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  1. Galendor an'Kreil

    High Elf Lynx Rider

    There's a blood knight version of it.
  2. Galendor an'Kreil

    Quel'dorei High Elves

    Both melee and ranged T1 units can be trained in barracks with the start. I believe one of them should have a Forge as a requirement. I don't like Lietenants - they are just demo-version of Spellbreakers or upgraded Swordsmans but without Defend ability. Try make them an upgrade for Swordsmans...
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    The Breakers

    In a same manner why trolls fight elves. Blood bonds don't guarantee peaceful relationships between races. Territory, resources etc - all is paid with blood.
  4. Galendor an'Kreil

    The Breakers

    Not exactly, because magnarons themselves are spawns of greater creature. Grond -> colossals -> magnarons -> gronns -> ogrons -> ogres -> orcs.
  5. Galendor an'Kreil

    Heavy Sorceress

    How does she levitate with this armor?
  6. Galendor an'Kreil

    Troll Devotee (Worker)

    Could you add some team colour? Maybe on hair or crystal/glass part of gloves and belt?
  7. Galendor an'Kreil


    Any plans on zerling skin too? Or maybe more colour variations for ravagers?
  8. Galendor an'Kreil

    Draenei Kerfuffle Seer

    Exellent idea! Not sure about skulls though. Maybe change it to bird's skulls or totems/feathers (remember Zangar tribes worshipping birds?) and a crystal buckle for central part.
  9. Galendor an'Kreil

    Comment by 'Galendor an'Kreil' in media 'New Project Preview'

    Dark Iron, indeed! That reddish stone isn't common for the Iron Horde - at least if we're not talking about their fel version.
  10. Galendor an'Kreil

    Warcraft III Cenarius Soundset

    Well, all these soundsets are based on in-game files. You can make russian versions using your localization sound files. Keep in mind that some dialogues can be different in russian though.
  11. Galendor an'Kreil

    Doom Guard (Summoned) Reforged Beta

    According to screenshot, the model has no particles on its weapon. It would be cool to have a version with them, too.
  12. Galendor an'Kreil

    Wild Forest Troll

    Not the first one, there was a pack of troll grunts. But thist is first spearman for sure.
  13. Galendor an'Kreil

    Trip the Darkness (Campaign)

    Just finished the campaign. It's wonderful to see that there are such projects for Reforged (especially about the Watchers - I always wanted to make something related to this faction). The campaign itself feels well balanced and pretty interesting for me. The only thing I should mention is that...
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    Is it Christmas? :wthumbsup:
  15. Galendor an'Kreil

    Grain Wagon Re-Reforged

    Awesome idea, man! It really, really fits to the cult of the Damned and Scourge.
  16. Galendor an'Kreil

    High Elf

    What's new here? :vw_wtf: Changelog is empty.
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    Blood Elf Paladin "Rinassa Sunchaser"

    This model is so nice - especially the mace: it looks stylish as any blood elven thing should be. But the shield, from the other hand... I don't know, elven race in Reforged and Hive has so much shield-wielding units. Maybe a scroll or a light-infused crystal would work? In the end, first Blood...
  18. Galendor an'Kreil

    Warcraft III Medivh Soundset

    I believe Ready 2 works better without "at long last" part. Overall, great job, as always!
  19. Galendor an'Kreil

    Silvermoon Town Hall/Keep/Castle

    Blood elven version with green crystals and purple flags.
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    Reminds vrocks form DnD.
  21. Galendor an'Kreil

    High Elves Workshop

    That doesn't look like something that elf would build, to be honest.
  22. Galendor an'Kreil

    Warcraft III Balnazzar Soundset

    Hell yeah! Pissed 4 is brilliant, if you ask me :)
  23. Galendor an'Kreil

    Warcraft III Mannoroth Soundset

    You did a solid work with Mannoroth, and Balnazzar has much more individualism and diversity in his lines, so I guess it wouldn't be a problem. I too tried to find good lines for him. Ready: Come, you burning devils! Balnazzar calls! (Balnazzar30) What: Ready for action. (part of...
  24. Galendor an'Kreil

    Blood Knights (Huntress Derivative)

    Finally, an elf with a mace - a pleasure to see one. Though I think that lynx of yours should have longer ears with brushes.
  25. Galendor an'Kreil

    Warcraft III Cenarius Soundset

    I guess Proudmoore lines can be edited this way: Ready: Death to the Blackbloods! What: What is this? I will never stop fighting. I understand more that you suspect. Pissed: When I heard that Lordaeron fell, I despaired. The orcs and their kin cannot be trusted. You aren't old enough to...
  26. Galendor an'Kreil

    Warcraft III Cenarius Soundset

    Great but I believe that Yes 3 actually sounds more like "What" rather that "Yes" type of quote.
  27. Galendor an'Kreil

    Kultiras Buildings

    I think that altar is good as it is. What needs work is arcane sanctum because it doesn't feel kul-tiran at all. Kul-tirans are connected with the sea, their tidesages worship enigmatic Tidemother and wield hydromantic powers. This should be reflected in the sanctum's design. You can try to have...
  28. Galendor an'Kreil

    Living Nerubian Campaign

    I'm glad to see your custom maps are now expanding into campaigns. You did a solid work with all these different missions like escorting, capturing points, etc - that is the thing I like in campaigns so much. Yeah, some chapters are way more difficult that another ones (and I'm looking at you...
  29. Galendor an'Kreil

    Thalassian Ballista 1.5

    I like your passion. It's surely a great work that should be done by Blizzard in release.
  30. Galendor an'Kreil

    Ra / Ossirian

    Cool model! I always like this boss' design. A little thing I notice in Hive's model viewer: his belt dissapears in a moment during Spell animation.
  31. Galendor an'Kreil

    Troll Grunts

    Now that's what I call "Taz'dingo"!
  32. Galendor an'Kreil

    Light of Quel'Thelas - Unit Pack

    I totally support what Deolrin wrote. Besides, Constructionist and Magistrix have almost the same staff that doesn't look right. Maybe you could use a simplified version of Kelen the Seeker's staff for one of them? Magistrix also has a vine on the chest ribbon - does it fit?
  33. Galendor an'Kreil

    Altar of the depths water fix

    I had a feeling that something is missing with the altar - and now I see what it is. Thank you!
  34. Galendor an'Kreil

    Hellstone Golem

    Finally, Ragnaros with legs!
  35. Galendor an'Kreil


    No information. There is a theory (or a myth among imps) that their ancestors were from the mortal world such as Azeroth but no proofs for it.
  36. Galendor an'Kreil

    Comment by 'Galendor an'Kreil' in media 'Gilneas Worgen Tech-tree'

    Oh, I see now. Sounds very cool!
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    Do they die with the great IMP-losion?
  38. Galendor an'Kreil

    Comment by 'Galendor an'Kreil' in media 'Gilneas Worgen Tech-tree'

    Strange to see such a big boy like Primitive to become an Infected. Infected looks fragile and more like T1 unit or Special unit (summoned maybe?).
  39. Galendor an'Kreil

    Dark Shamans

    Sadly I can't check it in game right now but Fel Orc's back totems are clipping in Spell 2 animations. Is it a real trouble?
  40. Galendor an'Kreil

    Gilneas Worgen Druid

    Not exactly correct. Harvest witches are adepts of old beliefs that existed before the Church. They already were when the Wall was built - and that's their mastery that saved Gilneas from starvation. So witches aren't something new for Gilneas - but, I guess, they become more popular among folk...
  41. Galendor an'Kreil

    High Elf and Blood Elf Swordsman (Re-Classic)

    Kael's texture looks great on Priest's face, by the way :spell_breaker:
  42. Galendor an'Kreil

    Gilneas Worgen Stalker

    Really good idea, to be honest. Would be cool to see a version with shaman's claws like some gilnean worgens have.
  43. Galendor an'Kreil

    Scarlet Crusade Footman

    I believe CSW team had the model you need. Try contact them.
  44. Galendor an'Kreil

    Genn Greymane Remake

    I believe it's because Reforged textures have multiple variations: ORM, Diffuse, etc. But I'm not sure.
  45. Galendor an'Kreil

    Genn Greymane Remake

    I believe that the shape of previous shoulderpads was OK and the anchor was the problem. Maybe try to use HotS model of Greymane as a source of material?
  46. Galendor an'Kreil

    Genn Greymane Remake

    Worgens have no tails (except that one strange line in Christie Golden's book). I believe you can delete it since it's not animated.
  47. Galendor an'Kreil

    Gilneas Worgen Militia

    Interesting but what's with its arms? Looks like they aren't animate properly. And maybe add some gilnean style to the clothes?
  48. Galendor an'Kreil

    Vexari Death Maiden

    I like this model's design (or goth-elves in general? Sounds like a new kink, huh). Good work with the assassin's texture and the helm's elements as well.
  49. Galendor an'Kreil

    Night Elf Ranger

    I believe it could be more interesting if the model has some night elf details such as feathers on the pauldrons and leaves on the cloak