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    Pretty nice I like it
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    I have made this Directors Choice Nice work Mouteck! Keep on blazing :wink:
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    what happened to the skin i uploaded?

    I deleted a few skins which were requested to be deletled. I doubt remember which they were but I this it was an ms paint skin.
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    I made this Director's Choice.
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    The link is The site is down due to bandwich new host next month. Did u ask rommel if u could use the skin on this?
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    Nice but the green doesnt look good. The flesh is too textbookish. In real life it would be bloodyer etc
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    The skin is by RainBlades or RB please credit him.
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    damn im a mod but i cant edit BaNaNa's post. BaNaNa please delete your post it screwed up the layout
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    Uruk'Hai Chief

    I needs ideas how to make it better.
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    Nice work. The hair needs work. Dodge the hair and make it brighter. Move his hair line in a little. Vegeta's has a 3 shape to it. Nice skin oh I moved it to Misc section instead of blood elf.
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    I actually think search became the official wc3c download section around jan but rotd was up for awhile i dont think it hosted files though. A lot of the stuff you said is going to happen or getting fixed. limiting sigs is important 255 is fine.
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    Is this the same one for my site? Go to the fourth one. I'm unsure who is the real creator when did TToR come out with this. I think their is a miscredit either on my site or on this site I'm trying to clear it up so whoever really made...
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    hah are you kidding me my site came before this and a lot of files were stolen off mine. I haven't taken a single file from this site. EvilYardGnome sent them to me do you want to see the e-mail? You think it isnt fair right well thats how I felt about wc3search taking my site's content. I...
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    The horse and everything good except the horses side armor. Change the skull doesnt look good garithos has nice looking lion crest try using that. Next time try free handing though.
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    Thats not the point.
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    the chest, and upper legs are the majortiy of the cnp theres some small areas. But this is still considered a cnp skin. Since the majority of the skin is copied from another.
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    A very nice skin although it is copy and paste. Good idea though.
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    Is this model edited? Or is it just a new skin?
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    So going with your words I could copy your face you made there and put it on my own medivh skin then I could give you no credit at all.
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    I'm just saying you copied and pasted his work onto yours. You should give him credit.
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    You stole the hood from ydoh's skin. The skin is nothing special besides the face which is nice.
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    How do people get so many downloads?

    What can I say? People have absolutely no lives. Probably clicking their own link. If your looking for some reconition this isn't really the place. :roll:
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    My Naga Skin so far..

    ? How long does a recolor take? Why would you post WIP?
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    Skin Section features

    Talk to him. If it were my choice I would run this site like my own only quality work stays. It isn't mine so if darky tells me to delete bad skins I will.
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    Skin Section features

    I'm a mod now too. I'm just deleteing the stolen skins and offensive skins. I think Darky wanted it that there is no bar set for how good the skin must be. I'll let san deal with ms paint and stuff.
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    Unique and nice skin. Keep it up.
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    Nerub Guy (WIP 75%)

    I gotta add the symbols and junk. This is the basic part. Looks better on the wrap. Which color should I go with? I like the purple on the best IMO. I was gonna drop this model but I got another idea to turn him into a nerub Crypt Keeper or Crypt Defender or Gangsta Crypt Next update will...
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    wc3c is down and wc3c host some files i think skins, models icon or something. You need to wait for wc3c to get back. it is down for some reason.
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    Site Error?

    ok they work magically now :shock:
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    Site Error?

    I'm using the latest version of IE. What are you using?
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    Site Error? click on skins i was wondering why there were red xes. Is it me or everyone. Or did the creator upload invalid pics? Just wondering -Mock1
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    Vampire sorceress

    Theres one made by egg at my site
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    Ultimate. Skin. Ever.

    "Ultimate Skin Ever" lol way too many colors and too much use of filters. It needs work keep trying.
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    Darky/ Staff: Sumbiting other's work

    My entire drive got deleted. I lost 40 gigs. I've been away from wc3 since. I plan to come back now though. As for the site I noticed my mailbox is filled with viruses. Since has a lot of public skins I may drop models. I'm just gonna add very exclusive stuff for now on. I was about...
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    Darky/ Staff: Sumbiting other's work

    One was TS. I dunno it's easier to remove them.
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    Darky/ Staff: Sumbiting other's work
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    Darky/ Staff: Sumbiting other's work

    I've stopped by today to see that people submit other's work and take credit. This pisses me off so much. Two examples: These a...