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    cuz the "wind" is a difirent model, i think. Well, anyway, this is nothing original (becouse the BM anims were used too much, but that's not your foult) but still tooks nice, good luck with your modeling man.
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    recolor?! dude, recolor is when you use a thing in PS called "Replace Color" and just replace it with anothe color, and\or just paint the existing skin into another color. And this is nothing close to beeing a recolor :lol:
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    well almost the same, and it's not a scar, it's a tatoo, night elves have thos.
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    you can find more info on wc3c:
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    Sylvanas (Warcraft 3 Texture)

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    Sylvanas (Texture)

    here's something i did, thought i'd put it up here, on wc3search. This is still kinda WIP (the bow) but it's basicly a WoW Sylvanas. I added a lot of my own things to her, but she still looks good :D Hope you guys will like it. By the way, you can use it on the sylvanas (evil) model and on...
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    eeh, not much of a robot, but good anyway
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    who sad that it's a birdMAN ? :lol: Well, anyway, that skin is quite nice But the lighting on the sward is kinda wierd, it's like the sword is not streight.
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    Don't know, It should be fine... I have just tried to import it into another map and it's working ok. maby the "/" thingy isn't correct? Try putting it like this Textures\Ranger.blp
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    yeah afcores, that would be good :D
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    Forest Priestess

    not bad, preaty not bad, tho she does look more like a root priestess then a frorest prieastess (too many roots), but i agree with what erwt sad.
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    well, Caden i don't know how, but it shows up when i load it...
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    nah, it wasn't trouble, but i leared how to draw an elf ear :lol:
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    well, it's ok, but he's a bit fatter then the original C3PO
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    hehe, thanks. And yap, it sure is a freehand. But one thing isn't, the moon on her leg... and nope, the ear isn't recolor, i'm just not a master of recoloring and couldent recolor it :oops: so i did it like this: First slightly painted it pink, and then with another layer did the shading...
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    WoWArcher (Texture)

    It's a little WoW Archer i made, the Windrunner's Wow charecter inspiered me. She's nothing special, just looks WoWish. path: Textures/Ranger.blp C&C are welcome Keywords: Archer, Ranger, Shooter of arrows
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    WoWArcher (Warcraft 3 Texture)

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    Ghoul Croc by Halo

    well, it's not bad, tho you couldov removed the hair, and sharpen him a little, but overall preaty nice, exept for the eyes, you can make them more detailed.
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    demon hunter warlock

    buahahwahahawaaa :lol: that's funny!!!
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    this is truely a fan of photoshop, but thos brown ribin thingys look kinda difirant from the skin, don't you thing? Or is it maby super filtered skin?
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    hmmm, it looks to me like a lot'o'CnP...
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    good, a little bit more shadin on thos runes and stuff and it would be great. The only problem you have Pins, is that you make the screenshots too big, make them a little smaller.
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    Human Ranger 2

    emmm, CannabisX, dude, this can NOT be a man! her face is a wonan's facem abd she has breasts by the way, the skin's not bad, but what's that on her legs? (the fur thing)
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    necromancer of talone

    heh thanks And Meta Ridley you can just use the Medivh's crow :lol:
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    Undead Warden

    hehe, thanks erwt 8) Edit: hmmm, come to think of it, Dark Ranger is a HIGHT elf, maby the night elf should look a little difirante?
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    hehe, nice and funny :lol:
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    this is a funny one, but needs a hat...
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    it's funny, but needs a little better skin for the stick
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    Undead Warden

    eeeeerm, what do you mean, messy? It's only 10% cnp: The eyes, the skull on shouler, and the skull on the leg, everything else is freehand. And if there actualy ARE some blury parts, they're not quite visible on the model
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    necromancer of talone

    Thanks for the comments And actualy, i named it so so that it won't get lost, cuz i'm too lazy to delet all the skins i have :lol: And the name doesn't screw up the path actualy, you just have to copy the path i gave and that's all.
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    Undead Warden (Texture)

    Yes, it's another undead skin from me, well not much, it's 10%cnp and 90%freehand Path: Textures\IronRaven.blp If used, please give credti to TheReaper CnC are welcome Keywords: Undead, Warden, Death Knight, Scourge
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    Undead Warden (Warcraft 3 Texture)

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    necromancer of talone

    thanks But 1 question, why shoulden't i rename the file?
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    necromancer of talone (Warcraft 3 Texture)

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    necromancer of talone (Texture)

    This is a Necromancer Of The Talon Path: Units\NightElf\DruidOfTheTalon\DruidOtTheTalon.blp If used, give credit to TheReaper CnC are welcome Keywords: necromancer, druid, talon, undead, scourge
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    Now that's what i ment when i sad a "Walking Corps model" :D good job acolyte! and what the?! a PIR animation?! LOL
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    Zerg Creep

    the problem with this is that at the edges it gose undergraound, BUT IT SHOULDT! so this is just a 4\5
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    well, this model needs more animations, and btw the egg is not black, it's just in avp black, but the real egg color is in the aliens movies (1,2,3,4) And btw, they are not called "alien spider" and "Alien Mother" they are called the Facehugger and the Alien Queen! And to be even more...
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    Undead Footman

    Ok, i resubmited it, some ditails added to the armore :lol: not much, but i hope that's eniugh...
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    Undead Footman

    Ok, stop atguing. And, oh i din't tell you all :oops: i'm gana redo the skin, so wait for an update. And btw sensui, MAN i'm not a pro, i think that was my second best face, so don't expect a UBER skin from me :?
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    Undead Footman

    hehe, that what i was waiting for wormskill :D it's just that ordenery people say "yeah cool skin" but wormskull sees every lil thing, and helps to make it look EXELENT, thanks wormskull. And btw, is the face the same as the footman's :? Cuz i just painted his face grey and then made a...
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    Undead Footman

    hehe, thanks :D hmmmm, i wonder what will wormskull say about this skin :P btw, it was an entry for the Skinning Chalange (2 place :lol: ) Edit: and if someone wants, i can post an icon
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    Undead Footman (Warcraft 3 Texture)

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    Undead Footman (Texture)

    Ok, i updated it, just added a lil more details, not much, i know :P And, at first, i din't understand what wormskull ment, but then, i got in :) thanks wormy AND THERE IS NO CNP OF NARZHULS ARMOURE!!! just for you to know, i did it all freehand :D if someone will use him path is...
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    Oh and by the way, it's CnP free :lol:
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    Undead_Hero_BloodElf (Texture)

    Yeah, i know i know, this is nothing special but still, i haven't seen an undead blood mage, so i desided to make one :D Just give comments (and credit if you use it) Enjoy! Path: Textures\Hero_BloodElf Keywords: Blood Mage, Undead Mage, Scourge, red eyes
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    Undead_Hero_BloodElf (Warcraft 3 Texture)

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    Cool Hellscream

    I know i know, ill update it soon And about the Mr. Cool, i just wanted to change the flag :lol: i didn't knew what to write.
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    Cool Hellscream

    Does that mean that it's good? or bad? btw, the idea is given by ElfOfTerror :)
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    Cool Hellscream (Texture)

    Ok, here's something new, a cool helscream, well it's made just for laughs so don't judge how the skin is made, just look at him, he is soooo cool 8) If someone will need it the path is: Units\Orc\Hellscream\Hellscream.blp have fun :) Keywords: Grom, Hellscream, blademaster, cool...