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    Gaia's & Dota 2 ?

    I was just wondering , when(if) Valve adds the custom map support for dota 2(they said they will) , will Gaia's Retaliation be created on it ?
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    Clumsy moves

    the effect lasts permanently on mercenaries until killed & revived it might not appear in the status bar , but you'll notice the mercenary casting slower.
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    Coated Arrows

    Ok , nobody probably noticed this because they all already have their piercing arrows which are better , but these arrows actually give 6 agility instead of 8 attack power . By the way , I would really like it if you keep it that way :D Oh , and I didn't report this earlier because I didn't...
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    Bug in Divine Fist

    I don't know if you guys noticed it or not. but with my monk Divine Fist doesn't fade if I didn't land a succesful melee attack in the next 3 seconds,It simply lasts forever.(Lasts forever on allies as well)only the Burst of the random element can remove it.
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    problem making a map

    My friend found a problem making a map :vw_sad:.. he said that it locked... he can't find the map in the maps folder or host it he even tried windows search and couldn't find it and yes he saved the map any replies are appreciated Thanks for reading
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    Hello Everyone, I just registered to the hiveworkshop and I'd like to introduce myself, I'll begin with my full name my name is Mohamed Osama Ibrahim, I am a 13 years old muslim and i will soon become 14 years old, I play with other players through garena and my name on garena is Death_lCnight...