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  1. gavdaman88

    Diablo 2: WC3 Remake, Act 2 (Incomplete, old map)

    Hi Everyone! I've moved well and truly on from mapmaking and WC3 as I've grown older, but I came across lots of my old maps the other day and found my WIP Act 2 Map. I used to make maps here back in the day (around 2007-09). My Act 1 Map can be found here; Diablo 2 - Act 1 I've attached my...
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    Diablo 2 - Act 1

    Back again just to see how people were going, and unfortunately act 2 wont be happening, I just dont have time for warcraft anymore :cry: If I can find it I might submit the map up to where it was when I stopped (Arcane sactuary). The whole act was mapped out I just had to create the enemies...
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    And this zelda map was.... I made a few lol Sorry I guess I drifted from wc3. I've got to the...

    And this zelda map was.... I made a few lol Sorry I guess I drifted from wc3. I've got to the point now where I can't really get much better at using the editor so I might come back and make some uber zelda map sometime (possibly in third perspective, still considering it)
  4. gavdaman88

    Diablo 2 - Act 1

    Ah no I remember you :P Just haven't had the time for a while now... it's still sitting on my pc I guess I'll just try to brush it up asap... hard to with other stuff I'll see how i go :hohum: Doubt therell be 3,4,5 etc though this is just too much with uni :slp:
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    Diablo 2 - Act 1

    I am, but I doubt I'll return to act 2 for a while. So much work in final year of my degree.
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    Reputation (+1): (Post) thanks for feedback as usual! :D

    Reputation (+1): (Post) thanks for feedback as usual! :D
  7. gavdaman88

    2D metroid engine DEMO HERE

    Thanks dude! And as for the hitting the ceiling bugs I'm still trying to fix that as I've encountered this a few times as well where you get glued to walls or ceilings for a while. As for not exiting morph ball I figured how to fix this one, thanks for noticing it!
  8. gavdaman88

    Problem with ITEM!

    Pretty sure there isn't any leaks, and good to see you again Metov, didn't think you'd come back here!
  9. gavdaman88

    How can I make my map have a lower size?

    Open the map, then the warcraft mpq file, mark all fields and then save as the optimized version. (it says it in the readme when you download the protector)
  10. gavdaman88

    how to use more than 15 spells in a unit?

    Seriously spell books are the best solution... you can even put spellbooks within spellbooks (units can have INFINITE abilities with this method). Switching abilities is uglier than a spellbook menu in my opinion.
  11. gavdaman88

    Diablo 2 - Act 1

    Feedback appreciated greatly! I'll see what I can do. Just letting everyone know act 2 is on hold for now, I need more time for uni and less for warcraft
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    2D metroid engine DEMO HERE

    Thanks! But did you try it out? :razz:
  13. gavdaman88

    2D metroid engine DEMO HERE

    Yep I've been working on a 2D super metroid style warcraft 3 mechanics system. And I have to say it works pretty well too! Here's the rundown... This is a DEMO. It is made to demonstrate the core ideas I could eventually turn into a game. It lasts about 5-10 minutes (depending how long you...
  14. gavdaman88

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Some of the best feedback I've received yet. Thankyou so much!

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Some of the best feedback I've received yet. Thankyou so much!
  15. gavdaman88

    Diablo 2 - Act 1 (ORPG with save/load per act)

    That criticism was excellent, and gives me a lot to work with. Most of those things could be fixed up besides model suggestions (size limitations) and passive castings (lightning fury and plague javelin are higher mana, longer frequency abilities in this map). And druid gets werebear form...
  16. gavdaman88

    The "light effect" {applying a filter depending on a unit's distance to a torch}

    Make a trigger if it's single player that every .03 seconds checks the distance between the unit and the torch, and decide on how far a unit will be before he has 100% blackness. Use an arithmetic to change the transperency value as the distance changes. I dont have the world editor on me but...
  17. gavdaman88

    How can I make my map have a lower size?

    I had the same query once, and after much research I came to the conclusion vexorians map optimizer is the best quality optimizer, including for map size reduction. Other ones like heavylock reduce it slightly more but can garble images such as loading images.
  18. gavdaman88

    Diablo 2 - Act 1

    It wont be a hero due to the way I've triggered mercenaries, but now when you obtain a mercenary it's health is dependent on your heroes level, and soon I will also make this the way for its damage in act 2.
  19. gavdaman88

    Helms Deep Terrain

    Icon done because I'm feeling nice Paths are ReplaceableTextures\CommandButtons\BTNUmaldor.blp ReplaceableTextures\CommandButtonsDisabled\DISBTNUmaldor.blp There are lots of Helms deep maps out there, give them a play and take inspiration from the terrain. I suck at castles too.
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    Reputation (+1): (Post) Kudos on map approval

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Kudos on map approval
  21. gavdaman88

    Thankyou for approving my map, the wait is over. Enjoy testing the rest of it! -gavdaman88

    Thankyou for approving my map, the wait is over. Enjoy testing the rest of it! -gavdaman88
  22. gavdaman88

    Diablo 2 - Act 1

    Oh jesus woops.... that would be because I made an 'uber tristram' back in the day when this map was only going to be act 1. And uber baal triggered the opening of the cow level. I'd change it and make v1.08 but its pretty minor, thanks anyway! And grats on teh 100th post Act 2 is nearing...
  23. gavdaman88

    Looking for a model...

    Holy moses I've been away from dota for too long. Does it say in the map credits in the quest log? Wait did some research, all I found was PGRU-Unexpected Makes the model.
  24. gavdaman88

    Odd problem

    This happened to me on occasion too, quite annoying. I'd like to know how to fix it as well. It might be toggling around with 'view' settings that fixes it.
  25. gavdaman88

    DIablo -3- [The blazing Massacre]

    My diablo 2 map of course, link in my sig. It has changed much as of late (unless you saw the new map already v1.07 that is). Really the only place this map has mine beat in would be the cliffs. The final product I'm sure would give it a run for its money though.
  26. gavdaman88

    How do i make save/load trigger?

    Also, if you make a code and don't want to encrypt (change the numbers to letters, randomize them) you can make a checking number somewhere in the code that uses an algebraic formula that only the creator of the map will know. For more information contact me by pm
  27. gavdaman88

    DIablo -3- [The blazing Massacre]

    You really should see the latest version :xxd: Nope, it's still there but on hold. I'll get back to it, but at the moment my patience for third person triggering has run dry.
  28. gavdaman88

    How do i make save/load trigger?

    Save load codes are probably one of the hardest things to make in warcraft 3, but this is the best tutorial out there that saves just about anything. Save/Load Code Be warned though, this may give you a major headache. I made a smaller and simpler load code for my diablo 2 map which works...
  29. gavdaman88

    Cluster Rockets Dont damage. {after editing the damage field}

    Maybe the damage interval was changed?
  30. gavdaman88


    Is it unit shadows or terrain shadows? You can turn off shadows in world editor if it isn't in 'V' viewmode (hit v then p to see, if unpathable areas go purple it isn't in v mode. Then go to 'view' and turn off shadows. If it's unit shadows then change the field 'Art - shadow image (unit)' to...
  31. gavdaman88

    Problem with two spell

    They have the same order ID, you based them off the same ability, or channel with the same ID. Base them off different abilities and it should be ok
  32. gavdaman88

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Assistance

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Assistance
  33. gavdaman88

    Murloc Bloodgill (no death anim)

    I was wondering if someone could make a model that does the following, it is a murloc bloodgill but has no death animation, instead it dissapears on death. This is because I am using it as a missile and it cannot die on death as it is a dummy missile simulating a 'leaping' unit. When the...
  34. gavdaman88

    How goes the aos?

    How goes the aos?
  35. gavdaman88

    DIablo -3- [The blazing Massacre]

    So I assume this died?
  36. gavdaman88


    Serious :/ Maybe it's related to the fact the ability has a cooldown, I'll try to solve this one because I never even realised that!
  37. gavdaman88

    Need Maze Ideas

    Those ideas are sick! How about if you were to disguise yourself as a zombie like in 'the mummy' and if you act out of character the crowd of zombies you must walk through will turn on you?
  38. gavdaman88

    Pokemon RPG

    Yixx Can't you use a save load system with multiple maps? I'm doing it in my diablo 2 ORPG (5 full size maps 256x256), save load in between each of them. pm me if you want to know how to do it.
  39. gavdaman88

    Pokemon RPG

    Units can't be stunned for 0 seconds otherwise they permanantly get paused. Try making the stun time .01 seconds, then changing the buff to have no stunned effect. It should work then. And put articuno on the mountain maybe... but make it a summit or something high up where you meet it.
  40. gavdaman88

    Pokemon RPG

    I think an afterquest (Like kanto after johto I assume) would be a great idea, but lets not let the creator or terrainers get too ahead of themselves now :xxd:
  41. gavdaman88


    Not sure if you still need help but here goes You would download the weapon, figure out where to attatch the weapon and do something like this; Base the ability off 'Sphere' (a unit ability) This will let you change the missile art for certain weapons Then change the attatchments field...
  42. gavdaman88

    Pokemon RPG

    Just for pure convenience I actually recommend this over Psypoke, sorry Wazzz :P Main Page - Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia
  43. gavdaman88

    Pokemon RPG

    This seems cool, hopefully it beats pokemon legends, never really impressed me much. As someone said before, I suggest you make two versions of this map with different pokemon ala pokemon gold silver etc, but of course only only the map is bug free so you dont have to edit 2 maps of bugs...
  44. gavdaman88

    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) Excellent model

    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) Excellent model
  45. gavdaman88

    Thunder Spear

    This is EXACTLY what I need for lightning fury in my diablo 2 map. Thankyou so much! Credit given in the map and rep
  46. gavdaman88

    Diablo 2 - Act 1 (ORPG with save/load per act)

    Claw viper temple yes I've made it two levels deep. The screenshot added is just of the second floor (basement) with the altar. Duriel of course will be in here, and I've made him, he deals fairly large damage, slows on attack (frost attack instead of holy freeze) and is also quite fast...
  47. gavdaman88

    Baldur's Gate ORPG

    I suck at multiboards, but one piece of advice. Make your timers into one bigger timer, from experience with frequent timers they are much better in multiplayer if all made into one. I dont think they leak, but always make sure your timers wont leak when you make more, good luck with this it's...
  48. gavdaman88

    Diablo 2 - Act 1

    Why thankyou! Also, a new ability modification in act 2 will be the blood golem. It now functions much better, forming a 50% spirit link between it and the necromancer, and lasting until it dies (health reaching 0). (I knew you'd find this useful seeming from memory you chose to be a...
  49. gavdaman88

    Diablo 2 - Act 1 (ORPG with save/load per act)

    Yes it is awesome, and it's only 100 kb too, whereas the uber awesome tyrael model is about 1 MB! The modelmaker Tranquil has many models in this map, and is credited also. And the second one is the maggot lair minus fog and doodads/units. Terrain remaining Lost city Valley of the snakes...
  50. gavdaman88

    Diablo 2 - Act 1

    The Arreat Summit - The Secret Cow Level Dead serious Hey what did you think that big splodge was in the bottom left of the map!