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  1. Zucth

    Random Unit didn't work?

    Anyone know how to do this? I did it and all neutral are work well, but as a units it didn't start to cycle at all... What did I missed here? Or is it doesn't work from the start? +3 photo below
  2. Zucth

    How to make Computer use my custom ability?

    I do make custom melee for a while and I still have some problem the Computer didn't use my ability because his heroes didn't learn its skill (and also use sometime) anyone know how to fixed this problem I need a bit smart one(I'm talked about this AI)... I see from some random custom game...
  3. Zucth

    Anyone know how to make a one time use ability?

    I mean to make my custom ability only work once and after that only that player can't use it anymore. I can't find any other similar question around the forum...
  4. Zucth

    [Help] My world editor have a problem blurred characters

    Right what I mention... anyone know how to fixed this? My eyes hurt badly now. You can see the different between these character[photo]
  5. Zucth

    Melee Map 7 Players Maps Ideas with picture(problem help!)

    (I didn't finish the half right yet and it's not a duplicate of half left) Detail: Mid of right side are tavern, near mid are GM and near player will be merc As you can see, right now I designs of new 7 players maps and try to not make it round... so problem for now is that the Teal and Green...