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    Loading Screen

    The Loadbar is hardcoded from what I know. Tried different things to get it to work and none of them worked for me... But let me know if you find a way ;)
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    Inspire, visualize, realise

    Inspire, visualize, realise
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    Oinkerwinkle's Animation Transferer

    I had the same issue just a few weeks ago, seems to be a common Windows10 problem.... If you did not solve the problem yet, you may want to try this: 1. Download the missing COMDLG32.OCX file somewhere and copy it into your Windows/System32 folder. (I recommend to download it from a site you...
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    Dungeonmaster UI

    Thumbs up, awesome creation! Think I will use it (Y)
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    Arcane Build Animation

    Looks really nice, thanks!
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    Wc3 Universal Calculator & Colorizer v5.3.2

    Nice! So many features I needed!! Thx :D
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    Great model! Very useful for me..
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    Button Manager v1.8.2

    Good Job. Easy too use and saves lots of my time :) Thanks!
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    Warcraft III Viewer

    Absolute basic tool for me. Totally useful!