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  1. frostwhisper

    Zergs Collection Skin Webby (Units)

    While this is an amazing pack, the lack of death/decay does hinder it quite a bit. My suggestion: make empty death sequences (basically all geosets become invisible within a few frames of the sequence start). Then make a blood explosion + ubersplat effect and use it as a shared spawn model on...
  2. frostwhisper

    Gnomish Submarine

    This is definitely getting featured when we eventually get to Machines of War vol.2 Great job!
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    Resource Spotlight - April 2022

    It wasn't easy picking out some of the deadliest war machines across our broad spectrum of custom resources, but here we are. Once again it is up to you, the community, to vote for next month's resource spotlight theme! Find and download each of the featured resources below:
  4. frostwhisper

    Zandalar Doodad Pack vol.1

    By all means, help yourself.
  5. frostwhisper

    Argent Crusade Doodad Pack

    These look great. Well-fitting for the wc3 human aesthetics. Couple of notes: Off the top of my head, a "single" wall piece (half of what you've got now) would be quite useful to make these more modular. The roof tile texture of the tower is wrapped around the whole thing from a top-down...
  6. frostwhisper

    April Fools - Introducing Honeycombs!

    About three fiddy
  7. frostwhisper

    April Fools - Introducing Honeycombs!

    Well, this was fun. Don't know why everybody was talking about Friday so much but who am I to judge. Stay sweet, Honeycombers.
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    April Fools - Introducing Honeycombs!

    >>>APRIL FOOLS!<<< Greetings everyone! We are very excited to introduce Honeycombs! Honeycombs are the latest in the Hive Workshop's ever-expanding list of features, bringing with them a fully revamped download system, a new dimension to our vast resource sections, unlockable site themes &...
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    Resource Spotlight - March 2022

    We're kicking off this year's resource spotlights with a look at the sinister Shadow Council. We also welcome you, the community, to cast your vote in the poll for next month's spotlight theme!
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    Dwarven Buildings (Bronzebeard)

    I'm down to collaborate on those. Give me a shout if you're interested. Looking forward to it!
  11. frostwhisper

    Cursed royalty

    That Stand 4 is legit cursed.
  12. frostwhisper

    Project Spotlight - Frostcraft now available in SD/Classic

    We are pleased to announce that @Kaigar's Frostcraft is now available in SD/Classic graphics! In addition, a custom game ladder for Frostcraft is available over at W3Champions Check out our previous spotlight, the project's trailer, and ways to join the Frostcraft community below:
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    Those are neat! I could see uses for them, thanks for sharing.

    Those are neat! I could see uses for them, thanks for sharing.
  14. frostwhisper

    [Campaign] Troll Campaign

    They are. I wrapped them to Ashenvale trees.
  15. frostwhisper

    Thanks! The videos are in webm format, not sure why they're not playing.

    Thanks! The videos are in webm format, not sure why they're not playing.
  16. frostwhisper

    [Campaign] Troll Campaign

    Here's the first preview of the level design for Chapter 4. The map will be divided into two, equally large parts, representing the same setting above and underground (Armies of Exigo style). A custom minimap UI will show the limits of each part in-game. The two parts will be connected through...
  17. frostwhisper

    [Campaign] Troll Campaign

    One of the Chapter 3 submaps is a titanforged vault. It was fun giving the trolls some enemies and weapons beyond their forte.
  18. frostwhisper

    [Campaign] Troll Campaign

    Been a while, so a few updates: The Chapter 3 overmap is just about finished terrain and trigger-wise. The travel system for the submaps is now in place. The submaps themselves are still quite bare-bones at this stage, mostly level design work at the moment with triggering next on the agenda...
  19. frostwhisper

    WC3 Re-Reforged: The Scourge of Lordaeron Act I Released!

    Lead Arthas in his quest to protect Lordaeron. The first act of Warcraft 3 Re-Reforged is now out!
  20. frostwhisper

    Hosted Project Spotlight - Reforged UI Designer

    We're pleased to showcase our latest Hosted Project! Brought to you by @NightKnight , the Warcraft III Reforged UI Designer is a tool made to create User Interface designs and systems for Warcraft Maps without code. The creator was kind enough to share a few thoughts on the state of the project...
  21. frostwhisper

    [SD/Modeling] Looking for: Teamcolor Shard/Tip Attachment

    Here you go. Keep in mind, the game engine bugs out with team-colored attachments: they'll appear red when first applied. If you cycle through the ally team color modes next to the minimap or press alt+a twice the correct colors will display. Happy mapping!
  22. frostwhisper

    Happy Holidays 2021!

    From all of us here at the Hiveworkshop, Happy Holidays!
  23. frostwhisper

    I find the fact that the modding community has persevered for so long inspiring. IRC chat...

    I find the fact that the modding community has persevered for so long inspiring. IRC chat, Discord, same difference.
  24. frostwhisper

    Can't teach an old dog new tricks, eh Haosis? ;)

    Can't teach an old dog new tricks, eh Haosis? ;)
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    Resource Spotlight - Dwarf Sound Pack

    Aight, lads and lasses! LoreCraft Designs, the team behind WarCraft: Chronicles of the Second War are proud to present: The Dwarven Clans Sound Pack! "Earlier this year my team released to the modding community our own dwarven pack. We've managed to create the three distinct clans with their own...
  26. frostwhisper

    [Campaign] Troll Campaign

    Not a patch bug, there were a couple of defeat condition issues I found on the version you're playing that have since been fixed. Either way, thank you for pointing it out.
  27. frostwhisper

    🎄🎄 The Night Elf Before Christmas 🎄🎄

    The nostalgia is real. Good job, guys.
  28. frostwhisper

    [Campaign] Troll Campaign

    "Just a glimpse" describes it quite well actually.
  29. frostwhisper

    [Campaign] Troll Campaign

    The rough outline is three acts in total, but I'm taking it one step at a time.
  30. frostwhisper

    [Campaign] Troll Campaign

    The current idea is to have 5 playable chapters, an opening cinematic and an interlude. This will be considered Act 1 and released as a complete campaign. The story I have in mind is significantly longer, but in the interest of releasing content I have decided to compartmentalize it into Acts.
  31. frostwhisper

    [Campaign] Troll Campaign

    The first half of Chapter 3 is finished. The chapter will include one main map and a couple of submaps. Here's a little teaser of the main map's level design and atmosphere:
  32. frostwhisper

    The Hive Cup 2021 - NOW LIVE!

    The Hive Cup 2021 is now underway! Sponsored by @Nightmare2077 this two-part contest involves designing competitive 1v1 melee maps, at least 5 of which will be used in the Hive's annual tournament. In the first part of the competition, contestants are tasked with creating a brand new 1v1...
  33. frostwhisper

    [Campaign] Troll Campaign

    Some more teasers of the next update
  34. frostwhisper

    [Campaign] [Open Source] [Abandoned] Twin Empires Campaign

    First of all, I appreciate that you linked to my project. Second, while I am sad to hear that your interest in this campaign has waned over time, I wanted to let you know that I'll be having an in-depth look at the work you kindly provided, and will no doubt draw inspiration from it. So in...
  35. frostwhisper

    [Campaign] Troll Campaign

    Honestly if I had known you made that (and it was publicly available of course) I would have never gone through with making it myself. But I gotta say I'm really loving the similarities in our methods.
  36. frostwhisper

    [Campaign] Troll Campaign

    A little teaser of what's on the way.
  37. frostwhisper

    Hiveworkshop's 17th Anniversary!

    Today marks the Hive's 17th anniversary! Join us as we celebrate: Tens of thousands of custom maps, tools, and assets Over 248 completed and ongoing community contests 13 completed hosted projects and more than 13 more on the way As well as now over 100,000 users! To prepare for this...
  38. frostwhisper

    I'm glad you like the model. I don't have plans for a faceless general at the moment but this...

    I'm glad you like the model. I don't have plans for a faceless general at the moment but this model which is already in our database might be useful to you: General Vezax
  39. frostwhisper

    [Campaign] Troll Campaign

    I actually went through several iterations of the campaign screen. One used an HD model, one used a 2D animation I made out of the vanilla WoW troll artwork. A lot of these versions ended up scrapped because of weird graphical issues more than anything else. Stuff was clipping through, visible...
  40. frostwhisper

    [Campaign] Troll Campaign

    Updates. I've uploaded a new version of the campaign in the OP. A lot more back-end work on this one, trigger optimization, and system smoothing. I've also been laying the groundwork for Chapter 3, assets-wise. A lot more on the Aqir to show soon. I've also optimized the campaign screen and...
  41. frostwhisper

    Resource Spotlight - September 2021

    Flickering candlelight bounces off the contractor's potions, sending flashes of red and blue across the table. Your eyes catch the alluring glimmer of gold coins, no doubt purposefully placed to divide your attention as the man describes your forthcoming journey. Dungeonmaster UI by @Kwaliti...
  42. frostwhisper

    I have considered making separate elementals based on the effects I developed for this one. It's...

    I have considered making separate elementals based on the effects I developed for this one. It's not off the table.
  43. frostwhisper

    Elemental Lord

    Appreciate the texture idea you gave me earlier, Frank :)
  44. frostwhisper

    Elemental Lord (Model)

    "Storm, earth and fire! Heed my call!" An Elemental Lord, aspected in all four elements. Based on the following concept art: Modeled from scratch in Sketchup, rigged and animated in MatrixEater, MdlVis, and Magos. Portrait is included in the base model. I created this model as an exercise in...
  45. F

    Elemental Lord (Warcraft 3 Model)

  46. frostwhisper

    Multi-Tier Hydra

    Use the animation tags "Upgrade" and "First" for two heads and "Upgrade" and "Second" for three heads in the Required Animation Names field.
  47. F

    Aqir (Warcraft 3 Icon)

  48. frostwhisper


    "Not a single worthy trait among you." ~ Zek'voz, Herald of N'zoth An Aqir model I made for my Troll Campaign. Based on the following concept of how the aqir appear in WoW: Modeled from scratch in Sketchup, based on the crypt fiend rig and animated in MdlVis. Contains Decay and Dissipate...
  49. F

    Aqir (Warcraft 3 Model)