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  1. Reflex

    [HD/Modeling] Horn of Cenarius & Shipyard

    Greetings! I'm in need of some simple edits that cannot be made properly by myself with my limited knowlege of RMS. 1. Model buildings\other\HornOfCenarius\HornOfCenarius: replace the horn itself with the glaive of units\creeps\watcher\watcher. Add Death animation to the model because it hasn't...
  2. Reflex

    Altar of Elders (High Elf/Blood Elf Version)

    It looks a bit emty without decoration on its borders. Maybe some arcs or magic stuff?
  3. Reflex

    High elves eye replacements (Worker/Swordsman)

    Killing the dragonhawks was made to prevent escape of the Sunreavers, as I remember the quest correct. Besides, the Silver Covenant is not the only high elven group. Highvale elves still have dragonhawks (according to "Warrior: Divided" comics here and there). Oh, yes, and the Alliance still...
  4. Reflex

    Hero Blood Elf Knight Mounted

    Allow me to introduce this guy to you :spell_breaker:
  5. Reflex

    Blood/High elf Farstrider lynx rider.

    Spikes look really out of place. Maybe it should be replaced by crystals similar to the ones on the rider's armour.
  6. Reflex

    Hero Blood Elf Knight Mounted

    Just tested ingame. Wonderful. Can't wait to see your future works!
  7. Reflex

    Team Color Villager Male HD

    Hey, nice work! Lack of TC was a sad limitation. Is it possible to add Gold & Lumber animations to this model for using it as a worker unit?
  8. Reflex

    Dark Shamans

    Another good work, another fel orc! Now we only lack some ranged unit in tier 1 to start a great war in Outland!
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    [Solved] High/Blood Elf Buildings (REFORGED)

    I believe that the forge looks too similar to the human one now in terms of design. I was thinking about some king of mana-forge /chantry - AS main part of building with crystal shield doodad (or top part of the energy tower - towers are great resource of pretty little details, by the way)...
  10. Reflex

    Orc dragon rider v1.2

    I believe he already answered on this:
  11. Reflex

    Fel Orc - Heresiarch

    It works and looks great ingame and I'm truly amazed how you add these Gul'dan-ish things to make him look more threatening and powerful. And animations, of course - I'm curious if they're from Medivh? The only thing I wonder is if he could mount a felhound to be more different from your...
  12. Reflex

    Fel Orc - Slayer

    Oh boy, that is savage!
  13. Reflex

    Felorc Deathshaper

    This: Orc Temple of the Damned Reforged
  14. Reflex

    Blood Knight Matriarch dismounted/mounted

    Honestly I'm not a fan of its teamcolour: it looks pretty good on the shield but having it on all the armour feels too much. In fact it make me think that true blood knight aesthetics with its sharp red&black palette doesn't fit well to Warcraft 3 as it did in WoW.
  15. Reflex

    Felorc Deathshaper

    Your contributions to bolstering ranks of fel orcs are truly great. This model will be exellent addition for this race.
  16. Reflex

    Night Elf Assassin Female and Derivatives

    Triple cool!
  17. Reflex

    Orc dragon rider v1.2

    Just call it a Fel Beast, do not clarify its origin and have fun.
  18. Reflex

    Mechano Spider

    Try this: Steam Spider
  19. Reflex

    Fel Orc - Behemoth

    I guess you missed a "&" symbol in texture pathes. Look here:
  20. Reflex

    Orc-Warlord (unmounted)

    Just tested this beauty ingame and it looks so cool! But I noticed that a transition from default Stand animation to Stand 3 is kinda strange because of different start poses of these animations. And somehow when I import this model in the map it breaks the work of fel orc grunt portrait's talk...
  21. Reflex

    High Elf

    Using same models for units and heroes - a bad choice. You make a map for classic, not reforged, and classic WC3 has a lot of great custom models for any taste. Besides, it's too similar to humans, even the item shop. And what's with the Lietenant unit? Description said that he's master in...
  22. Reflex

    Naga Queen Azshara Reforged

    Impossibly great!
  23. Reflex

    High elven and Blood elven DragonHawk Lancer Unmounted

    Totally agree with @Goffterdom: it could be very useful! I noticed that his legs cut through the skirt when moving. Is it possible to be fixed?
  24. Reflex

    Orc dragon rider v1.2

    Looks awesome! Any chance to see nether dragon in this manner?
  25. Reflex

    Comment by 'Reflex' in media 'Zul'aman'

    It's quite strange to see Zul'Aman with palms and not pines :witch_doc_sad:
  26. Reflex

    kael'thas with Felo'melorn

    Nice one! But I still prefer a cloaked one that makes him look more royal :spell_breaker: Any chances to see him with it, maybe one that a melee blood mage has? Oh, and hair through the mask in a portrait...
  27. Reflex

    Comment by 'Reflex' in media 'HighElfBuildings'

    Don't you try to use Tamplier's elven lumbermill for your race? It's pretty nice.
  28. Reflex

    Hero Paladin

    His shoulderpads are very draenei-like too, similar to paladin T4 set from WoW. That's nice
  29. Reflex

    Regular Human Knight(with helmet and shield)

    You can rename it to Attack Spell or Attack Slam and use it for abilities like ShieldBash.
  30. Reflex

    Kil'jaeden Reforged with WoW Animation

    Just tested it ingame and it's great. Only lack of dissipate animation: the body just dissapears in one moment.
  31. Reflex

    Naga Centaur WoW (Reforged Version)

    Exellent work!
  32. Reflex

    During the Dark Portal

    Oh, I remember it! Nice work :thumbs_up: Any plans to reforging it with HD assets?
  33. Reflex

    Elven Spellsword

    My point was that his legs are constantly bent that makes him look like a cowboy. Is it possible to make him a little more straight as the original model was?
  34. Reflex

    Elven Spellsword

    I like the choice of animations, especially spells. But his standing pose looks a bit weird IMO.
  35. Reflex

    High Elf Captain

    It's high elf swordsman with spellbreaker's mask, different pauldrons and Anasterian's cloak (partly recoloured so custom texture reqired). It can not be described only as a custom skin. A pity a cloak isn't animated but I guess it's because of limitation of the basic model.
  36. Reflex

    Valeera Sanguinar, Felblade

    Shame on me: it was missing "+" symbol in "" file name. TY @deepstrasz, @Symphoneum.
  37. Reflex

    Valeera Sanguinar, Felblade

    Two versions of Valeera instead of one - that's truly amazing. Though I'd like to see her Felblade form kinda upgraded like, you know, armour details or different knives, but that's just me. Anyway, I find some little problems with this model. 1) When Valeera appears on the map, blood splatters...
  38. Reflex

    The Lich King

    So I download and test the model. Does It have no proper portrait with "talk" animations or did I just miss something?
  39. Reflex

    The Lich King

    Still no Lich King Bolvar. Sadly.
  40. Reflex

    Jennalla Deemspring Reforged Beta

    Nice! Any chance to see fixed high elf archer model from beta?
  41. Reflex

    Comment by 'Reflex' in media 'Soviet Propanda Tower'

    "Stolitsa, vodka, Sovetskiy medved' nash!" (c)
  42. Reflex

    Garrosh Hellscream

    Best warchief - now in Reforged. Great job!
  43. Reflex

    ETC SigNicious Animated

    You even save his GuitarHero animation! That's cool! The only problem is his cloak that doesn't move correct. For example, lord Nicholas Buzan's model is almost similar to Halakh's but has a proper animation. Of course it's not a big deal as long as you don't take a close look.
  44. Reflex

    Corrupted Ancient of Lore (Reforged)

    Nice work! I always like how Ancient of Lore enlivened original NE buildnig set because of its bright red leafage. It'd be cool if your corrupted AoL had some kind of brown-is (or different) leafs to emphasize this trait.
  45. Reflex

    Reforged List of Hidden Material within the World Editor

    If I remember correctly, there was no such model in classic WC3 - only texture in game files. So I doubt LemonSky recreate it. But we've got 2 Jenalla models!
  46. Reflex

    Volcanus model

    You can easily add missing effects ingame. For example, that's my result with BreathOfFire (Target) effects attached to chest, origin, left and right hands via WorldEditor:
  47. Reflex

    Altar of High Kings (Reforged)

    Well, it's interesting idea, but it doesn't look like elven building - too much human vibes (arcs, braziers etc). Elves have got some nice crystal lamps and cool golden archways and I'm pretty surprised you didn't use them. And maybe take a look to Sunken Ruins' statues or statue on a top of...
  48. Reflex

    Reforged model unit requests: night elf archers (straight back), human riflemen, and dwarf footmen.

    Hi! Unfortunately, no. I've got only these models and Illidan.
  49. Reflex

    Alternate Footman & Scarlet Footman (Reforged)

    Looks like Scarlet Crusade is rising! By the way, is it possible to make Lordaeron symbol on a shield instead of winged bird? Or maybe this one:
  50. Reflex

    Brigitte Abbendis (Reforged)

    I'm sure it's warden.