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  1. satient

    Retrieve Cursor Position

    I'm working on an rts/fps where you play against eachother normally but at any time you can jump in the game and be one of your units in first person mode. However, I think the best way to do the first person mode would be to use the mouse for looking around and shooting while arrow keys move...
  2. satient

    Cinematic Filter Generic for Player

    I'm using a system of Jass camera filter scripting so that it will function must faster than GUI. Before, I was doing this: if GetLocalPlayer() == GetOwningPlayer(GetTriggerUnit()) Apply a camera filter, blah blah endif However, this proved to have a slow frame rate and looked horrible...
  3. satient

    Edit UI

    For the first person shooter I am making, I would like to change the UI, so that the inventory, abilites, portrait, time of day, etc. could look entirely different. I extracted the mpq and converted those blps to tga files and then tried to edit them. Instead of having something to work with, I...
  4. satient

    Convert from tga to blp

    could you convert these two images to blp for me? I would appreciate it and give reps. Thanks, satient
  5. satient

    1st Person Shooter Camera and Movement

    Okay. So everyone wants to know how to make a first person camera and movement system, and keeps asking the same questions. So I will make this tutorial as simple and as easy as possible so as to help all the WE n00bs. Lets start out with movement. 1: Create four boolean array variables: Up...
  6. satient

    Gun Skin Camera Filter

    Is there a camera filter for a sniper rifle? If you could get a screenshot from halo or counterstrike of the arms holding the sniper rifle and make it as a camera filter so it would be like a first person shooter, I will give you tons of reps and such. Thanks, satient.
  7. satient

    Gun Skin Camera Filter

    I've been trying for the past couple of weeks to get a gun skin that will act as a camera filter. Like when you paste a scope on the screen, only it will be a gun in the right hand corner instead. If someone could pull this off, I would give them a million reps and such. The gun that I want...
  8. satient

    Scope Filter

    I'm working on a third person shooter, and when you zoom in it becomes first person. I can do this, but I don't know how to get the scope filter on for the camera. My trigger looks like this: Every 0.10 seconds of game time Player Group - Pick all Players and do Action: If(All...