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  1. -Derp-

    Beginner's Guide to Lightning Effects

    top3Beginner's Guide to Lightning Effects Table of Contents 1. Lightning Effects - What and Where 2. What is a lightning effect? 3. Where are they? 4. A Triggered Lightning Spell 5. Custom Script 6. Moving Lightning 7. Example Trigger 8. Colorizing Lightning 9. Miscellaneous Tips and Reminders...
  2. Jazztastic

    A Complete Beginners Guide to Hashtables

    A Complete Beginners Guide to Hashtables Written because even after reading all the hashtable tutorials on this site, I still had questions. Table of Contents Requirements to Fully Appreciate this Tutorial Hashtables and You What is a Hashtable? Why use a Hashtable What does that...
  3. Magtheridon96

    How to Give a unit the ability to fly

    Unit Flying Ability (The Right Way) Table of Contents Introduction The Problem The Solution Tips Wrap-Up IntroIntroduction This is quite a simple tutorial. I made it quite short and straight to the point because there's not much to say. Basically, what we've been doing to give units...