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    Doom - Hell Unleashed v1.0 (Map)

    Doom - Hell unleashed Are you ready to get doomed? ------------------------------------------- We write the Year 2048. Earth as we known it don't excist anymore. After a long Battle with an Army of unknown Origin, Humanity cease to exist and only a few VIP's are left hiding somewhere...
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    Doom - Hell Unleashed v1.0 (Warcraft 3 Map)

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    Team Buddies v1.1

    Her is some Multiplayer Gameplay with a friend (long time ago in older version) but you can get an overview of the map. A lot has changed since then though...
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    WarHammerCraft v1.07

    Hey, dat-c3 , no after a lot of testing and systems i tryed the only solution for making this was adding all units in unit group, then if the orbital relay effect dies, not moving them instead of this removing them from the game and creating 1 new type of each at its position. You didn't notice...
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    hey if you are online right now, can we meet in battlenet together that i can test the problem...

    hey if you are online right now, can we meet in battlenet together that i can test the problem. would you host a private game for me? sry i can't host myself so i can't find the problem :(
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    WarHammerCraft v1.07

    I'm realy sorry for this :(, the problem is i can't host. I need someone to help me with this then, someone who can host and i would join as second player. To the orange point problem: If you have Annihilation game mode selected all the points will be removed because they are not needed then.!
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    WarHammerCraft v1.07

    Thanks for the info, im on it to fix it know and some other things!
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    WarHammerCraft v1.07 (Map)

    I present you WarHammerCraft - Ultimate War Forword WarHammerCraft is a unique mix between Dawn of War 1 & 2 & Warcraft 3 (all strategy games). It is based on the Warhammer 40k Lore. This Map has been in development for Years now and is finaly finished. (I have not worked every Day on it...
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    WarHammerCraft v1.07 (Warcraft 3 Map)

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    Kingpin - Life of Crime1.1

    Ahh thanks for your Image, it works finaly. My last Image was shown in Warcraft 3 as Minimap but here it didn't and i don't know why. But this one works :) Thanks again.
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    Kingpin - Life of Crime1.1 (Map)

    Kingpin - Life of Crime Forword: Kingpin - Life of Crime is a Map based on a Shooter Game. It has many Cusses and disturbing Sound effects and harsh Language, also lots of Violence. Before you ask Yes i have read the Rules and yes i understand them all. If this is against them feel free to...
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    Kingpin - Life of Crime1.1 (Warcraft 3 Map)

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    Quake II v1.1 (Map)

    Welcome to Quake II Features Info Quake II is a Shooter Map which requires some Skill to get trough. Lots of different Enemies to kill with a Hand full of Weapons. Levels There are 8 Levels seperated into 2 Parts each, here are some Infos: Level1- 1-1Outer...
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    Quake II v1.1 (Warcraft 3 Map)

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    Doom v1.1

    Wtf? With how many Players you have played on Nightmare? I can't even pass the first Room on Singleplayer... How you beat the whole Map oO? With Cheats? Or is there any Strategy? Anyway i have changed a few Things, look at the Changelogs for Informations. An thanks that you like Map :)
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    Doom v1.1 (Map)

    Welcome to your Doom Features Info Doom is a Shooter-Map like the Original Game you must try to get to the Exit on different Maps with different Weapons and a Handfull of deadly different Enemies. Missions There are 8 Main-Missions ingame. Episode-List: -E1M1 - Hangar...
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    Doom v1.1 (Warcraft 3 Map)

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    Team Buddies v1.1

    "Things I liked:" loved the loading screen image I like how you have cut the tutorial down but it is still pretty long & boring in my opinion. (Maybe if you add a narrator/voice to the tutorial it would be much more enjoyable) The fixing of the color issues. I like how you removed "Attack...
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    Team Buddies v1.1

    Thanks Lag_Reviews for the positive feedback. You can check out my other Maps if you want. Just search for Maps with my Name in it. I have released an update, hopefully it fixes all that Bugs, if not say it to me. Changelog v1.0b: -Fixed StartBuddy from Weaponset "Bikes" -Fixed Base Colors...
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    Team Buddies v1.1

    Thanks for the comments. I will defenitly cut the Tutorial in half or something. I will try to find that Bugs you have said and fixx them. @ Lag_Reviews: As much as i like that Idea with that Kills. I tryed to make this Map as close to the original Game. And if you ever played that Game you...
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    Team Buddies v1.1 (Map)

    Welcome to Team Buddies How to play? Step 1 - What to do? You need to collect Crates and bring them to your "Stacking Pad" to get (Gold/Lumber) which is needed to build Weapons, Buddies and Vehicles. Step 2 - Crate Types Crate Types -"Red Crates" are the standard Crates, you...
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    Team Buddies v1.1 (Warcraft 3 Map)

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    Aliens - Colonial Marines v1.12

    Sry, i tought the bug (when 1 enemy is left and invisible and shown in multiboard) caused the game to stop by random waves was gone, but it isn't. After a few more tests it already exists. But i can say im Already on it to fixx this damn thing and you can play then with no problems. I'll update...
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    Aliens - Colonial Marines v1.12

    So i created an update which fixxed and balanced some things. Mainly i fixxed this annoying bug that causes the game to stop after random waves. You find the changelog below the Screenshots.
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    Aliens - Colonial Marines v1.12

    I edited the description as you sayed and added some screenshots. For the bug , can you explain wath happened exactly? how much aliens were left in "enemy number" in the multiboard? this happened once for me too after wave 10 , and i don't know why , it seems like there is 1 alien left which...
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    Aliens - Colonial Marines v1.12

    Sry i don't know how. Any tutorial? I can't find one please send me link if there exist one...
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    Aliens - Colonial Marines v1.12 (Map)

    Aliens - Colonial Marines Marine-Features: *Aliens - Colonial Marines is an Team Survival Map. You must survive as one of 11 Marines against Hordes of Aliens. *Marines are splittet into 8 different Classes each with different spells and specialization further details here: Class 1...
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    Aliens - Colonial Marines v1.12 (Warcraft 3 Map)

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    AvP - Extinction v1.11

    Try put it in the main mapfolder , no subfolders or anything the folder named "maps".
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    AvP - Extinction v1.11

    Ok if you all want custom modells/skins then post the links to the modells you want here, so i can download them and add them.
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    AvP - Extinction v1.11

    Thanks for the Feedback. I will fix all things later this day if i get time. U can list every balance suggestion for damage,health and other things for every unit to make the map more balanced. I'm sry that i can't host so i would see it myself. Btw. Ok lets say i can host. But if someone joins...
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    AvP - Extinction v1.11

    Thanks for the comment. 1. Yes i use different Names and that was my second one , this other name her is very old. 2. How can i add screenshots? 3.The map concentrates more on Units instead of Buildings. As i like the Idead of a Hero, but in Starcraft there are no Heroes too :) I look at...
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    AvP - Extinction v1.11 (Warcraft 3 Map)

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    AvP - Extinction v1.11 (Map)

    Alien vs Predator - Extinction is a Map in which u decide which Race u play. Aliens, Predators or Marines. Each Race have another Playstyle other Units, Upgrades and Tech. Each Race have weaknesses and strenghts. Its based on Meele Maps. Orcs/Humans = Marines, Nightelf = Predator, Undead = Alien...
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    Left 4 Dead 1.1

    Oh man, After many many many Hours of Testing , and lots of Bugs and thigs that has to be improved i can finally give u the update 0.34 . This one was a huge update and the most things schould be work now , and you should see imrpovements. Changelog: - Smoker now Pulls Survivors towards him...
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    Left 4 Dead 1.1

    Thanks for the Testings you have done , that helps me to fixx things up . I working in patch and this time i realy testing all things. There are multiple things fixxed. For the Campaings , as you see i had plans for one of them because of huge terrain on top of the map. There is place to...
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    Left 4 Dead 1.1

    Thanks for Comments Guys , I'am working in a Patch that Fixx many things Right Now. For the Terain i must say that i maked it to look close like Left 4 Dead Chapters and i think its good as it is xD , if anyone can do better feel free and make one new but after i released the Patch Version. I...
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    Left 4 Dead 1.1 (Warcraft 3 Map)

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    Left 4 Dead 1.1 (Map)

    Left 4 Dead is a Team Based Map like the Original Game, stay together , fight against massive amounts of Enemys. Features: - AI Director - Each Round or Map you play the AI Director gets the Amount of Players ingame and will spawn Infected in the whole Chapter on Random Positions. -...
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    Starcraft v1.1 (Map)

    You play a Own created Story taken from Starcraft original Campaign. - Play as Raynor, Kerrigan and Fenix - Follow the Storyline - Fight against much Enemys - Play careful this won't be easy - Dont't play with cheats that will ruin the Map feeling. - Search all Areas of the Map to find...
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    Starcraft v1.1 (Warcraft 3 Map)

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    Diablo Slayer v0.1 (Warcraft 3 Map)

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    Diablo Slayer v0.1 (Map)

    This is an Multiplayer or Singleplayer Hack & Slay map type. Features: -5 Stages (alll 5 acts of diablo 2 lod) -5 Bosses (Andariel,Duriel,Mephisto,Diablo,Bhaal) -Many Unique Enemys with own colors (Blood Raven,Griswold,Coldworm,Izual....) -Extra earned Exp for killing The stronger unique...
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    Diablo II Rebirth v0.41 [BETA] (Map)

    So i started this project Years ago, i wanted to finish it but don't have much time. If i have time i will finish it but this could be years... Anyway to the map: I worked Hundrets of Hours on multiple years on this, now i think its time to release this as a...
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    Diablo II Rebirth v0.41 [BETA] (Warcraft 3 Map)

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    Rise of the Dead 6.BETA (Map)

    6th map of the Rise of the Dead Series with new stuff: -Verry big and detailed Terrain now with "Destroyed City" feeling -many different weapons like pistols,smgs,lmgs,amgsshotguns,snipers -new classes medic,supporter,marine,scout and sniper each with own spells -new spells for each class...
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    Rise of the Dead 6.BETA (Warcraft 3 Map)

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    Rise of the Dead GOLD (Warcraft 3 Map)

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    Rise of the Dead GOLD (Map)

    |c004E548FRefreshed version of the old Rise of the Dead II. Changes|r |c0097B9F0------------------ -Complete Terrain Change -Lots off Bugs fixxed -8 different Marine classes with different weapons -Assault/Battleriffler,Deagle,AWP,HWS,Scout,Medic,Shotgunner -new weapon and ammo/magazines...
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    BrainBread v0.1

    Here is the link to the threat in the forum