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  1. Tigrick

    Map search by author not working for renamed user(s)

    When I put my current name "Tigrick" in the Author search bar, it brings up no results. When I search by my old name,"Drogenhoernchen" it shows my maps. In the resulting map list, each map has my old name "Drogenhoernchen" displayed as Author. IMAGE: SEARCH BY NEW NAME IMAGE: SEARCH BY OLD NAME
  2. Tigrick

    No red icon upon Curse/Drunken Haze

    When a unit is under the effect of Drunken Haze, its icon in the UI is red. I do not want that. I am using a Drunken-Haze-based ability to make a spell's icon greyed out for a while.
  3. Tigrick

    SC1 Modding: Crash when SCV carries ore chunk

    Hi all! I modded the SCV's sprite in SC1. It works well, UNTIL it picks up minerals and then moves. That causes a crash. VIDEO: Flughoernchen I suspect it has something to do with shadow-GRPs that run parallel to the SCV GRP. As soon as the SCV sprite reaches frameset 0x33 during its walk...
  4. Tigrick

    Alternative to Mdlvis? (need program for attaching vertices to bones)

    Mdlvis messes up normals. I tested it. Each time you open a model in Mdlvis, it changes normals, and this can make a model's lighting weird. I want to find another program that allows attaching vertices to bones. Suggestions welcome.
  5. Tigrick

    Fix weird normals for me plz

    Hello everyone, the normals on the face of this model are odd, resulting in weird lighting: Can someone quickly fix this? Maybe sb with access to a tool that can automatically recalculate normals. Thanks in advance, +rep promised!
  6. Tigrick

    Hide Priest Upgrade Level in UI

    Hello everyone! When priests/sorceresses/etc... are upgraded to unlock more spells, their "rank" is displayed in the UI, next to an icon. The problem is the small number next to the icon. I want it gone. I want to use the "rank" UI-Icon as a display of an accuracy value. P.S.: Also, where...
  7. Tigrick

    3ds max Export: Vertices not connected to Bone

    (files for testing attached below, if you can open .max files). Hi all, I use 3ds max 5 with Blizzard's War3 Art Tools. When I export the model (attached bellow), the bones are animated, but the vertices are not attached correctly: In 3ds max, the model itsself is set as a skin...
  8. Tigrick

    Model Edit: Dionesiist's Demon Arch-Duke without helmet

    Hello all, I really like Dionesiist's Demon Arch-Duke. It kind of transports the dark vibe that daemons in Warcraft 1 and Warcraft 2 had. (This is why I'd like to use it as mainline unit for my demon faction, which would be equivalent in strength and price to a 6-man squad of other races.)...
  9. Tigrick

    Searching Author of "void.mdx" Effect

    Hey guys, (I put this here because it is the most suiting category for it. People here tend to know model repositories...) I am looking for the AUTHOR of this effect: I found the effect in the map "Demon-Wars" by E Aye … sadly, that map has no credit list. In the map, the effect is...
  10. Tigrick

    Looking for EXISTING model. Reward for finder. (Daemon model from spanish map)

    Hello guys, I am looking for this demon model: It can be seen in these (spanish) videos: the poster on utube is called arconte saurio. He does not reply to comments so far. In the map, the unit with this model is called: Destajador cruel HELP me find this model on the internet, plz! I...
  11. Tigrick

    Make Spells NOT ignore the armor value

    Hi all, is it possible to make Spells (like e.g. 'Blizzard') NOT ignore the armor value? What I know: - The Armor Type can reduce Spell damage. Hero Armor takes 70% spell damage, for example. But it's always a 70% reduction. No matter the armor value. It neglects the armor value!! - There's a...
  12. Tigrick

    remove ability via trigger & remember cooldown

    Hi people, the problem with removing abilities via trigger is: If the spell was currently cooling down and is removed and readded, the cooldown will be reset. I could go for tech requirements on spells to blur them out when needed. But the problem with that is that it aplies globaly. I want...
  13. Tigrick

    Test if a map works on Mac

    Hello people, Someone told me, my map crashed on Macs: link Can someone test this new version's compatibility, please? [I don't really know, what exactly a mac is, to be honest, so read the linked post :P] simple task that will be rewarded with +rep, ofc :D
  14. Tigrick

    Ability usage while training a unit

    Hi folks, I noticed that buildings cannot use abilities while they train units. This is a problem for me. I have a trigger that Gives buildings an inventory Gives them a gold item (the one with floating text) removes the inventory again it's an income system. Whenever the building is...
  15. Tigrick

    Floating numbers

    Hello everyone, I attached a testmap. When gold items are picked up, a yellow floating number appears. This number can be simulated with floating text triggers (see testmap). In the testmap, I did both methods. But I want the trigger generated floating text to be EXACTLY like the original...
  16. Tigrick

    Hiveworkshop Map Preview: Custom Minimap?

    Hello folks, I have an imported PREVIEW image for my map. I have an imported MINIMAP image for my map. In hiveworkshop map previews, hovering the mouse over the map preview image will make the minimap visible. In-game, my imported MINIMAP can be seen. But in the 'Maps' section of...
  17. Tigrick

    [Desync] Show Special Effect for 1 Player only

    Hello folks, I made a squad system. All units in a squads share the same custom value. When the squad is selected, all except for the designated 'leader' unit are deselcted via trigger. To keep the illusion, a selection circle graphic is created on the deselected squad memebers. These circles...
  18. Tigrick

    [Need Info] Mirror trigger generated images

    Hello folks, I want to create a 2d game using sprites. Imagine it like this: Note how the marine never faces left. Blizzad saved space by mirroring the images when he walks left. I want to do that, too. I need a way to mirror imported images in Galaxy Editor. Currently, I create a dialog...
  19. Tigrick

    [Solved] Create Image at Point

    Hello folks, I'm rather new to Galaxy Editor. I need help finding a certain trigger action. What I am looking for is an action that lets me create an image (preferably .blp, but I accept others, too) at a certain point. You know, there was an action that did this in War3: Image -...
  20. Tigrick

    Mirror trigger generated images

    Hi all, I wonder, is there a way, for the sake of disc space, to mirror (imported) .blp images that are generated in a map. It looks like this: Image - Create an image using war3mapImported\Erzbaron0001.blp of size 256.00 at (Center of (Playable map area)) with Z offset 0.00 using image...
  21. Tigrick

    Get Builder in triggers

    In the triggers, when responding to the event ''unit beginns construction'', I want to get the Builder unit. But all the possible unit references like ''Triggering unit'' etc. only get the constructed structure :/ I do NOT want to use triggers that respond to the human repair ability that is...
  22. Tigrick

    remove tooltip of hero attribute icon

    Hello everyone, in the UI, when a hero is selected, there's an icon for his primary attribute. When hovering the mouse over that icon, a tooltip text appears. I want it gone! What I tried so far: - I was able edit out some text parts under ''Advanced --> Game-Interface'', but the box...
  23. Tigrick

    Squad System: Sprint Ability Problem (testmap attached)

    Hi all, [find a testmap below] this is the system I use: units move in squads. A squad leader receives orders from the player, and the other units in the squad follow. I want a squad to have a sprint ability. It is based on the ''berserk'' ability. When a single unit is moving...
  24. Tigrick

    shared ability cooldown

    Hi all, I want a group of units to share the cooldown of an ability. This means when only 1 of the units in the group uses the ability, all of the units in the group will have to wait for the ability to cool down. It is important that the other units in the group DO NOT use the ability. Is...
  25. Tigrick

    [Solved] change attack type

    Hi all, upon upgrade, I want a certain unit type to have the attack type ''siege'' instead of ''normal''. I want the icon of the attack to show the symbol of the new attack type. The attack type will be REPLACED, so the old attack needs to disappear. I don't want to use: - chaos -...
  26. Tigrick

    passive ability that reduces speed (without status icon)

    Hello. I just can't find a passive ability that decreases a unit's movement speed & doesn't show a little status icon in the interface. I tried the item ability of the speed boots. By pressing Shift+Enter I set the movement speed bonus it grants to a negative value. Yet it did not work ingame...
  27. Tigrick

    Add attachment points to norinrad's mountaineer

    Norinrad's 'Dwarven Mountaineer' model has no attachment points. I mostly need the origin and chest attachments. At the moment all attachments are at the weapon. Link to the model:
  28. Tigrick

    [Solved] simple question: detect unit being sold to

    I'm using the trigger action ''A unit sells an item (shop)'' (I don't know the trigger word by word besides my world editor is not in english, sadly) Question: How do I refer to the unit that is buying the item. It ain't 'Triggering unit', all I see is 'Selling unit'. What to use? Help...
  29. Tigrick

    Only show part of the minmap?

    Is there a trigger/script to show a certain area on the minimap. I don't mind if it limits the cam boundaries, too. I tried ''Camera - Set Camera Bounds'' but it only changed the camera boundaries without updating the minimap accordingly. Here's the testmap if anyone wants to try:
  30. Tigrick

    Town Hall missing roof texture

    Can someone please add the missing texture to the roof of my modified Town Hall? (attached below!) Currently most parts of the roof are transparent when you look at them from below: Some parts of it are already textured. Please make all of them like this. Post the fixed Town Hall...
  31. Tigrick

    make certain unit types not be drag selected

    Hi, I want certain units not to be selected when I drag select units. If one clicks on them, however, they're supposed to be selected as usual. here's what I'm trying to do (you don't have to read this but maybe it helps to get the idea...) I need this for a squad system...
  32. Tigrick

    combine object editor data of 2 maps?

    fast way to combine object editor data of 2 maps? is there an easy (& fast) way to combine object editor data of 2 maps?
  33. Tigrick

    pathing texture pathes

    im looking for the pathes of pathing textures, like this: PathTextures\4x4Cyan.tga (this one blocks air) ...i need the pathes of... - water pathing blocker - blight pathing blocker i used war3 model editor's mpq browser but i couldn't find these textures - in the editor when 'show pathing'...
  34. Tigrick

    no building sub menu?

    hello everybody, i'd like to make building buttons without sub menu; so the buttons like 'build tower' etc. would be right under the move/stop/hold... -orders just like as if it was an ordinary spell. i thought maybe i could use item abilities like 'build tiny caste' etc. but i don't like that...
  35. Tigrick

    more than 4 user interfaces?

    hello everybody, i wonder if it is possible to have more than 4 different user interfaces in a game. Like, when I have 5 or more factions in a map can i give ALL of them different UIs?
  36. Tigrick

    [Solved] online map filesize limit?

    i have a very simple question what is the filesize limit for maps when you play online? I heard it's 3,9MB. I wonder if this information is outdated... (due to garena etc)
  37. Tigrick

    item tooltips: remove yellow text

    hi I) i want the yellow 'left-click to use' text in item tooltips gone; i found it in game interface options and replaced it with nothing but then in game there's still a gap between the item name and the describtion. I also put things like '|N' or '|R' (codes that are not displayed ingame) but...
  38. Tigrick

    [Import] Remove all blood

    is there a way to remove all blood from the game without having to edit every single model? ...maybe by importing a somewhat transparent texture and changing its path to ingame blood textures - and if so where do i get such a transparent texture? can anyone help?
  39. Tigrick

    where to find a wc2 alike orc farm model?

    wow i really hope this is the right place to ask this: i found a model of a wc2 alike orc farm in a map by supertoinkz (map development-->Warcraft2: Aftermath) i'd like to use that model i can't find it anywhere and sadly the map is protected so i can't export the model please help p.s. i...