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    Coding Suggestion

    In case you haven't noticed, this site is unbearably slow. I, however, have a suggestion to fix this problem. From the look of it, 90% of the site's content is jam packed into index.php, which must be well over 300kb in size. That means it's a 300kb transfer to the client's computer, and then...
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    I'm wasting bandwidth? Look who's double posting, Crackbaby. Perhaps you also should think before you talk. And as a matter of fact, I have my own website, and it's doing quite well without the thousands of amateurs from this site and Warcraft 3 Campaigns. In fact, it hardly centers around...
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    Raziel, to be honest, I don't care whether you degrade yourself or not, and frankly, you shouldn't either, because for you, it's become a habit. What you're doing is degrading this community (as if that has been done enough) by posting this useless model. Now if this were my site, I'd blast...
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    Reminds me of the Hill Giant from EverQuest, with the club and clothing and all. Nice work!
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    Ok, seriously, there is something you need to understand here. This is supposedly a crusader, right? A crusader is and always was a heavily armored warrior; a goal you failed miserably at here. You hinted at it with the pauldrons and gauntlets, but, seriously, what kind of warrior wears...
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    Without a doubt the single most pointless model I have ever witnessed on this site. Even if you were screwing around, why would you degrade yourself by uploading this unworthy excuse for a postal chicken?
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    Miseracord, to be quite honest, it matters not whether your permission is granted, only whether my editions are released. Which they weren't. I simply gave out the link to my version, which can be deleted at any time by a moderator. Feel free to request such, but that makes no difference in my...
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    Nice, but needed a few minor adjustments. The chin of the helm was a bit long, and the shoulder spikes weren't connected all the way. I've uploaded my revised version here:
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    This site has, without a doubt, the most ignorant and idiotic members. Just because the name isn't what you expected of the model, you give it a 2/5? This is a perfectly good model - nothing wrong with its quality, skin, or structure. If the only reason you gave it a 2 is because you thought it...
  10. J isnt alone anymore

    What an incredibly well-structured, informative post, Acolyte! :wink: Anyway, I really don't think there was a whole lot of need for another WoW site. There are already tons out there. I'm sure there won't be much competition with WoW's own knowledge base, but one can only hope. Looks like...
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    Human Samurai1

    Looks a bit funny with the teeth facing the back of his throat.
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    Wow. I must say that is the most poorly structured piece of criticism I have ever seen. Not only the poor grammar, but in proof as well. For one, it's not a bad model, because you couldn't do better. When you can release a model that's as good or better than this and prove that you qualify to...
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    Acolyte, sorry to say, but that made no sense whatsoever. For one, if all you wanted to do was add glowing eyes, what's the point in doing more? Who made up the rule that says you have to have more than one modification to upload a model? I, for one, think this is not so useful, but that doesn't...
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    Pretty nice, but one thing I noticed: the staff is a big large - it's nearly as wide as his hand. I suggest scaling it down just a bit. Other than that, nice job.
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    Nice work. I'll be using this in my campaign - of course you'll get full credit. 5/5
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    Human DH

    Strange.. If I remember correctly, humans have eyebrows.
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    Here's what would make this look far better: - Close the helmet a bit more. Like the Revenant. - Give him better shaped/colored eyes. - DETAIL THE ARMOR! - Color the shield a bit more - Move the sword closer to the middle of the hand - Lose or reshape the strange belt buckle thing. - Fix...
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    I noticed that this model doesn't work with any spell graphics, such as lightning shield and has no obvious attachment points. The model is great, but not having attachment points really downgrades it.
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    This model is not that great in itself, though it does have a lot of potential. With a little editing, it can be very useful. Here is my criticism: The head is what degrades this model most. It's not proportionate with the body and the face is a little too chubby. The Jay Leno chin also...
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    The body is great, but the head could definately use some work, on both model and skin. 3/5
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    Recently a team of friends and I have created a new Warcraft III community, much like this one. Our site has many features you will find at other WC3 community sites in addition to what other privileges we can afford to offer. The ShadowForge ( is mainly a hosting site...
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    Sounds like an OK idea, but if you're serious about this I would post on You're more likely to get a team there. Well, good luck with your campaign.
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    Campaign in need of skinner

    A friend and I are working on a campaign set in the world of Middle-Earth. The campaign will cover from the Last Alliance to the destruction of the Ring. We are seeking a dedicated skinner that would care to offer their time to our cause. If you are interested in such a position, please e-mail...
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    Minas Tirith

    A few friends and I are working on a campaign, it will involve Minas Tirith at the beginning and the end, both with great battles. We'll have a demo out shortly for everyone to test.
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    Works perfect for the walls of Rohan in my LotR campaign. Thanks.
  26. J

    Taking Map Requests, per Trade

    Awesome. I hope you're serious about that, I'll be glad to have your help if you are. I won't start on the campaign for another few days yet, so I'll let you know what I need then.
  27. J

    Another Nuub Story

    Lmao, that's gonna be a classic. I've seen noobs, but never that bad.
  28. J

    Is it me or alot of the models from last night dissapeared?

    Hallucinations? I don't remember seeing them...
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    Taking Map Requests, per Trade

    Took a look at the models, of course I had to unprotect the map first, and they weren't what I was looking for anyway, nothing you can't get off of here or Wc3 Warehouse.
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    Taking Map Requests, per Trade

    Ok, I'll look for it. I found one here on this site called The World of Middle Earth, about to check that one out.
  31. J

    In need of Lord of the Rings models

    After Nemenor was sunken. I want to include the journey from Minas Tirith to Mount Doom, which isn't really included in a lot of books, and isn't very long, but action-packed nonetheless, and the battle of the Last Alliance. Also, contact me on MSN Messenger, please. If you don't have it, please...
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    Taking Map Requests, per Trade

    I will check them out as well. I don't see what it could hurt, as long as credit is properly given to the map maker/map making team. It isn't really stealing, because, by putting their map up, their skins are subject to being taken, even if the map is protected. So, long story short, you put...
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    Taking Map Requests, per Trade

    Ok went back there today and found a Saruman, Gimli, and Aragorn. Though the only one I took was Gimli, the other two weren't too hot. The Aragorn looked like his face was melting, and the Saruman was a Necromancer recolor with some of the skull on his head aplhaed out. I'm going to try to...
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    Taking Map Requests, per Trade

    I went there, all I could find from LotR was a womanly Legolas...
  35. J

    Taking Map Requests, per Trade

    True, I guess I'll never get all of them. I didn't see any hobbits in the skins section =(. Though, I guess it didn't hurt to ask. Thanks for your input.
  36. J

    In need of Lord of the Rings models

    Well, I can make you a deal. I've got a modelling crew at my disposal, or will here soon. I'm making an epic LOTR Campaign, including three different eras of the Middle Earth: That of Isuldur and his company, the Hobbit (Possibly), and the Lord of the Rings. Sure, it'll take a year at least to...
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    Taking Map Requests, per Trade

    If you have a map, up to three maps actually, that needs made, I would gladly do it, but only for a trade. I need, even if you didn't make it, any of the following models/skins: -Weapons/Attachments- Glamdring Sword Orcslayer Sword Anduril Sword Sting Sword Witch King's Daughter Sword...
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    What kind of Campaign should be made?

    I, personally, would love to make a good LotR campaign. You've never seen one that covers from FotR to RotK before. I will be the first to make one, hopefully in the near future. The problem is the models. I don't have them. I have some, but the key models/skins are missing. People only make...
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    In need of Lord of the Rings models

    Firstly, there are TONS of LoTR models on this site. Just look around, you'll find em. Most of them don't even have 'lotr' or anything related to LoTR in the name, but bear a strong resemblance to the characters, items, and creatures therin. Secondly, no one is going to do that for free. Just...
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    Help again please...

    I'll have to look into this, but here's a solution, if you can complete the circle. You need to add all the units created in the wave to a unit group, then use an action (if, then, else) that, if all the units in the unit group (specified by a variable) are dead, the next wave will begin.
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    Map Error Help

    If you can't open it with any editor, any MPQ editor, or with WEU Enhancer, then I would say you're out of luck, bro. Sorry.
  42. J

    Need models, Willing to trade

    There are a few models I desperately need, but I'm not asking for someone to simply give them to me. I would make an entire campaign for you if need be, without accepting a bit of credit, if I could get these models. Here is the list: (LoTR Models) A hobbit model Frodo/Sam/Merry/Pippin...
  43. J

    What kind of Campaign should be made?

    Ok, that's cool. You ever need anything, just let me know. Gonna go work on getting a story together, so I'll catch ya later.
  44. J

    What kind of Campaign should be made?

    Would you, by any chance, want to help me with a campaign? Or I could help with yours. If not, that's cool too, but you just seem like a good person to work with.
  45. J

    Help again please...

    At the end of the trigger that releases the first wave units, have it run the next wave's release trigger. Do the same for each wave.
  46. J

    What kind of Campaign should be made?

    I am a very creative person =p Though, the problem I run into when making that kind of campaign, is, I'll get to about the 7th map and then realize, my story sucks. There goes 7 maps down the drain. Guess I should learn to map out the story a bit better before I make the maps.
  47. J

    What kind of Campaign should be made?

    I want to make a campaign, but I can't think of a good idea for one. I have one in the making now, which I won't reveal until I put the demo out. I need a solid idea for a story for about 10 maps. I will lay out some common ideas, and you can add your own if you like.
  48. J

    Help again please...

    Oh, sorry DarkShadow, didn't see the post about that =p I am, after all, on 44k Dial-Up. Glad I could help, Adrian5. Good luck with your map.
  49. J

    Map Error Help

    I think I have a solution. Download World Editor Unlimited, open the WEU Enhancer, open your map, go to the last tab on the right-top, and Export all the layers. Whichever one doesn't export is the bad one. The rest you can import into a new map, so you can at least save some of it.
  50. J

    Help again please...

    que? What's a timer have to do with adding gold to a player?