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    Possible Animations

    Animation - Play Unit's <blank> animation So what are the list of animations that i can use? Is there a way to look at a units possible animations and test them without starting a game each time?
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    Which is faster?

    Is it faster to end a chain of if/then/else at the then action like so: If (All Conditions are True) then do (Then Actions) else do (Else Actions) If - Conditions Random_Integer Less than or equal to 22 Then - Actions Hero - Create Winning Lottery Ticket and give it to...
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    Save/load help

    Ah yeah can someone link me to a tutorial that shows how to setup simple save load for name + total xp, or show me yourself lol. Sorry for being lazy ;)
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    Model Request

    Hey whats up THW, long time no see. I'm making some cosplay props and one of them is Rikku's Dual Blades from Final Fantasy X-2, and i can't find any 3d models of the weapons, i'd really appreciate if someone could make a low-medium poly model since i end up sanding it in the end and doing the...
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    Whats this movie?

    So the movie starts with a girl who witnesses her father hung for some reason, then she becomes a gunslinger and becomes the fastest draw in the west and comes back to the town to avenge her father, and there was a scene where someone was about to get hanged like her father did and she shot the...
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    Religious Stories

    Hey I'm writing a story for my English class and I want to make allusions to religious stories, for example mosses parting the red seas to get those people to safety (I apologize on my lack of knowledge lol >.<). Well I'm not very religious-savvy so if there are some favorite stories you guys...
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    The average Gamer

    First off i just want to say hey whats up long time no see. I've been busy with school and what not. Now to the topic of my return. I'm taking a poll of average age of gamers for my statistics class and my first thought was hive workshop! For those of you who are comfortable with revealing...
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    Shiver by Maggie Steifvater - The Movie?

    I was just looking through some new movies coming out and i noticed a particular, Shiver screenplay by Nick Putsay, based on Maggie Steifvater's book Shiver. There isnt alot of information out there but does anyone have any insight on this? Is it real? Any progress on the movie? Im a huge fan of...
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    [Trigger] Hashtables - Dummy Movement

    I made the game display checks to see where the trigger was at a given interval and everything leads to the correct spot but the other actions dont seem to be working and i cant quite find the error since this is my first time using hashtables. Decieve Break Events Unit - A unit Is...
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    Wheres the Error?

    Every time i try to save with jass new gen i get an error, and when i get an error jass new gen freezes! So wheres the error: Decieve Break Events Unit - A unit Is attacked Conditions ((Attacking unit) has buff Decieve ) Equal to True Actions Set...
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    Moving multiple units for multiple players

    It seems that i have been gone for a very long time and i just cannot seem to remember how to move multiple units in the same instance, and remove those units from the instance when they are done being used. I believe it has something to do with integer loops, any insight on the subject would...
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    Fixing Points

    I remember being told the answer to this once a long time ago, but i forgot it, whats the name in custom script to fix a point with an array ((Player number of (owner of (triggering unit))
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    A Fun Cinematic

    Im pretty terribly at cinematic's but i have a fun idea for someone, im sure you'll enjoy it as much as i will. Starts off with a Villager (Male) killing some monster, and then leveling up, He says "Finally level 100! My mom was wrong, I can amount to something!" then a creepy man walks up...
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    [Trigger] Multi-Rings

    Hero Pick Events Time - Elapsed game time is 5.00 seconds Conditions Actions Set AntiLeak_Point = (Center of boat <gen>) Unit - Create 1 Ship for Neutral Passive at AntiLeak_Point facing Default building facing degrees Set AntiLeak_Point =...
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    Issue Order Custom Spell

    What is the custom script that issues an order targeting a unit.
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    [Trigger] Periodic Event

    Soar Expiration Events Time - Every 1.00 seconds of game time Conditions Actions For each (Integer A) from 1 to Soar_Index, do (Actions) Loop - Actions If (All Conditions are True) then do (Then Actions) else do (Else Actions)...
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    Arcadia - The Tournament Planet

    Arcadia Is a planet full of large stadiums that cover the whole planet. The builder is unknown and any inhabitants are unknown of. Here you are pinned against other people in tournaments! Certain stadiums are protected by magical barriers that stop fighters from using that type of ability...
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    (RP Thread) The Arena - Planet Zero

    Planet Zero Is an uninhabited world, where only the ruins of a large civilization remain. The life on this planet is scarce only a few regions have greenery. A unique trait keeps this planet close to death, a weak gravitational pull leaves the atmosphere hardly intact. Those who have chosen to...
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    The Arena - Main Hall

    The arena is a place where anybody from anywhere can come and fight for glory! Here at the arena you can fight for fun, for rank, or in a tournament. Team up with a friend or a few friends to fight an external force, that isn't controlled by players. Form your own alliances and battle other...
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    LoL Error

    When i open LoL, it brings up the loader, and it says its updated, i hit Play, then it goes away and nothing. No game.
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    [Solved] JNGP Nil Value Error

    I click on test map and it gives me this error: wehack.lua:437: attempt to index global 'rtc_enabled' (a nil value)
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    Hey im considering buying Camtasia for screen recording. Id like your opinions on if i should or not. If you choose no please post why, and another option for recording. Money is no object.
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    Disabling Arrow Key Camera Movement

    I heard there was a way to disable the arrow keys camera movement through jass script. This is the only way ive tried other options so dont give me other options. If there is a script to disable the camera movment with the keys then please post or link.
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    Port Forwarding

    I know what ports to forward i just cant get into my router/modem its an AT&t router that is also a modem. I try to log in but i cant. Ive tried admin admin, admin password, no username admin, 123456, ive tried my WLAN connection username and password and nothing, ive tried using the number on...
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    Island - Mountain Terrain

    I was working on my a project when i suddenly had inspiration to make a little island surrounded by mountains and water on the other end. Its the first time i terrained without using wc3 cliffs so please comments would be lovely, constructive please.
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    Unit + Attachment point

    Can you attach a unit to another units attachment point? if so please show me an example
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    Periodic Event

    If i say every 1.5 seconds, is that every 1''30''' or 1"50'''
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    Math - Inverting

    I am trying to invert a facing angle, for example i want two units, to face opposite of each other, back to back. But i dont see any math in triggers for me to be able to do this.
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    [Solved] Dialog Help

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    Integer A Location Leak

    Im using locations that have integer A as their index, and i cant remove the locations because its a timed spell, so if i remove the index it'll mess up the most recent casted spell, but if i remove integer a it will remove all of the locations. Heres the trigger if u dont know what i mean Star...
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    [Trigger] Movement Trigger

    Movment Trigger Events Unit - A unit enters Spawn Point <gen> Unit - A unit enters Movement Point 1 <gen> Unit - A unit enters Movement Point 2 <gen> Unit - A unit enters Movement Point 3 <gen> Unit - A unit enters Movement Point 4 <gen> Unit -...
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    Ingame Minimap

    Ive played games where the ingame minimap was completely black. Like you couldnt see anything on the minimap youd have to navigate blindly, how would i go about doing this?
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    What movie is this?

    I was watching a movie the other day and my guide didnt tell me the name of it, if you know it please tell me. It was about a kid who steals a weird spider from a vampire and it bites his friend, and the vampire makes a deal with him to give him the antidote but the kid has to become a half...
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    [Trigger] Slight problem with trigger

    Im not entirely sure which one is wrong, but my guess would be the middle one. Initial Events Unit - A unit Starts the effect of an ability Conditions (Ability being cast) Equal to Blade Strike Actions -------- I went ahead and made a variable for all...
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    Simple Request - Eskimo

    Can somebody create an Eskimo model for me?
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    Hero's RPG Recruiting Spell Makers

    Hero's RPG RecruitedJobNoneNoneNoneNoneNoneNone Hello fellow hive members, I have been working on a map for quite some time and i finally reached the point where i said to myself "I cant do this alone" so i am recruiting spell makers for now. I need people to make the spells for the following...
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    Spawn Glich

    Footmen Spawn Events Time - Elapsed game time is 1.00 seconds Conditions Actions For each (Integer B) from 1 to (Number of players in (All players controlled by a User player)), do (Actions) Loop - Actions For each (Integer A) from 1...
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    Unit Animation

    I am trying to make a unit crawl, i thought the dead animation would work but it lays back not forward. Does anyone know how to make it look like the unit is laying on his stomache and crawling forward (can actually crawl/move)
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    [Trigger] Hashtable issue

    Well what happens is, it works the first time, it goes all the way up to 10 charges, blasts the unit, but then the second time around it doesn't even create another unit HS Init Events Unit - A unit Is attacked Conditions (Level of Holy Strike for (Attacking unit))...
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    Stack Index

    I thought about this over and over again and i cant figure it out without a glitch forming, I need a trigger to count charges for separate heroes. I.E. 20 heroes who charge on attack with a separate charge. I used a dummy unit, but i cant refer back to the dummy unit because the index i used...
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    Hero's RPG

    •Hero's RPG• Their story.... In the remnants of the old world, 10 heroes team up to kill the Demon King and bring peace back into the land horded by monsters. They must hone their skills and become the heroes the land needs. The great Demon King of the old world has purged city from...
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    Item Trigger

    Life Essence Events Unit - A unit Acquires an item Conditions Actions For each (Integer A) from 1 to 6, do (Actions) Loop - Actions If (All Conditions are True) then do (Then Actions) else do (Else Actions) If -...
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    Raising Terrain?

    First of all, hey whats up long time no see. Now for my question: I got back 2 days ago and started working on my map this morning, ive seen in many games where people increased or decreased the terrains height in a certain spot, i cannot find how to do this... anyone know?
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    Spell Difficulties

    Well i have this spell, it all works but 2 things. The dummy unit doesnt attack, which makes it kill itself. All the triggers work fine but i used storm crow as the dummy unit, i changed its targets to ground and such, but it still wont attack. It has Locust ability, barrage (edited), life steal...
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    [Cinematic] Cinematic Video

    I an trying to make a cinematic and i made it. But the problem is that my recording software to record my monitor makes wc3 VERY jumpy. Things disapearing and everything. Is there a way i can take the cinema straight into a video? or can somone record it for me. Heres the map with the cinema in...
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    GUI for the common man.

    Hello, This is a tutorial to show You, the common man, how to understand and create your own triggers. We will begin by going through the simplest Events, Conditions, and Actions. 1.0 Introduction GUI is split off into 3 sections: Events Conditions Actions These govern what the trigger does...
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    Game Crashes with trigger.

    Ahh it was weird, as soon as i chose my ability that triggers this, wc3 crashed. Dot Creation Events Unit - A unit Is attacked Conditions (Random integer number between 1 and 100) Less than or equal to ((10 x (Level of Wounding Shadow for (Attacking unit))) + 5)...
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    Red Dot

    Well i know why it wont work, but i dont know how to fix it. It stores the attacking unit as the footmen, but since the footmen dont have the ability, it never works. (i think) Dot Creation Events Unit - A unit Is attacked Conditions (Random integer number between...
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    Mana Recovery

    This looks like it works.. Mana recovery Events Unit - A unit Dies Conditions (Level of Soul HArvest for (Killing unit)) Greater than 0 Actions Unit - Set mana of (Killing unit) to ((Percentage mana of (Killing unit)) + ((Real((Level of Soul Harvest for...
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    I need help with bbcode tables

    Okay i dont know how to work these damn tables, could somone fix this for me Spell Requests[c]InfinateAnswersN00B5600's Ultimate Flame Strike. Inachix[c] DemigoD's Spells. Tjordell[c] Unassigned.[c] Requests To Do: [c]Ahavac[c] [c]jolelele[c] [c]makai[c] [c]millzy[c]...