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  1. P3in

    Item Active Cooldown

    Hello guys, i am having an issue regarding items active cooldowns timer on the icons of the items when you use the active, i've put specific cooldown group to be the same as the active for all the items, and all the actives are on the first slot on item abillities, but it still isn't fixed, what...
  2. P3in

    [Spell] Item Wait MUI

    Hello guys, i am trying to make an active spell MUI for an item, and i am not sure if i use WAIT if it will still work for MUI or it will interfer with others, here is the trigger DreadleatherJerkin Events Unit - A unit Starts the effect of an ability Conditions...
  3. P3in

    [General] Mui Items Triggers

    Hello guys, i am trying to make some items run with mui instances, for example, i have some items that give's a chance when you attack or you are attacked to give permanent attributes, but if 2 players have the same item, it will be give the stats to the first player making the item, even if he...
  4. P3in

    [Solved] Player indexing

    Hello guys, i am storing into a variable the heroes created in the choosing trigger and also the players of the heroes, because i need to use them again at the end of the game for some cinematics and teleports, but for some reason it takes just the first picked hero and player, not all of them...
  5. P3in

    Widescreen Error

    Hello guys, how can i uninstall the widescreen from below?It doesn't work and also broke my laptop + WE + wc3..My laptop started to suddenly have memory blocks+blue screens and restart by it's own..In WE everything is laggy and i can't edit anything, same to wc3 WidescreenRes - Final
  6. P3in

    [Solved] Item restriction system import

    Hello guys, i am trying to import this item restriction system [code=jass] Item Restriction System (IRS) v1.0f but it seems to give some errors,i tried to change some stuffs and it still doesn't work.. i get errors for variables names like these: What can be done in this situation so it can be...
  7. P3in

    [Solved] Upgrade From Triggers

    Hello guys, how can i turn this into an easier way to involve in more upgrades? What i was thinking to work, doesn't go as i wanted..I wanted to use 20 levels of this [Unit Training] and how can i do it with a loop from like 1 to 20 use the upgrade equal to the loop of 1 20.. or something like...
  8. P3in

    [General] Bridge Walk

    Hello guys, i am trying to import Stone Bridge and i can't seem to find out how i can make it walkable properly, i found only how to do make units walk under it..because i can't import it to another existing wc3 default bridge, as it is reversed by 90 degrees from all normal bridges..i also...
  9. P3in

    [Solved] Hero Pick Variable Store

    Hello guys, i am trying to store the heroes that people pick from tavern so later on i can put all of them in the arena, i tried this, but seems that it doesn't work like i wanted, i can pick heroes from 1 to 5 in my map, how can i do it properly? I'd like to use this variable i create from each...
  10. P3in

    [Solved] Penance

    Hello guys, i've made penance spell from wow, it works fine in test map, in my map,it laggs very hard when i try to heal ally,when i dmg an enemy it works right,what could be the reason? These are the triggers: Penance Events Unit - A unit Starts the effect of an ability...
  11. P3in

    [Solved] Power Word: Shield

    Hello guys, i am trying to make a spell that can shield an ally or self with triggers, how can i do this in GUI, or is there anyway i can edit anti-magic shell spell to protect from all damage, not just spells? Thanks ! Power Word: Shield - Spells - WoWDB this is the spell i am trying to make I...
  12. P3in

    [Solved] Dispersion Spell

    Hello guys,i am trying to make a dispersion spell, where the caster get's spell immunity,damage reduction by 60% for 6 seconds, and heals for 2xSpell level% percent per second, i can't find the formula for number percent.. and disable attacks and spells casting for the caster, like basically...
  13. P3in

    [Solved] Arena/Duel System

    Hello guys, for some reason my arena system stopped working in my map, and i can't find the reason why,because i haven't changed anything, or using the duel variables somewhere else.. So, my arena system starts when the last boss of the map is killed(i have a hero defense type map) and a little...
  14. P3in

    [Solved] Hero Choose Taverns Hero Disable

    Hello guys, i have a hero choose system from taverns and i need to edit it to make it disable 2 more heroes when you choose To make it clearer, in my map i have more classes from wow, each class have 3 specs,let's take for example the mage class, he has specs like fire mage,frost mage,arcane...
  15. P3in

    [Solved] Mana Burn bonus damage when enemy has 50% mana

    Hello guys, i've been trying to make the mana burn spell from here Illidan Hero Concept for my ilidan in my map and i can't get it to work, how can i make it in GUI that when a hero have mana burn to detect when the enemy has 50% mana and do extra damage to him based of the caster agi and...
  16. P3in

    [Solved] Tech Upgrade for summoned unit based of spell level

    Hello guys, i am trying to make a summoning spell using only 1 unit, and giving it a tech upgrade that is leveled up based on level of the summoning spell, but seems like i am missing something, this is what i made so far. [trigger]Wolf Summon Events Unit - A unit Starts the effect...
  17. P3in

    [Solved] Damage per second spell to one target

    Hello guys, i am trying to make an dmg per second spell to one target and i was thinking of this, i have already on that unit spells based of acid bomb and doom so i can't use just a basic default spell with edited effect, and i did this, but it doesn't work, can someone tell me what is missing...
  18. P3in

    [Solved] Summon health-damage based of hero.

    Hi guys,i want to make a spell for unholy death knight for my map that is just a simple ghoul summon, but i want to make the ghoul HP be based of my hero STR and the ghoul DMG to be based of my hero AGI, does anyone have any idea of how i can do that in GUI? Thanks !
  19. P3in

    Default spell leveled up

    Hi guys, i am new in WE, i want to make a trigger that level's up default skill of all heroes that are used in the map for example: Default upg Events Unit - A unit Gains a level Conditions Actions Unit - Set level of Warglaive of Azzinoth[Default] for (Leveling...