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  1. msongyboi

    Question about WC:R Editor

    How different is it going to be from the current wc3 editor? To be honest, I'm so used to the sc2 editor - it's so much more fluid/modular/powerful/flexible than the current wc3 editor even with NewGen precompiler addons (LUA macros + vJass mainly, the data editor in wc3 is god-awful). I was...
  2. msongyboi

    My Heroes of the Storm art Contest Entry

    My hots art contest entry on deviant art. If you weren't aware, there is an art contest on the deviant art website to promote the new game by blizzard. The objective is to paint a battle between a minimum of 2 of blizzard's characters fighting each other. This has taken me about 3 weeks worth...
  3. msongyboi

    Simple Model Edit :>

    org. model Can someone remove all the glows on this please? i tried and failed lol :< edit: just keeeeddddings, deleted all geoset animations that referrred to deleted geosets and now it works fine :>
  4. msongyboi

    Ned help :o

    I've soloed up to level 21, but I want to try doing dungeons and stuff,.. can anyone play wit me?
  5. msongyboi

    Model Edit Request

    I just want the circling effects and not the big orb thingy in the middle. Can someone take it out for me? Thanks in advance to the helper. <3 model
  6. msongyboi

    vJass and ZINC question...

    //! zinc library StructTesting { interface Events { method onPreTermination() = null; method onEffectStart() = null; method onEffectEnd() = null; } struct Parent extends Events { unit cast; real time, st, et...
  7. msongyboi

    How to integrate Bribe's Table

    hellluuuu, below is a simple item drop system, can someone explain to me how I can integrate Table into this system? I am still not sure how Table works... even after reading Bribe's demo - furthermore with this system. Also a side question - can someone explain what binary trees are good...
  8. msongyboi

    Endlibrary error...

    I'm having this error where the compiler generates extra lines of endlibrary, can someone try saving my map and see if anyone has this issue? if not.. imma just use a backup some weird thing happened where the compiler randomly deleted all my endlibrary/endscope lines in the editor... but it...
  9. msongyboi

    [vJASS] How to use LinkedListModule?

    hi all;; I've decided to start learning how to use collection modules, I'm already having problems using the most basic one :P library LinkedListModule /* v2.3.1 Easy implementation of linked lists into structs. *********************************************************************** * *...
  10. msongyboi

    jasshelper save bug

    both the vex/coh jasshelper in 1.5e/2.0x jngp bug out for me whenever there's an error in the trigger.. anyone knwo why?
  11. msongyboi

    [vJASS] Hooks won't connect properly -_-

    Trouble with Meathook Spell -__- NEW EDIT: I cleand it up even more making sure every struct extends array and deleted all this other crap I felt it didn't need (to help me understand). BTW credit to the original guy : Kenny on TH library LinkedMeatHook...
  12. msongyboi

    [vJASS] arrays inside structs

    Sorry, maybe the answer is simple, but I'm have a bit of an issue trying to understand how I would go about this. private struct Hooks unit array chain[100] unit head endstruct How would I write this, when I'm using the struct extends array method? edit: -_- I finally...
  13. msongyboi

    [Solved] Scope Symbol Redeclared: Real aka BONKERS!

    Hi I made a simple charge skill, but uh.. giving me errors I have no idea why - I'm going bonkers :P A little help please :)? edit: rofl, sorry I made a really stupid mistake.. took me a whole hour to spot...
  14. msongyboi

    [Solved] Just curious what does the /* */ do?

    Title ^^;; it's something new I noticed in JNGP - but I have no idea what it does lol.
  15. msongyboi

    [vJASS] Unit Indexing System

    Hi all I've been trying to learn more about structs and currently trying to recreate an unit indexer for the sake of practice. The index works just fine, but the de - index won't go through - what am I doing wrong? scope JassUnitIndexer initializer init globals real indexEvent =...
  16. msongyboi

    Consumable Items

    Are consumable items removed from the game after they are used? or do they linger around invisible to a player's eye, waiting to be recycled?
  17. msongyboi

    Issue with sound

    EDIT: After a very long time..... with experimenting with music/sound files, I have found a consistent method to controlling in game music/sound files for those who want to be able to play different multiple sounds/musics and stop them whenever you want. THis is jass btw. 1st. At map init call...
  18. msongyboi

    Terrain Cliff Levels?

    Is the GetTerrainCliffLevel(x, y) useful for detecting whether a location has a different height? If so, what are the different cliff levels?
  19. msongyboi

    Changing a unit's roll

    Bulwark Hi all, I'm using this model as one of my dummy units in a custom map. The issue is that it stays slanted no matter what I change to its max roll/pitch in the object editor. How can I make it so that it stays standing up straight?
  20. msongyboi

    Link to JNGP 1.5e please

    Can I get a direct download link to JNGP 1.5e - the one at the's DOWNLOAD button is not working for me.
  21. msongyboi

    Pausing Old and Playing New Music

    call StopMusic(true) call PlayMusic(gg_snd_DarkVictory) Is this supposed to cause lag in game?
  22. msongyboi

    Will this desync? (Local Player)

    local unit lv_unit = GetSoldUnit() if GetLocalPlayer() == GetTriggerPlayer() then call ClearSelection() call SelectUnit(lv_unit, true) endif I don't think it will but uh.. can anyone confirm?
  23. msongyboi

    [General] Not sure if related to WE but..

    If you use whosyourdaddy the invicibility cheat code, are you immnune to stuns in game?
  24. msongyboi

    Night Elves Reloaded

    Night Elves . Playable by up to 10 players on the same team, start off by picking a hero. Enter the arena with your allies and defend yourself against Illidan's endless number of minions. Successfully finishing a level will net you bonus gold and a trip to the shopping area - where you...
  25. msongyboi

    Max hp beyond 500k?

    The object editor lets you increase a units max hp of up to 500k - is there a way to surpass this limit?
  26. msongyboi

    loweest accurate timeout for a timer?

    Title ^^
  27. msongyboi

    [JASS] native UnitRemoveAbility: can be very buggy?

    the native UnitRemoveAbility, if used on a hero merely sets it back to level 0 unless the skill was originally added by a trigger in my experiences can someone confirm this or tell me a way around it?
  28. msongyboi

    Can't use an internal sound

    I was trying to use the PissedPeasant1 sound, but after I click on the 'use as sound' option it doesn't show up as a variable.. is this a bug or sth?
  29. msongyboi

    [vJASS] keep getting expected; returns error

    Hi all, I've been trying to create a channeling spell that gives a hero to heal a friendly units mana/health at the expense of its mana;; i'm not sure if this is the best way to go about - but i wanted to give structs/methods a try The main issue is that i keep getting an expected returns error...
  30. msongyboi

    Removing blood stain after unit death

    So after a unit dies, and its corpses' are gone is there a way to remove the blood stains remaining or reduce the time on it? It's not in the constants, removing the unit via trigger doesn't work either
  31. msongyboi

    Animation Question

    If a unit has a movement type set to 'none' will it not be able to play the walking type animations?
  32. msongyboi

    [vJASS] Function won't allow any parameters ??

    private function CE_Damage takes unit a returns nothing if IsUnitEnemy(GetEnumUnit(), GetOwningPlayer(a)) then call UnitDamageTarget(a, GetEnumUnit(), DAMAGE, false, false, ATTACK_TYPE_NORMAL, DAMAGE_TYPE_NORMAL, null) endif endfunction call ForGroup(g...
  33. msongyboi

    [MATH] - How do I check if a point is behind a unit

    How do you find a way to check if a given point is behind a unit's current facing? So in this example, the formula would detect that all the points labeled with UPPERCASE LETTERS are behind the unit, and all the points labeled with lowercase letters are infront of the unit.
  34. msongyboi

    [vJASS] Using Functions with Bool Return values as 'ActionType' functions

    Hi all once again, I've been messing around with some more vJass, trying to understand how to use structs; This time I've made a meat hook like spell from DotA. The trigger works completely as intended (this is because I looked at another script to start me off) - but I'm COMPLETELY STUMPED as...
  35. msongyboi

    [vJASS] Simple passive ability help part 2:)

    scope ASStrike initializer init globals private constant string FX = "war3mapImported\\BlinkCaster.mdx" private constant integer ID = 'A000' endglobals private function AS_Actions takes nothing returns nothing local unit target = GetTriggerUnit()...
  36. msongyboi

    Floating Text ERror

    For some reason, the floating text at a region won't show if I try to change the color at all. If I leave it 100% all the way, it shows in a white color, but anything else and it won't show. This onlyy happens to some of the regions - are there rules regarding floating text usage that I...
  37. msongyboi

    [Solved] Game Interface Question

    How can I display a unit's level like that if the unit isn't a hostile unit? Should I just make a new unit based on a hostile unit instead?
  38. msongyboi

    [Trigger] Help making spell MUI/Leakless in GUI

    Hi all, I've been having headaches trying to understand how to make a spell MUI/Leakless in GUI This is just for fun so I know these spells wont lag me, but I want to know just for good practice and learning - how I can make these spells MUI. I've read lots of tutorials on them, but I still...