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  1. SS_Penguin_Spy

    Link Model

    Could someone make me a Link model? This is the only one I need at this second. I'll be very happy if you could make this for me, it'll help with my map. I know that there's one on, but that one lacks a lot. Like, Link always had his sword in hand, but also had a sword on his back...
  2. SS_Penguin_Spy

    WoW Vs Runescape Vs WarCraft Vs Diablo

    Well, I thought I would post a poll to see witch one you like most... Please vote! (on-going poll) Maybe post a brief reason why you voted for that game?
  3. SS_Penguin_Spy

    Weapon Models, Since it would take to long...

    It would take WAY to long to upload all these weapon models so I am going to post them here! Not sure if I am supposed to post it here or not... If not move it to where it's supposed to go! All models made by SomeWhiteGuy and his helpers.
  4. SS_Penguin_Spy

    RPG Map

    Hi people! I'm making a cool new RPG map and I could use your help! People needed: Terrian Person Modeler BLP Maker Loading Screener Mini Map Preview Man People On The Job: