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    Map protection obsolete now?

    Try ExtProtect v0.1.2.0b Submitted by Extrarius's mortal ExtProtect v0.1.2.0b its old, its obsolete, but its functional for me at least.
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    Reforged Preference of classic or reforged model for your map?

    ask again in a few months when they've had time to patch things back to a semi working order lol
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    Reforged Is there a point in making maps anymore?

    I've steeled myself to the possibility of Wc3 finally seeing the Reaper by reminding myself that great games like Mount and blade Bannerlords will be coming along soon. Plenty of great games out there with Leadership that are themselves current or former gamers and understand what fans want out...
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    Reforged Is there a point in making maps anymore?

    I'm just not going to put my name in the author slot because I am Sparticus, counting on blizzard to be too lazy to really effort on enforcement.
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    High Elf Judicator

    This is still one of my favorite models 11 yrs later thank you Hawkwing Cavman and Mr.Goblin
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    Reforged I cant open Custom Maps because it kicks me out of the Map right after i opened the Lobby.

    What map are you trying to host? it may have a map protector thats preventing it from hosting because i've noticed that wc3 reforged can't host a lot of maps wc3 classic could. Pretty sure its because blizzard did something and it's conflicting with map protectors authors use to safeguard their...
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    FYI, How to fix metamorphose and other morph spells (Reforged)

    It actually does, although you are correct in that it does not show the duration as an expiration timer like other meta abilities do. the hero duration is actually the casting time for the ability and the normal duration is the duration of the ability, if set to 0 the ability is permenant until...
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    FYI, How to fix metamorphose and other morph spells (Reforged)

    Try gargoyle stoneform, seems to functio normally
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    Custom model Sounds not working?

    Anyone else noticing that custom model sounds don't work at all anymore? is this just isolated to my experience or others too? any workaround or fix?
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    What are these weird folders that keep popping up in "Downloads"

    yeah can't seem to get rid of them, i delete them and blizzard automatically re downloads them when i run the client, its a slight annoyance.
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    Reforged So... They flat out removed custom campaigns & single player maps from the game.

    Hey just FYI you can Download wc3 classic from the warcraft 3 PTR and play custom campaigns etc no bloody idea how long they will keep it up for download Blizzard Entertainment especially since theres a thread about it in official forum but i can confirmed i got on and played the frozen throne...
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    Any solution to the metamorphosis problem?

    Can confirm that gargoyle stone form still works like blizzard forgot to break it.
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    They didn't even have the budget to finish the game, im gonna be suprised if they suddenly end up with the funding to fix a half made game.
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    Reforged Warcraft III Reforged - Community Feedback

    Hey do Map protectors still exist? i want to make blizzard work to steal my stuff even if they could probably eventually get around it. edit: nvm found one that seems to work, can't open my map in the editor after using so works as advertised xD ExtProtect v0.1.2.0b good old hive always having...