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  1. FrostScythe

    The Chosen Ones 1.0

    Man this is the Best campaign in warcraft
  2. FrostScythe

    Binders v2.6

    The best map i ever played... I MADE A HULK !!! XDD
  3. FrostScythe

    i am wondering if drakexx is 12 :@

    i am wondering if drakexx is 12 :@
  4. FrostScythe


    Nice High Quality Skin 4/5
  5. FrostScythe

    US Ranger

    Counter Terrorist Wins!
  6. FrostScythe

    Ice Wings

    Nice Model 4/5
  7. FrostScythe

    Letter System 4.0

    Not very Useful :@
  8. FrostScythe

    Altar of some sorts

    Altar of Pig Eaters
  9. FrostScythe

    Kamehameha, no spell model. v1.2

    lol funny :D
  10. FrostScythe

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Rep me back :D

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Rep me back :D
  11. FrostScythe

    Wierd signature :L

    Wierd signature :L
  12. FrostScythe

    HangOut Defence VIIIc

    You didint create the game? :@
  13. FrostScythe

    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) Great Map ..

    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) Great Map ..
  14. FrostScythe

    Wolf's Defense XXX 1.1

    Lols i thoughht u stole from tart :D
  15. FrostScythe

    Magistraga ORPG v1.50

    Nice Screen Shot but bad Description..
  16. FrostScythe

    Pudge Wars v2.03d

    Oh Sheesh i thought u just stoled the map from sirazaz :@
  17. FrostScythe

    Pandaria's TD 3.0

    Sorry guys i tried my best to make the description good but i really suck at doing that :(
  18. FrostScythe

    Runescape Map

    I Saw a map called Runescape in Epic war but it is named differently ....
  19. F

    Pandaria's TD 3.0 (Warcraft 3 Map)

  20. FrostScythe

    Pandaria's TD 3.0 (Map)

    This map is a type of Tower Defence and Maul... NOTE - The game must be Full House A Land called Pandaria is under siege!. Many has fail to defend it. Many has Suffered to Defend the lands of pandaria. Town Folks has started to evacuate the lands and move on to another country, While the...
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    Yea Dude :D
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    Voting: REJECTION
  23. FrostScythe

    Hey. Ano na maganda ba philippines?

    Hey. Ano na maganda ba philippines?
  24. FrostScythe

    what the ...

    what the ...
  25. FrostScythe

    The Bombard Run! 1.9b

    Nice map Ultra Fun :DD
  26. FrostScythe

    Robo Arena v2.8

    Stop spam omfg
  27. FrostScythe

    Custom Battle Zone 1.19g

    Nice Description everything is balanced Voting:3.5/5
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  29. FrostScythe

    Chaotic Sphere v1.2

    Nice Spell Voting:5/5
  30. FrostScythe

    Nvm :)

    Nvm :)
  31. FrostScythe

    Pimp My Peon v1.0 + AI

    Nice map but Description :@ but still REP Voting:4/5
  32. FrostScythe

    Darrow City BETA 2.0c

    I Hate this kind of maps... And please fix your description Voting:N/A
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    Pretty Cool Voting:3/5
  34. FrostScythe

    Ultimate Dota V1

    Omg Nooby Copy of Dota... Voting:REJECTED
  35. FrostScythe

    Sharadar Sorcerer

    Nice Model 5/5
  36. FrostScythe

    Last Man Standing

    Looks nice i might download after
  37. FrostScythe


    Awesome Skins Voting:3/5
  38. FrostScythe

  39. FrostScythe


    I Can use this as God of War Aries
  40. FrostScythe


    nice going with light sabers
  41. FrostScythe


    Wow nice Assassins.. Voting:4/5
  42. FrostScythe


    im pinoy to :d
  43. FrostScythe


    wow Ice Frog (Creator of DotA AKA Defence of the Anicents) used this for his hero so that means... ICE FROG WAS IN HIVEWORKSHOP!
  44. FrostScythe

    Arthas Child

    1 Thing to say Waht can arthas kill if the hammer is midgit size :D
  45. FrostScythe

    Sargeras (New)

    So this is what sargeras looks like :@
  46. FrostScythe

    World of Ancients Desert Winds v0.19

    :D i thought the map didint have terrains when i saw the map screen but it is SWEET but its an small ORPG :@
  47. FrostScythe

    The Lone Panther 2

    Well i say its good and i love the way he putted some unit sound in cinematic like in Blizzard Campaigns :)
  48. FrostScythe

    Sheep Tag Rots- 4.3

    Yup i hate ROTS to cos they are "Rotten" because all players are not sheeps liek red is archer... Voting:1/5
  49. FrostScythe

    NoobKiller 2 TD V1.15p

    I Like this TD its so Cool!
  50. FrostScythe

    Goblin Juggernaut by Sunchips

    Cute Guy :D Voting:3/5