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    What are you currently listening to?

    Dj Cammy - Country Roads Remix
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    this wings are awsome :) i like them really much :) 5/5 :)
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    Roller Coaster Beta v.07

    this map is really good :) 5/5
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    thxx (:
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    What are you currently listening to?

    dead by april - lost
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    Starfall Missile

    looks nice^^
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    looks very nice 5/5
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    my datei is in the ordner M:\Programme\Warcraft III\models\BTNIronAxe\BTNIronAxe and i importet M:\Programme\Warcraft III\models\BTNIronAxe\BTNIronAxe\ATCIronAxe.blp is that right?
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    sry for double post :( it does show this error with every icon :( and with nearly every model :( just a few models works :( and nothing ingame x_x the models aren´t ingame too :(:(
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    it shows an error , the index is wrong or something else :/ sry its in german^^ "verzeichnis kann nicht angelegt werden" "index can not be created" system error :/
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    wait ... i´ll test it ^^
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    i imported it... then i tried it doesn´t work, then i change the path to the icon and then it shows it in the editor but not ingame :/
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    aah :D i´m feeling good here :D but pls let my heart :D:D
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    hello im swipe5weep

    heyy :) i´m new to :D my thread is above yours :D but welcome :)
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    heyo i´m TheNukE :P i´m 17 years old and from germany :) i like to play warcraft 3 TfT :) my fav. games are castle fight and BattleTanks :) my ingame name is: TheOrcNukE i hope u click on the egg :P :D
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    What are you currently listening to?

    Escape The Fate - This War Is Ours \.../
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    Comment by 'TheNukE' in media 'bush shoe throw 18b'

    this is fking awsome :D
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    nice icon 5/5 but only in world editor, if i test the map it doesn´t show :( (sry for my bad engish :D)
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    WCII Orc Barrack

    5/5 (: really nice modeli think^^
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    The Battle.Net Experience

    This map is Really funny :) 5/5