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  1. Zan105

    Minecraft Rp Server

    I'm currently playing on a pretty nice Minecraft Rp War server. At this point in time I'm creating my own city which has a storage building, mine, and beginning of a wall. I figured i would post up on here and see if anyone is interested in joining said city or if you would like to join the...
  2. Zan105

    Galactic Colonization (Under Construction)

    This is just a spur of the moment thing i came up with thing today that i am hoping to implement in a few places, (Name isn't final) The Beginning Human's first started traveling space for exploration in the year 2058 with slow crafts that could hardly take them half way to the edge of the...
  3. Zan105


    Alright some people might know (if i have talked to you) that i live on a farm. So anyways my mom got her horse to have a baby (A boy) and is in need of names now. So because she can't find any i decided to just get some peoples input. Just post any good names you can think of.
  4. Zan105

    Hosters Please Read

    Hello Everyone, I am posting this because I'm sick and tired of people trying to kick people who are ... not so good at spelling or grammar... I think that all people should have the chance to role play... I just recently joined a clan OSRP and am seriously thinking about quitting after a...
  5. Zan105

    [Trigger] Could Some One Give Me A Hand With This Trigger?

    Hey all, Well i was messing around making a tag game but i cant get a trigger to work, i have it set so that when a unit dies it creates another unit in the middle, then i have it set so if a certain unit enters a region it creates another builder. What i cant get is to remove the unit...
  6. Zan105


    Hey all... just registered and decided to post.. i really like the site...