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  1. Zucth

    (4)Voidwind Plateau (Map)

    (4)Voidwind Plateau Player Suggest: 2v2, 1v1 Theme: Factory, purple-gray Map Creator: Zucth Map Description: Voidwind Plateau is the area surrounding Manaforge Ultris in eastern of the Netherstorm. Mana Wraiths are grumble in angry noise. Neutral Building: 9 Goldmines (all - 12500) 4 Tavern 2...
  2. Z

    (4)Voidwind Plateau (Warcraft 3 Map)

  3. Zucth

    (8)Vanguard Point (Map)

    (8)Vanguard Point Player Suggest: 4v4 Idea: Nudl9 idea from a years ago, a push map. Map Creator: Zucth Map Description: One frontline base and three supporter, may the light bring you a victory! Neutral Building: 16 Expansion Goldmines (All-12500) 2 Tavern 2 Marketplace 2 Goblin Merchant 2...
  4. Z

    (8)Vanguard Point (Warcraft 3 Map)

  5. Zucth


    yea this one was an old map that got improve later into water wheel. I feel like its a waste to leave it like that so I made it but it still feel out of place imo as well. prob gotta finish cleaning this up
  6. Zucth

    Round Village

    Since no one was doing it I will say a few things... (idk how much I can correct for you but I will be honest) -All the change I see is that you make change of middle camp creep to even worse (divine shield) but better of item drop which make sense since its the middle camp. -One mistake here...
  7. Zucth

    (8)Phantom Rampart v1.01 (Map)

    (8)Phantom Rampart Player Suggest: 4v4, FFA Layout: RockQuarry & GoldRush starter position Map Creator: Zucth Map Description: A little shroom valley block by the path, many visitor called this place a nightmare maze, a Phantom Rampart. Neutral Building: 16 Expansion Goldmines (Starter...
  8. Z

    (8)Phantom Rampart v1.01 (Warcraft 3 Map)

  9. Zucth

    (2)Mistfall Village (Map)

    (2)Mistfall Village Player Suggest: 1v1 Map Creator: Zucth layout inspiration: TirisfallGrades & Amazonia Map Description: An old wizard village, the path may be like by bloodmage and keeper of the groves more than other people. Neutral Building: 6 Goldmines (All-12500) 1 Tavern 2 Goblin...
  10. Z

    (2)Mistfall Village (Warcraft 3 Map)

  11. Z

    (2)Orchid Mineral (Warcraft 3 Map)

  12. Zucth

    (2)Orchid Mineral (Map)

    (2)Orchid Mineral Player Suggest: 1v1 Map Creator: Zucth research of a new item drop around c1,p1,c2,p2 + strong merc for 1v1 Map Description: An orchid shroom isles fill with mineral mine. Not all path are risky choose wisely! Neutral Building: 6 Goldmines (Base-12500, easy expo-11500...
  13. Zucth

    Steamy Pond

    So I think I will do a basic review then... -Asymmetrical map: by player position like blue player have the back of the gm open up while red have a tree line protect. -creep spot leveling are different which make it Asymmetrical. FOM and FOH middle with very easy camp... but I guess that's how...
  14. Zucth

    (8)Arachnida Rivulet (Map)

    (8)Arachnida Rivulet Player Suggest: 4v4 Idea: Spider Falls rework... Map Creator: Zucth Map Description: An old giant spider dry up leave the middle as land. Bridges got expand into a larger one connecting with their allied. The open space after dry up make the place more suitable for a large...
  15. Z

    (8)Arachnida Rivulet (Warcraft 3 Map)

  16. Z

    (2)Yellow Wyrm (Warcraft 3 Map)

  17. Zucth

    (2)Yellow Wyrm (Map)

    (2)Yellow Wyrm Player Suggest: 1v1 Map Creator: Zucth layout inspiration: Hearthglen hill & Amazonia Map Description: A massive wyvern death body turn into a big rock mountain cutting this place into two. Neutral Building: 6 Goldmines (All-12500) 2 Tavern 2 Goblin Merchant 2 Lab 1 Dragon...
  18. Zucth

    (8)Indigo Keeper v1.02 (Map)

    (8)Indigo Keeper Player Suggest: 4v4, 2v2v2v2 Idea: Present a new layout for a small 4v4 maps Map Creator: Zucth Map Description: A keep on top the deep dark blue rock called indigo. The upperland where it decide who is the leader. The trial begins. Neutral Building: 16 Expansion Goldmines...
  19. Z

    (8)Indigo Keeper v1.02 (Warcraft 3 Map)

  20. Zucth

    (2)Zenith Doom v1.01 (Map)

    (2)Zenith Doom Player Suggest: 1v1 Map Creator: Zucth Map Description: At the Zenith point, there is a paper-thin barrier between success and destruction. Neutral Building: 6 Goldmines (All-12500) 2 Tavern 2 Goblin Merchant 2 Merc - Dalaran Ruins Creep Camp: 4 Green 8 Orange 2 Red...
  21. Z

    (2)Zenith Doom v1.01 (Warcraft 3 Map)

  22. Zucth


    yea its one of the crazy map that I doing since back then. didn't expect anyone to use it on custom ladder or tournament anyway. in my version frigate didnt get any building aggro behind the main base goldmines(or unless you mean bm lure them to... but I think that's fine called that negative...
  23. Zucth

    (4)Ordil'Aran (Map)

    (4)Ordil'Aran Player Suggest: 2v2, 1v1 Map Creator: Zucth Map Description: An old city after the fall of ancient bloodelf after nightelf. Now, the place control by Orgrimmar. Neutral Building: 10 Goldmines (all -13500) 1 Tavern 2 Goblin Merchant 4 Goblin Shipyard 4 Mercenary camp -Ashenvale...
  24. Z

    (4)Ordil'Aran (Warcraft 3 Map)

  25. Z

    (4)Water Wheel v1.04 (Warcraft 3 Map)

  26. Zucth

    (4)Water Wheel v1.04 (Map)

    (4)Water Wheel Player Suggest: 1v1 Idea: Its INSEKT idea, don't mind me if I do... Map Creator: Zucth Map Description: A fertile land flooding by rainy season. Only some part of the land were cover with rain. Neutral Building: 12 Goldmines (all - 12500) 1 Tavern 2 Goblin Merchant 4 Goblin...
  27. Zucth

    (4)Volcanic Mines v1.01 (Map)

    (4)Volcanic Mines Player Suggest: 1v1, 2v2 Layout: Bridges too near - smaller version, Frozen Clover. Map Creator: Zucth Map Description: Mineral-rich volcanic valley, hurry and conquer the space before it all disappears. Neutral Building: 12 Goldmines (all - 12500) 1 Tavern 4 Goblin...
  28. Z

    (4)Volcanic Mines v1.01 (Warcraft 3 Map)

  29. Zucth


    Is that Amazonia but cut in half? Anyway it definitely playable but very boring with you how can only one creeps egg... and there is not so many creep to rotate. the middle after the wave at homeland are a bit impossible that what was I thinking. I did play a few waves... end up exit at wave 34...
  30. Zucth

    (6)Haven Splitter (Map)

    (6)Haven Splitter Player Suggest: 3v3, 2v2, and maybe ffa? Inspiration: Concealed Hill, River of Souls, Friend. Map Creator: Zucth Map Description: Hail meteor fall on top of the world tree temple splitt the land into half. Time pass by, leave this land as a ruins of haven. Neutral Building...
  31. Z

    (6)Haven Splitter (Warcraft 3 Map)

  32. Zucth

    (2)Ashen Road (Map)

    (2)Ashen Road V1.0 Player Suggest: 1v1 Idea: Shrine of the Ancient, match up with one road style map. Map Creator: Zucth Map Description: The place replication of an old shrine on the east continent. with one long path toward the enemy. Neutral Building: 6 Goldmines (All-13500) 1 Tavern 2...
  33. Z

    (2)Ashen Road (Warcraft 3 Map)

  34. Zucth

    Eye of Persephone

    2> maybe? I'm not main NE not really have that many idea 4> really still feel very weak to me lol 7> I think there should be a short cut deep water to play around the isles. but it just me lol I'm not sure about mass air but could be annoy yes... still feel like ship flavor to orc, but anyway...
  35. Zucth

    Eye of Persephone

    all of the feedback is coming from the ATR version, I'm not sure how many thing has Robogoblin change but I use the tournament + layout look as a base feedback. -green 2-2-5 lobster lack range units and medium armor same with crap camp, but I think crap camp doing fine. -AoW spot is kinda far...
  36. Zucth

    (4)White Shore v1.4 (Map)

    (4)White Shore Player Suggest: 2v2 Layout: Brightwater Oasis, Daralan Garden Map Creator: Zucth Map Description: White Shore, name of the swamp between the great white cliff of limestone. The place where the two enemy guard their border line. Neutral Building: 10 Goldmines (all - 12500) 2...
  37. Z

    (4)White Shore v1.4 (Warcraft 3 Map)

  38. Zucth

    (8)Enfold Spinach V1.2 (Map)

    (8)Enfold Spinach Player Suggest: 4v4, 2v2v2v2 Layout: Twain Hail, Friends Map Creator: Zucth Map Description: Merry Christmas! Said the Santa, welcome to the Enfold Spinach where everything has gone crazy. The game represent the drop and item that has no longer appear or you will never see...
  39. Z

    (8)Enfold Spinach v1.2 (Warcraft 3 Map)

  40. Zucth

    Mine D'or / GoldMine (GM)

    I like the idea of cavern behind waterfall. I might try it :D
  41. Zucth

    Deep Freeze 1.2

    look like a potential layout with some change. rework might worth :thumps_up:
  42. Zucth

    Capital of Razmon

    look like a potential map but when close look up, it has no symmetric.
  43. Zucth

    Wizard Legend

    this map look potential for a competitive 2v2 map imo. All the change that need to happen is to remove the outer purple wall, and decrease the outer round size. path are too narrow but still overall very potential.
  44. Z

    (2)Throne of Tides V1.051 (Warcraft 3 Map)

  45. Zucth

    Hive Cup 2021: Melee Mapping Contest #8 - First Phase Results

    Congratz to everyone, thank to all the judge hard work :3 Welp, I would say my opinion then it's also including before me and the after me from this contest. First of all you are not the judge for this time meeral :psmile:. I have an idea in my mind where should I focus at. I agree with you...
  46. Zucth

    (2)Cataclysm Ruins

    about the map name I was drunk. fix :thump_ups:
  47. Zucth

    Bourg Hivernal / Winter Town ( WT )

    Second winter town. Seem like you pretty like the snow theme!
  48. Zucth

    (2)Crystalline City

    well you are able to AoW there btw... so idk what are you talking about... I will consider about the tavern improve flood are about the rain fall that falling the day before enter the winter season in the next morning turn the place colder. Force the water to become an ice.
  49. Zucth

    (4)Blue Sapphire

    all naga creeps have a normal exp drop.
  50. Zucth

    Le Fléau // The Scourge (TSe)

    I like this map color, layout look like NI mostly. Nothing to say.