fixed or the map size is fixed?However, I have made some changes.The lag wasnt total removed, but I could see the spell working. init Events Unit - A unit Starts the effect of an ability Conditions (Ability being cast) Equal to Fire Dominance...
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    What do I need to do to make this code work?

    Why dont you use GUI?
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    (trigger) loading and spellbook

    Yeah, that was what I told you to do.
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    [Trigger] Help with tringgering!

    Try creating another trigger with the event: Player - Player 12(Brown) food used equal to .
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    (trigger) loading and spellbook

    It worked?
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    (trigger) loading and spellbook

    Ok, i read, it says ( if the unit is level 5 or more) and then (if the unit is level 10 or more) In the first if/then/else, you will only receive the level 2 book, or if u are under level 5, it will active the else.But the else is 10+.Why dont try to make an exactly number? just ike 5-9 --- 10 -...
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    [Trigger] Locust

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    [Trigger] Locust

    Integer unitid?
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    Destroyed Building Parts #3

    The size is very big, Try reduce it to 50 kbs or less.
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    [Trigger] Locust

    Duhhh, i knoww, but how to do?
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    [Trigger] Locust

    How to do that?
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    [Trigger] Locust

    I have made a trigger like this: A unit comes within 80 range of Hero <000> Unit type of Triggering unit not equal to (Heroes) Kill Hero <000> (PROBLEM : If the triggering unit have locust, the trigger doesnt happens, and if I remove the locust, the units lost control and start...