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  1. Sxizofrenis

    Becoming Moderator

    i have been searching hive workshop to find how to become a moderator but i couldn't find it so i create a new thread:cool: how can i be a moderator and what it needs:confused: (i hope i will be able to become:gg:)
  2. Sxizofrenis

    Tileset Request

    hy guys. i want someone please to create me a custom tileset for my map. i want this tileset to be a grass with dark colour and look like a cartoons grass:gg:
  3. Sxizofrenis

    Custom Terrain

    hi, i don't want a full map terrain. I want a custom terrain. What i mean... i need for example not the grass or dark grass or other terrains i need a custom created. I want it to be a dark grass and i want it to look like a cartoon.
  4. Sxizofrenis

    PvP arena

    i want to create a duel arena in my map if you can plz send me triggers for it thanks
  5. Sxizofrenis

    my map

    i want to ask you where can i make a forum where i can show pictures of the map that i am creating?
  6. Sxizofrenis

    need a model

    i want a model of shippuden naruto for my map. he is the only hero that i dont have his model:sad:. if you have it plz post it at this forum:smile:
  7. Sxizofrenis

    knockback spell

    i want a knockback spell give me a map with it inside plz thanks:cool:
  8. Sxizofrenis

    [AI] ai for my map

    i am creating a map like dota and i want an ai can someone give me a map with the ai? thanks:cool:
  9. Sxizofrenis

    naruto map

    hi guys me and my friend are creating a naruto map but theres a little problem we want a good model of tobi if someone has a good model plz send it:cool:
  10. Sxizofrenis

    Naruto Map

    Me and my friend have started creating a new naruto map. we have lots of models but we want someone to give us a good model of tobby because the one we have is realy bad thank you:cool: