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  1. InfernalTater

    How To Change Textures on a Tree or other Doodad (Without importing several models)

    How to Change Textures on a Destructible For The Impatient: For those of you who are experienced or impatient, you don't need to read through all of this talking. Text that is italicized will usually be either discussion, or details. Main points will not be italicized, so impatient users can...
  2. -Kobas-

    How to create Melee Maps

    How to create Melee Maps by -Kobas- Requirements * Basic knowledge of the World Editor * A moment of your time :) (Around 10-15 min). Introduction You tried to create melee map but then something went wrong... Players bothered you and said that is your map was very bad... Want to...
  3. iPeez

    Beginners F.A.Q To Terraining

    F.A.Q World Editor Basics by iPeez Author's Note: Here we have 23 questions I have came over the past 2 years of my terrain experience. And of course the answers. Those of you who have used the editor for a while wont find this very useful, but who knows..? Are you a beginner to...
  4. 1337D00D

    Creating Rivers with Rolling Shores

    Walp, here's a tutorial on how to make rivers with "rolling" shores and not straight cliffs. Very Easy - 2/10~ World Editor ~ Now, the first thought on how to do this would be to make all the cliffs into ramps. WRONG! Ramp shores just don't look.... natural.I am using tileset Lordaeron...