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  1. Seraphim9

    Some spell requests!

    Hi! I would like someone to help me make 3 spells in GUI. == Blood-Gorged Blade == Gives Nemus attacks a chance to deal a percentage of the enemies hp in damage. Level 1 - 15% to deal 3% of the enemies hp. Level 2 - 20% to deal 4% of the enemies hp. Level 3 - 25% to deal 5% of the...
  2. Seraphim9

    Spell Request - Wrath of the Nether

    Hi :grin:! Im looking for someone to make me an spell that makes following things. Wrath of the Nether Level 1 - Deals 15% of an enemies hp, but drains all your mana and atleast 200 mana is needed to cast this spell. Level 2 - Deals 20% of an enemies hp, but drains all your mana and...
  3. Seraphim9

    Ive made the trigger, but...

    Hi! Ive made a spell in GUI that makes units hitting my hero lose a percentage of they health every time they hit my hero. The spell only works if my hero has the spells buff. Now, i think the trigger is perfect. Ive also made the spell and buff in object editor. But when i try my map...
  4. Seraphim9

    The site wanted it..

    Well hello, Im Seraphim9. I am going to try to start a project for a " revolutionary " WC3 map. What im saying is that i want to change warcraft 3 and make my map unique, so people get to taste on something new. I will need all support, so your job! :grin:
  5. Seraphim9

    Need help!

    Ok look. This maybe sounds funny but im gonna tryto make a "revolutionary" Warcraft 3 RPG. Just so ya know. And for now i need 2 things. 1. I want it to be in third person. Like on this video 2. Il need any information that...