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    [GUI] Essence Shift / Revivable Hero

    I dont know how to make dds in this example, but I see that it may be made by these actions. it's true or not? Custom script: function CreateDmgEv takes nothing returns nothing Custom script: set udg_DamageEventTrigger = CreateTrigger() Custom script...
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    [GUI] Essence Shift / Revivable Hero

    How to make the DDS?please give me the example for it.
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    [GUI] Essence Shift / Revivable Hero (Map)

    No describe for this spell Spell Init Events Time - Elapsed game time is 0.01 seconds Conditions Actions Set ES_Duration_Setup[1] = 15 Set ES_Duration_Setup[2] = 30 Set ES_Duration_Setup[3] = 60 Set ES_Duration_Setup[4] =...
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    [GUI] Essence Shift / Revivable Hero (Warcraft 3 Map)

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    Anime X Hero Spell

    Omg! I'm sorry, I'm missing that read ク(ke) is ク(ke). I don't my comment after wrote. For timer, I'm not sure if I used it. I must need time to learn about it. ありがとうございます!
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    Anime X Hero Spell

    - Do not use wait "I want to play the sound before create an effect" - Some sound doesn't fit with those spells, so don't use it (Ex: Black rock shooter with the spell: Thunder Dark. She call her name: Black Rock Shooter (Burakku Rockku Shoota) (Actually, It's not important for some people, but...
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    Anime X Hero Spell

    Now, I'm checking the trigger and test the map, Also trying to develop for each trigger to have de-indexing. it may more efficient than old version. I'll update this map soon. :wthumbsup:
  8. checking trigger

    checking trigger

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    Anime X Hero Spell

    For this part. Thank you, I don't know it. If never set the unit group it can not add unit.:thumbs_up: De-index, what's it? which it mean?. what's trigger that you said to... or all trigger. I also don't see what about it in your sig. :csad:
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    Spiritual Disrupt v1.1

    (spr_picked2 is in (Units within spr_range[spr_level[spr_current_index]] of spr_dummy_point[spr_current_index])) Equal to spr_condition[5] Use variable to create unit group for check instead
  11. axh s hiveworkshop pic howl of terror

    axh s hiveworkshop pic howl of terror

  12. axh s hiveworkshop pic black wave

    axh s hiveworkshop pic black wave

  13. axh s hiveworkshop pic thunder dark

    axh s hiveworkshop pic thunder dark

  14. axh s hiveworkshop pic

    axh s hiveworkshop pic

  15. pictures


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    Anime X Hero Spell

    It have many spell. I can not choose some spells to show the trigger. But if you want. I will show some spells. :wink:
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    Anime X Hero Spell

    Tell me, if you have the way to make something easier, better or either in this map. The explosion effect in picture below this. Who knows how to make it? or use what the custom path for it. please tell me.... Since I make map I never use these effect without using "flame strike" spell
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    Anime X Hero Spell (Map)

    This map made up because the maker like to play an "anime x hero" map. So I'm go try to make spell in the map. Such a "Light Aura" is one of interest spell. Hint: Try in 0.15 second to "Double-clicks" on hero to choose it. this map can not "-repick", but you can "-restart" to reset all...
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    Anime X Hero Spell (Warcraft 3 Map)

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    [GUI]Multicast v1.2

    I shouldn't do anything so better then waiting this post become to "Need Fix". If you tell an unclear suggestion. Also it hard too for me to made it with GUI.
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    [GUI]Multicast v1.2

    Thank you for knowledge :goblin_good_job:
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    [GUI]Multicast v1.2

    Use "comment" instead "DoNothing" :thumbs_up: or :thumbs_down: :fp: If (All Conditions are True) then do (Then Actions) else do (Else Actions) If - Conditions Multicast_MultiLv Equal to 1 Then - Actions If (Chance_Multicast Less than or equal to 25.00) then do (Set...
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    [GUI]Multicast v1.2

    thank you zv27 that it have a lines so much too. I ever think that it should be reduced. Of course!, if I use "If/then/else" instead this "If/then/else(multi action)" :thumbs_up: If (All Conditions are True) then do (Then Actions) else do (Else Actions) If - Conditions...
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    Right!, It's true.
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    Sorry, I don't know, because I never play WoW. I take it out from dota map. but it's impossible that icon unlike in WoW. So I think that "IceFrog" take icon from blizzard and WoW.
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    Of course!, that you said is true but it isn't my aim. It's the Dota icon pack and MDX pack. :xxd:
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    MPQ Recover v1.08 (Binary)

    This tool originates from here Make sure your MPQ Master or Editor or any MPQ program can search a file and extract files efficiently with this program. You can create a list file from your map and save the list file into folder "Listfile" in your MPQ programs. If you are a getting a...
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    MPQ Recover v1.08 (Binary)

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    BTNOmnislash (Warcraft 3 Icon)

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    BTNOmnislash (Icon)

    Above icons are it from Dota v6.80c only for BTN and DISBTN. Other part made by Button Manager If you lazy and bored to find an icon or effect in Dota. Can be find it all from pack in hide text below this description...
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    [GUI]Multicast v1.2

    Thank you for good advice. I'll try but i decided to fix and do it when i have time and see developed code in later. //For the BB code. I don't know how to write it?.
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    [GUI]Multicast v1.2

    :fp:For remove leak after update it look better or worse?? :goblin_cry:
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    [GUI]Multicast v1.2

    I hastily made map then it causing I use a simple spell.
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    [GUI]Multicast v1.2 (Map)

    GUI Multicast ability. Right now!, I made it into one trigger and change the chance variable from integer variable become to real variable. Multicast Learn Multicast Learn Events Unit - A unit Learns a skill Conditions (Learned Hero Skill) Equal to Chaotic...
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    Chaotic Multicast v1.2 (Warcraft 3 Map)