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    Various Suggestions

    Feel free to post yours. I start with 2. First off, remove the host-detection thingy and give the mode selection to either Death Knight (who's usually someone trusted) or red player. I'd give it to DK. Second. What if the DK leaves or disconnects? Game ends. An emergency solution would be...
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    [Model] Doodad, Tree(s) for Outlands tileset

    Request: ------------------------------------------------------- Intro: Hi, I'm Andriejj from clan PiP on Northrend. Project: It's for a map of my idea, which is being made by Zeropathic/Antipathic/zeroXD (first one is his current nick, he's PiP's Chieftain). A summary about the map is at...
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    Defence and ladder-like maps

    Could You recommend me some nice altered melee (ladder-style) and/or defence maps? Just some guidelines first: You shouldn't end up with 1000000 gazillion units (BFME ftl). Too many tiers is bad, makes all players tech and that leads to the point above (main flaw of Aeroblyctos's New...
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    Community Suggestions

    I had a nice AtD game today ^^ That chasing part, after demons appeared, was nice. But I have a suggestion- the demon base, with portal, looks kinda lame, try to improve it pls :) And the demon cinematic could be improved...
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    Need ideas for the map's name

    My friend, Antipathic(vel zeroXD), with help from mey and few other guys is making a map. The main problem we have is no real map name, we only got the working name KotHAoS, but that's not a name really :grin: The name should be catchy, make the player interesting. A nice shortcut of it would...
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    Searching for Resources- suggestion

    Could you make the search engine look for parts of name? Because now it searches exactly for the word you typed for example: If I wanted to find some blood elves models/skins, I could just write "blood". But I can't because it will show only models where blood is separated from the rest...