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  1. darkro90

    Holy shit, diablo 3 secret message

    I was browsing the web when I ran across an interesting theory on the Diablo 3 release date. I'm 100% sure it's not true, but the fact that someone went through all the trouble to come up with something so intricate is quite impressive. I had to post it here for everyone to see. If you're the...
  2. darkro90

    my next project: Kael Journey

    first, sorry all because i cannot continue on my rpg because of my system error that make my project destroyed :cry: but, let's forget the past and began new era of my next map!!! named Kael Journey!:thumbs_up: The story began after Illidan killed by Arthas, after Illidan killed, Kael...
  3. darkro90

    Azeroth War, The Ultimate War *beta*

    still in testing process:grin:, but you guys can already play this map! only 1 custom heroes in Corrupted side.... but in next two days, the new hero will be in the good side. so all, happy killing each other!:smile: by the way, i will need some suggestor and terrain maker.
  4. darkro90

    Heroes RPG, my next project after Azeroth War

    hi, and now i recruiting for terrain/model/icon maker/suggester/bug finder and co-maker of this map. The map was:Heroes RPG:wink: :fp:with 2 days next, i will release my first AOS map based beta, Azeroth War. After that, in 1 month i will focus on my Heroes RPG. So, if anyone interested...
  5. darkro90

    hi there!

    hi there! darkro90 is my nickname and i currently is working on Klula Island map and focusing on study in Blizzard Entertainment campus!:thumbs_up: so, any welcome to me?:cool: