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  1. kaizar

    Looking for Cat-Like Tail Attachment

    Hello, I need a Cat-Like tail attachment model to attach it to a unit of mine in my map. Animated (where it swirls around) would be even better if possible, otherwise non-animated one will do. I'm going to attach it to the Runner Unit, so its colour has to match the Runner's skin colour...
  2. kaizar

    Need help with ability

    Hello, How could I make an ability that targets an enemy unit and upon finishing casting, the target would not attack the caster? Assuming caster is out of target's acquisition range. Thanks.
  3. kaizar

    Save Point in Hashtable

    Hello, Do I need to set TempLocation via variable then save this point to Hashtable or I am able to do it directly without the TempLocation variable, then when done 'clear all child' will take care of leak?
  4. kaizar

    Right Click Detect

    Hello, I'm trying to make an ability similar to that of attack but it seems I keep failing. I want the game to detect when a player right clicks on a unit (to attack it) and then make a selected unit to cast 'attack' on the target. Edit: Nevermind! I found the solution for this though I got...
  5. kaizar

    Hashtable Query

    I got a query about how to load hashtable values of a casting unit from a dummy unit. Idea: Once a unit begins channeling, save name of ability being cast, save caster and target, Create a dummy which dies after 3 seconds. After dummy dies, If ability name is Cure then Heal target by...
  6. kaizar

    Hashtable Values

    Hello, Does it really matter which one of the 2 values I use? E.g. would it make a difference if I use: Save x as key(unit) of 0 OR Save x as 0 of key(unit)? Edit: And if I want to save another value for the same unit do I just change the 0 to 1 for example? And should I clear the child/parent...
  7. kaizar

    Help-Some Hashtables forces WE to close

    Hello, For some reason, which I got no idea what it is, when I open one of the following of the hashtables, it makes both the official WE and NewGen to stop working and then makes me close the program. I tried the following and probably there are more that are 'bugged': Hashtable-Save...
  8. kaizar

    How to put Attack Button in SpellBook?

    Hello, I've seen this done in the map The Chosen Ones (a Campaign Map).
  9. kaizar

    Reducing Casting Time by %

    Hello, I have a spell with 10 second cast time. And I have a Passive Ability at level 0 and a max level of 3. Is there a way I could reduce the cast time by (Lvl of Passive Ability*15)% via triggers or some other way? (Other than create 3x numbers of the same ability each with 15% less cast...
  10. kaizar

    Behind unit detect + Change Hotkey for Attack

    Hello, 1) I would like to know how I could detect if a unit is behind another? E.g. a unit facing 90 degrees, another unit is somewhere 225-315 degrees behind that unit. Check if that is true. 2) I would also like to know how I could change the hotkeys for attack,move,patrol,stop just like...
  11. kaizar

    Aggro + Hate System

    Hello, I need an aggro + hate system similar to that of Final fantasy 11. Here is the detail: 1) All monsters roams (moves around) specific areas. -This can be done by adding Wander (Neutral) ability and upon leaving the region, it moves to a random area within the region) 2) Aggro System...
  12. kaizar

    Hashtable Problem in NewGen

    Hello, For some reason, I cannot create this in NewGen: Hashtable - Save 10.00 as 0 of (Key (Target unit of ability being cast)) in hashTable Once picked 'Get Handle ID' and clicked on 'Handle' only the variable part appears. I opened the official wc3 editor and it showed both the variable...
  13. kaizar

    Leak/Bug Question

    Hello, Would removing a buff or an ability from a unit even if the unit doesn't have it cause any problems or leaks? Same goes with Setting variables to something that they already are. Again, with removing units that may or may not exist.
  14. kaizar

    User Interface

    Hello, Is there a way to hide the names + numbers of hero attributes from players? You know, when you select a hero in-game it shows to you in the middle it's Strength(x), Agility(y), Intelligence(z). Is there a way to hide BUT NOT remove them. Thank you.
  15. kaizar

    Buff System

    Hello, Anyone knows an ability that can be casted having a buff where I can control whether the buff is overwritten or Stacked? Or any idea of how to do such a thing? E.g. Endurance Aura can be stacked but the problem is it's an aura. This, I got to put it into a spellbook then add/remove the...
  16. kaizar

    I Need Help

    Hello everyone. Explanation: Im creating several heroes each with different SpellBook Ability, after certain levels (in an irregular pattern) the SpellBook Ability increases in level (containing more spells in it as it levels) Problem: In triggers, I have to do the following [Shortened...
  17. kaizar

    Channel Spell Problem

    Hello, I'm concerned about why does the buffs I attached to my Channel Spells not appear after I cast it on my unit. Duration is more than 0 seconds, but yet doesn't appear at all. Thank you.
  18. kaizar

    Unit Group Removing Problem

    Hello, I'm trying to create a trigger so that every unit that casts a spell and as long as it is casting it, a special effect appears at their position up until they finish casting. These are the triggers: Start Casting Events Unit - A unit Begins channeling an ability...
  19. kaizar

    Removing Leaks Problem

    Hello, I'm creating my own map atm and been having problems with the following leak removals: Initialization Set up Events Time - Elapsed game time is 0.01 seconds Conditions Actions Set TempPlayerGroup = (All players) Player Group - Pick every...
  20. kaizar

    Got 2 Requests for my map

    1) I need a trigger where a unit follows a hero, same as in Undeadbudgie or FF Epic RPGs. Description: The unit can move a maximum distance of x within any direction from the position of the hero, if moved more than distance x, the unit instantly moves to the hero's position. 2) Stacking...
  21. kaizar

    I need Revival System like BattleShips

    I tried doing it myself, but the Timer action just wouldn't work, it only works for player 1 and the rest just show blank space instead of time. I need the revival system to show timer when a hero dies, and that the timer is shown for allies only. If hero dies, a grave appears. Or, I just...
  22. kaizar

    How to make a triggered spell like Chain Lightning?

    I need it so that, 3 units takes damage respectively, 1 by 1 and showing the special effect. I want this so that damage can be variable and not static, e.g. damage is reduced as defense increases.
  23. kaizar

    Why do my peasants not Storm Bolt their Tents? "Return To Tents"

    These are the triggers, and I need someone to help me out: Create Unit Events Conditions Actions -------- ============================== -------- -------- Repair Buildings -------- -------- ==============================...
  24. kaizar

    What to type in Custom Script to cast Storm Bolt?

    How to make my unit cast storm bolt on another unit? What do I type in Custom Script to do this?
  25. kaizar

    How to detect when a peasant finishes repairing?

    That a peasant has stopped repairing and now he has to go back to his Tent. Details: A building has been attacked, Create peasant next to Tent, order peasant to repair building. (Now this part which i need help with) If peasant stops repairing, order peasant to cast storm bolt at tent. <== If...
  26. kaizar

    [Solved] Need help changing Hero's Life Points

    Ok, so the hero has Strength as his Main Attribute, I need the Strength to be what it is and not altered, as his damage is also based on Strength, though I want to decrease his Life Points' increasement per level, I can't change the Value in "Game Constants" or it will alter all of the Heros'...
  27. kaizar

    Why is this Trigger not working?

    Level Up Events Unit - A unit Gains a level Conditions (Unit-type of (Leveling Hero)) Not equal to Backpack Actions Unit - Set life of (Leveling Hero) to 100.00% Set Upgrade_Level_Hero[1] = 0 Set Upgrade_Level_Hero[2] = 0 Set...
  28. kaizar

    Saving Abilities?

    Is there a way to save abilities that a unit has (Instead of Items) and when loading, it gives items according to the abilities the unit has, (does not load the abilities). Also, I'd like someone to create this for me, if it is possible, pm me.
  29. kaizar

    Making Unit Unable to Drop Items?

    How to make specific units unable to drop any item, while other units are able to? Or the only way is to make the Item undropabble when the Unit takes it?
  30. kaizar

    Loading Screen Takes Too Long

    I have posted this problem like a year ago but no one had helped to fix this problem, I want to know what is making my Loading Screen take too long. It takes like 3-5 minutes to load, same as CoT map, though I havn't even got to the stage "40% Finished" of the game. Please help, thank you.
  31. kaizar

    Need help with Computer Casting Spells

    How to make a unit to cast spells on its targets from time to time. (A spell that is not auto cast.) e.g. Mountain King casts Storm Bolt on his targets at a random time between 8-12 seconds. (The Mountain King is owned by a computer) Or do I have to use an auto cast spell then trigger it to...
  32. kaizar

    Need Help with the following

    To make some units to not show attack, stop, hold position, patrol, move even though they can do all of these. +Rep for whoever helps me out.
  33. kaizar

    Location Leak

    I was wondering on how to remove a location variable that is arrayed? +Rep, thank you. Edit - the other Thread is a mistake, the Hive's Server lagged and I somehow have double threaded, mod please delete the other thread, not this.
  34. kaizar

    Location Leak

    I was wondering on how to remove a location variable that is arrayed? +Re[, thank you. Edit - before you flame on me, the double threading was by mistake, the Hive's server lagged and somehow i double threaded by accident. May you delete this thread mod.
  35. kaizar

    I need a picture to be drawn

    *Note: This picture will be for a loading screen. The picture needed is described as follows: -A Knight kneeling down in the middle of a castle hall, with dawn's light shining upon him. -The same Knight has his sword struck into the ground. (not deeply) -The same Knight's head is looking 45...
  36. kaizar

    Terraining Problem

    I need help for solving this problem, it is about a House Wall doodad being sunk into another doodad made to be a "tile" here are the screenshots to be more clear about what I'm saying. Here is my problem: And that's how I want it to be, on the "doodad-tile": I tried looking for...
  37. kaizar

    Problem with my Spell

    As said in the Title, I am having a problem with my spell. My spell is about: -When someone casts "StoneSkin" he receives 0 damage what so ever until after 30 seconds or the sheild has been destroyed as it has a life of, 40 x Lvl of StoneSkin Spell. My problem is: -Everything works fine, except...
  38. kaizar

    Ability Request

    Greetings, I would like someone to create for me 2 abilities and I shall +Rep for each ability done. Ability No.1: Name: Sneak Description: When a unit uses this ability, I want some units not to be able to attack the caster and some types may be able to attack. (e.g) Footman, Rifleman may...
  39. kaizar

    Chat System

    I have absolutely no idea why the following trigger does not work. =/ I need your help, please. Chat System Events Player - Player 1 (Red) types a chat message containing <Empty String> as A substring Player - Player 2 (Blue) types a chat message containing <Empty String> as...
  40. kaizar

    I need some Final Fantasy XI models

    I'm going to need Final Fantasy XI Online characters to be made as models for WC3. It does not need to be 100% the same, I know it's going to be hard. Each model will give you +2 Rep. Firstly: Notes: The model must not have any weapon in hand. The model must have a boot coloured the...
  41. kaizar

    Multiboard icons

    How could I make Icons on multiboard to appear wider and larger? Or is that not possible?
  42. kaizar

    Cliffs + Good water graphics

    I have seen currently in 2 maps that both have good quality of cliffs and also have a moving water, not same as WE. I wonder how to do these 2 things. +Rep for the one who tells me.
  43. kaizar

    Map problem

    I am having a real problem in my map and that is it takes lots of time to load/save in WE and also like 3 mins to load to play in WarCraft Frozen Throne. May someone tell me how to solve this, thank you. +Rep if helped.
  44. kaizar

    Moving unit instantly when far

    I need some help with making, if a unit is far from a hero (A specific distance), the unit is instantly moved to the hero. Thank you. +Rep for helper.
  45. kaizar

    Problem with map

    I am having a problem with my map where it takes ages to load/save and load to play. It only has a size of 3MB while I even opened other people's maps and had a size of 6 MB which was faster than opening my map. A friend of mine said it maybe has something to do with the Map Script. I asked him...
  46. kaizar

    How to show Damage and DEF in Multiboard?

    How to show DMG and DEF in Multiboards? +Rep for whoever helps me with this.
  47. kaizar

    How to show damage taken?

    [Solved] How to show damage taken? Hello, I need a trigger which shows the damage of any unit has done to another unit. Thank you. +Rep and will be in my Map's Credits.
  48. kaizar

    I need 3 Models

    I need 3 models for my map and they are FFXI Online Summons called Carbuncle, Shiva (A flying model) and Diabolos (A flying demon model). If anyone can make an exact or near exact copy of it into a WC3 Model, I'll give reputation and will be in my Map Credits. Thank you.
  49. kaizar

    I need help with 3 things

    I need help with 2 things I need help with 2 things for my Map: 1-Multiple multiboards, 1 for each player. One player cannot see the other player's multiboard. 2-Show damage done by both, physical attack and spells. Thank you. If there is something that is not understandable, please do ask...
  50. kaizar

    I need help with completeing my Map

    I am making a map called, FFWF (Final Fantasy World Fight). The map is based on FFXI Online characters and abilities. It is kind of like Dota where units from your base attacks your enemy's base also vice versa: but it is also an RPG where you can save and load. You can choose "New Mode" inorder...