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  1. freesouthkorea

    Geopolitical Diplomacy

    This geopolitical simulator is the next advancement in the TAF/Diplomacy series, and now features dynamic resource and financial markets which respond to changing financial and geopolitical conditions in real time. This map is in development and needs testing and recommendations. New beta...
  2. freesouthkorea

    did blizzard ban me?

    If someone reports you and blizzard penalizes you for it by blocking you from bnet, do they inform you? Out of nowehere i am getting 'error handling request' error on startup. I suspect its cause i've been hosting ROTN. If they are banning for that, wow, lame af.
  3. freesouthkorea

    How to add hero abilities to spellbook?

    Looks like it can only use item and unit abilities, is that correct? I can't start with item or unit abilities then convert in game with triggers for various reasons. Thanks
  4. freesouthkorea

    How to activate a stand alterante animation?

    I tried putting 'stand alternate' in the string field for the 'Art--Required Animation Names' attribute for the object of interest (whose model has a 'stand alternate' animation I want to activate). Thanks.
  5. freesouthkorea

    Lost WC3 map file, any potential recovery options?

    I shut my computer down before my map finished saving (I think thats what happened), and now world editor wont load the file. I am getting the following error when attempting to open with world editor: 'Unable to load map file : blah blehm blarhk,... --Main map file could not be opened' I've...
  6. freesouthkorea

    Custom tilesets not working in Reforged (1.32) Editor?

    None of my custom tilesets work. Tried numerous other ones in my map and they dont work either. Anyone else having this issue? Can't get any custom tilesets to work. For example, I am importing tileset (.blp) model DesertTile.blp and then replacing the filename with...
  7. freesouthkorea

    How to open war3.mpq files in war3 model editor?

    Should be easy but when I look in MPQ browser says unable to find