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    d'awww even the icon is cute! 5/5
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    Reputation (+1): (Post) wooo thank you

    Reputation (+1): (Post) wooo thank you
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    Harmony and Discord

    I really liked the music, it goes well with the snow and feels really nice
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    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) Top notch spell!

    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) Top notch spell!
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    Opression of admins BETA

    fight fight fight the power!!
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    Splitter TD v3.20b

    it has clever races and its different 4/5 stars
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    the terrain looks very nice, its a shame looking at the ratings though since its getting rated as a map and not as a template.
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    Scardy Cat Escape v1.002

    the terrain looks good to me, the only problem I had is killing the cat... cause hes pretty strong >_< 3/5 stars
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    Dalaran university V 1.2

    the name "dalaran university" is taken actually. from 2006 to 2009
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    Click To Kill

    Elil and Kethlak already did this, and it won the blizzard sports map contest/had dramatically better gameplay/was actually fun to play D:
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    I saw this same icon back in 2006, weird
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    World War 2 v5.0

    This map is a staple, EVERYONE on should play this once.
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    Cops & Robbers AI 1.05

    1: The storylines not wrong, just kinda cheesy. 2: I couldn't find any grypthons in the map, nor blonde girls in bikinis. (I found a faerie dragon though) But I did play the map, custom spells and awesome items everywhere, favorite hero so far is the grenadier. AI pwnt' me though because I...
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    Reputation: (Bundle) USA USA

    Reputation: (Bundle) USA USA
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    Invasion USA v1.039

    LOL that was the funniest thing I have done all day. I laughed so much when chuck norris bursted out with his rigged phoenix fire and his walker texas ranger theme... a shame it can't be hosted on bnet with observers. Good job on the map :D 4/5 P.S: you should have given me the tip about...
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    Cops & Robbers AI 1.05

    According to your maps storyline... • Earth is destroyed, humanity moves to an ice planet called Olymzeus (Olympus + Zeus) • Alien gangs form, which steal weapons from the peaceful government. • Scientists revive Spiderman to save them? wtf? I don't really get it, nor the minimap image of...
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    Reputation: (Post) we meet again

    Reputation: (Post) we meet again
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    Ultimate Dodgeball

    You added a good variety of modes, the dodgeballs are kinda weird though.
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    Reputation: (Post) Your cines are funny, the custom musics a hoot

    Reputation: (Post) Your cines are funny, the custom musics a hoot
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    Eras Zombie Invasion 0.96

    Latest version I did had nukes and level 10 zombies that did 22000 damage on death. sad how this map is faked so much.
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    Modern War Strategy 1.2 Full

    Maybe you could increase the money made by towns? 20+ gold per upgrade takes awhile to profit from when it costs 800g. (Plus upgrades cost about 5000 each late game)
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    Modern War Strategy 1.2 Full

    I found the terrain very questionable. Africa, Asia, AND AUSTRALIA all had tons of cactus... which should only grow in North America. Maps hardly modern anyway, every piece of the map is populated by tiny little pockets of caveman society (all with their own tanks...?)
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    Virus Infection BETA 20b

    This edit of velexe's map is the ONLY one I enjoy playing, and the only thing I find rigged is the polio race. (Exact opposite of bacteria)
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    Seeking Mentorship

    I'd post pictures but my map doesn't have any real textures, or doodads, its just the shape of it. :/
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    Seeking Mentorship

    Does anyone have any suggestions on improving the quality of the minimap image?
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    Reputation: (Post) Helpful tips

    Reputation: (Post) Helpful tips
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    Seeking Mentorship This is the only one I have not deleted so far. The minimap looks plain, but it looks soo much better with in-game fog of war, doodads, terrain textures, and units. I just KNOW I'm doing something stupid here. Thanks for the tips...
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    Seeking Mentorship

    Recently I've tried to make several terrain templates of countries, such as templates of the United Kingdom. They haven't been the best successes in mapping history... Are there any experienced terrainers that could take some time to teach me the techniques needed for realistic real-world...
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    LOAP Ultra

    ANOTHER rigged loap map? T_T
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    How can you put down someone elses map when you have no maps of your own
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    Are You A Smartie 4.0

    Dodging rock throwing turtles... requires a wholeeee lot of logic doesn't it I gave it a 8/10 Rating
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    TcX 1.03b

    Behold, the predecesor of DOTA!
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    [Trigger] Getting a Unit's Location

    How about this: Events Time - Every 0.25 seconds of game time Conditions Actions If (All Conditions are True) then do (Then Actions) else do (Else Actions) If - Conditions (Number of units in (Units within 50.00 of...
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    Another Attempt At Terrian.

    They must have soaked the fireplace with gas or something
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    Defenguin the Penguin

    It seems you mentioned its protection alot, are you afraid this will get abused somehow?
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    Physics footy!

    I'm surprised you can do something so professional, yet you can't spell physics O_o
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    真.三國無雙 V4.7c

    LOOOLL I don't think thats jibberish is anything out of taiwan
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    War Zone v3.1

    lol this isn't bad at all xD
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    Civilization Wars 3.0.2 (Reforged Compatible)

    I agree with kuLT.G Hoernch... this maps pretty plain
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    WW3: Nuclear Sunrise v1.34

    I thought it was Al-qaeda, not kaeda
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    Power Chess! LS 1.0

    Peppar's multiplayer chess is actully much better then this... But I like the fresh feel that this map has
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    Australia (Map)

    open-sourced template of Australia! UPDATE: I've added Indonesia
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    Australia (Warcraft 3 Map)

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    SMotA v1.00

    this seems really organized, surprisingly