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  1. Blood Raven

    Some feedback <3

    Hi, love the new interface. Here's a few things I think can be done better: 1. Give avatars back their transparency :mad: 2. The notifications ontop look a bit out of place. Try to integrate them into the main interface, like they are currently in Hive 2, or give them some sort of border...
  2. Blood Raven

    Blood Raven's Milkshape Model Files Library

    Introduction ____________ I've been browsing my backup drives recently and came upon an archive, containing almost all of my .ms3d files that I've ever worked on. Since I won't be installing that software again, I thought it might be interesting to upload them here for everyone to browse and...
  3. Blood Raven

    It's time I released this upon the world.

    I was browsing through my hard drive and stumbled upon this gem from 5 years ago. These were simpler times. How time flies.
  4. Blood Raven

    [Solved] Is it possible to manually edit shadowmap?

    Hey there, I have a quick question. When you select "Calculate shadows and save map", the WE creates a shadowmap texture file and saves it (somewhere?) within the map file. My question is, is it possible to extract said file, edit it manually like you would a texture, then reimport it back?
  5. Blood Raven

    [Solved] My melee map got corrupted...

    Hey everyone! I'm participating in the current Melee Map Contest #2 and somehow managed to get my map corrupted for the third time. All previous times I was able to salvage a backup version from the JNG folder, but this time all of these are corrupted aswell. The map still works ingame, but...
  6. Blood Raven

    Blood Raven's sketches

    Hey guys! I recently got a graphics tablet and I've been (ab)using it since to draw various sketches and stuff and I thought some of you might be interested (to see how much I suck). I know that many of them have wrong anatomies and whatnot, but I'm still learning that stuff, so keep that in mind.
  7. Blood Raven

    [Trigger] A couple of noob GUI questions

    Hey everyone! I'm making a really simple "Village chatter" system for RPGs that basically does the following: When you select a friendly unit of a designated type, they face your hero, say one of their generic "Hello there!" speeches both with a sound file and floating text, then face wherever...
  8. Blood Raven

    "Wind-blown" particles

    Hey, I have a quick question about particles. I made a model which is essentially slow-falling particles. Is there a way to make them tilt to one side as they fall, like they're being blown by wind? Thanks in advance!
  9. Blood Raven

    Problem with playing sounds during birth/death animations

    Hey guys. After hours of playing around with sound events in magos I give up and would like to ask if anyone knows what I'm doing wrong. So, the problem is that when I add all the sequences (birth/death) and sound events that play during said sequences, it's bugged in one of the following ways...
  10. Blood Raven

    Removing the cost of repairing during building construction

    [SOLVED] Removing the cost of repairing during building construction Hello, I am making an altered melee map and I am wondering if there is a way of removing the resource cost when more than one worker is building something, but not when actually repairing a finished structure. Also that...
  11. Blood Raven

    [SC1] Any good place to upload my maps?

    Hello StarCraft fans! I've been into StarCraft 1 lately and I've made a couple of melee maps, do you guys know any good place(s) where I could upload them. Sadly most SC1 map database sites are kinda dead, so if you know a somewhat active one, go ahead and name it. If you're interested in the...
  12. Blood Raven

    Probelm with applying animated texture.

    [SOLVED] Probelm with applying animated texture. Hello. I have a simple yet annoying problem here. I am using Magos to do all the animated texturing (this is actually my first one) and it works fine until I save and rerun. Everything is fine, except from the menu "Windows->Materials...
  13. Blood Raven

    Battle Tanks Autofire System

    Hello! I am making an amateur RTS map and I wanted to make the following mechanic for some buildings and siege units: The building/siege unit is enterable, but when empty, it cannot attack. Its attack speed is increased for each unit inside. I need a system like those in Battle Tanks -...
  14. Blood Raven

    [Picture] Basket Of Potatoes

    Basket Of Potatoes
  15. Blood Raven

    [Picture] Tankard

  16. Blood Raven

    [Picture] Pavement Bridge

    Pavement Bridge
  17. Blood Raven

    [Picture] Ink Bottle

    Ink Bottle
  18. Blood Raven

    [Picture] Wine Bottle

    Wine Bottle
  19. Blood Raven

    [WiP] Drown Witch

    [WiP] Drown Witch Skin I've begun a reskin of the sorceress model into a drowned undead witch-like creature. There will be a lot of blood, chains and creepyness. As nice as the texture might look right now, the sorceress wrap is freaking horrible (Y U DO DIS BLIZZ?), especially on the mouth...
  20. Blood Raven

    [Picture] Fsjal - Dreadlord

    Fsjal - Dreadlord
  21. Blood Raven

    A minor modeling question

    Hello modellers! I have a very small question that I'm too lazy to test. If I make a Stand 2 and/or Stand 3 animations to an attachment will they still randomly play when attached? P.S. yes, it's for those wings.
  22. Blood Raven

    "Resource part of the pack..." button

    Hi, I had a small idea about how packs work. You know when there is a corresponding icon to a skin or a model, it is displayed at the bottom of the description as "Corresponding Resources:...", so my idea is, why not make such an icon for resources that are part of a pack aswell? It would be...
  23. Blood Raven

    [Picture] Moiety Dagger

    Moiety Dagger
  24. Blood Raven

    "Show all user resources" button

    It has always bothered me two things about the special user resources page (This one) 1. Why can't it be accessed by normal means? You have to write the specific link to get there. I think a button "All Resources" in every user's page would be a fine way to access this. 2. Why are the older...
  25. Blood Raven

    [Picture] Creepy ass lake formation :P

    Creepy ass lake formation :P
  26. Blood Raven

    [Picture] The citadel with my own test Texture pack.

    The citadel with my own test Texture pack.
  27. Blood Raven

    [Picture] Awesome f*cking tower! (made in survival with some friends of mine)

    Awesome f*cking tower! (made in survival with some friends of mine)
  28. Blood Raven

    [Picture] Viking ship, horray!

    Viking ship, horray!
  29. Blood Raven

    Warhammer 40k Series - Which one is the best?

    Hi there fellow Hivers! I am looking forward to starting the Warhammer 40k series and I want your opinion on which one of the games is your favorite, which one you think I should start from and if they are worth it at all. From what I've read it seems really interesting, but I really don't know...
  30. Blood Raven

    Recoloring Transparent Textures

    Greetings fellow modellers! Today I have a rather simple question that I cannot seem to understand. I have tried to add a recoloring geoset animation to a geoset that also uses transparency filter (All in magos), at first it all seems fine, but when I reload the model in magos or import it...
  31. Blood Raven

    A qusetion about animating in Milkshape [+rep]

    [SOLVED] A qusetion about animating in Milkshape Hey everyone! I have a question for my fellow Milkshape users and specifically, animators. Being the noob at animating I am, i'm unable to figure out how to remove a Mesh/Joint from the animation for a certain keyframe, for example removing the...
  32. Blood Raven

    [Picture] (4) The Dead Scar ________________ Pending... ________________ http://www.hiveworkshop

    (4) The Dead Scar ________________ Pending... ________________
  33. Blood Raven

    [Picture] Toilet Paper ___________

    Toilet Paper ___________
  34. Blood Raven

    Last user activity shown on online/offline info

    Hey there guys, i've had a small idea in my mind lately that could prove to be a useful little feature of the hive (well, atleast for me) Well, you see, when browsing old threads and resources, sometimes you want to see if the users who submitted/commented on a content are still active. However...
  35. Blood Raven

    [Picture] (3) Crystalshine River ______________

    (3) Crystalshine River ______________
  36. Blood Raven

    [Picture] Frozen Cliff _____________

    Frozen Cliff _____________
  37. Blood Raven

    [Picture] Bell 2 ____________ Pending -

    Bell 2 ____________ Pending - ____________ Using Town Hall Texture (A bit low quality)
  38. Blood Raven

    [Picture] Bell 1 ______________ Pending -

    Bell 1 ______________ Pending - ______________ Using Magic Generator Texture
  39. Blood Raven

    [Picture] Snow Pile __________

    Snow Pile __________
  40. Blood Raven

    [Picture] Fsjal - Spell Breaker

    Fsjal - Spell Breaker
  41. Blood Raven

    [Picture] Pendulum Clock ________________ Released - Pending

    Pendulum Clock ________________ Released - Pending ________________
  42. Blood Raven

    [Picture] (4) Santuary of Darkness _____________________ Approved with rating 3/5.

    (4) Santuary of Darkness _____________________ Approved with rating 3/5.
  43. Blood Raven

    [Picture] Wooden Bucket _____________ Released - Approved (No rating) 5/5 User Rating http://www

    Wooden Bucket _____________ Released - Approved (No rating) 5/5 User Rating _____________
  44. Blood Raven

    [Picture] Bag of Plums ___________ Released - Approved with a 3/5 moderator rating and 5/5 user r

    Bag of Plums ___________ Released - Approved with a 3/5 moderator rating and 5/5 user rating. ___________ My infamous bag of plums. I'm thinking of making other fruit doodads as well, what do you think guys?
  45. Blood Raven

    [Picture] (2) Magma Chamber _________________ Uploaded - Rejected (Not rated) Reason: Too small :

    (2) Magma Chamber _________________ Uploaded - Rejected (Not rated) Reason: Too small :D _________________ Wanted to see if i could fit a map inside the underground dome xD
  46. Blood Raven

    [Picture] My Goddamn Palace _ _ _ full album of pictures here: Still W

    My Goddamn Palace _ _ _ full album of pictures here: Still WiP though :P
  47. Blood Raven

    [Picture] Amazing Extreme Hills Lake :) _________________________ Whole album of screenshots: htt

    Amazing Extreme Hills Lake :) _________________________ Whole album of screenshots: _________________________ Seed: GimmeOcean
  48. Blood Raven

    Texture Packs

    The texture packs are a big part of minecraft as it can change the whole feeling of the game. So this thread is JUST AND ONLY about them - because they deserve an unique thread. Here you can discuss texture packs, post your favorites or even the ones made by you. Let us all enjoy the awesomness...
  49. Blood Raven


    Post here some links to youtube tutorials, as long it is about minecraft :D You can also link other sites or post the tutorials yourself. For a begin, i will post 3 short tutorials i made myself. :grin: btw, Imonobor is my Minecraft Username.
  50. Blood Raven

    [Picture] Extreme Mountains Stone Temple Some Nice thing i saw. If you look closer, you can see t

    Extreme Mountains Stone Temple Some Nice thing i saw. If you look closer, you can see there is actually a dungeon in there x)