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  1. jsmoove

    BETA TEST Level Up Expansion

    We've been working on a playable altered melee expansion. This expansion is set inbetween Frozen Throne and WoW Vanilla. It adds 8 playable races to choose from. The original 4 races are generally the same except for a 5th hero option for each. The Humans however have had all blood elf units...
  2. jsmoove

    I'm Desperate. I need Custom UI's

    So I have posted about this before but I want to try one more time. I got some great advice from some of the users. But I struggled with actually implementing it. I worked on the things I knew how to do but now I'm back to the UI Problem. I need to implement custom Ui's (I have the artwork and...
  3. jsmoove

    I'm a newb and can't follow the Instructions. HELP!

    So I have been trying to implement custom ui for additional races without overwriting the original 4 races in my maps. (we have a total of 12 playable races) The latest map is linked (we are working on a custom map but the system is in this blizz map for now). I was given what seems to be great...
  4. jsmoove

    Leather Glove Cursor

    Just like the Title says. I could use a leather gloved hand as a cursor for my bandit faction. Probably a simple task for someone that knows what they are doing.
  5. jsmoove

    Can I add custom UI with triggers in my current system?

    I am using the system created by Mephistrial and posted Here Blizz-Like Melee Settings For Extra Races 2.5 I am wondering if triggers could be added to implement a custom UI for each race within this system?
  6. jsmoove

    What happened to my victory condition?

    I seem to have lost the trigger that controls victory conditions (though defeat still works for some reason?) The map I based my project on has these triggers: Melee Game - Use melee time of day (for all players) Melee Game - Limit Heroes to 1 per Hero-type (for all players) Melee Game - Set...
  7. jsmoove

    Model edits and icons

    I have only recently returned to Hive Workshop. My friend and I have been working to post an altered melee expansion. It is set inbetween Frozen Throne and WoW Vanilla in terms of the timeline. In addition to the original 4 playable races we have added 8 more. Naga, Blood Elf (gnomes have been...
  8. jsmoove

    Hero problems with new races.

    I am new to the site but have been downloading models from here for some time. My friend and I have decided to build our own expansion of sorts (nothing new I suppose) but we are having a hard time with heroes being trained. We would like each race to train 5 or 6 heroes ( we are adding our own)...