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    [Trigger] Hero Creep Revival

    Is that 7 heroes total or 7 heroes per player?
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    GUI Spell System v1.8.0.0

    It does not since passive abilities do not trigger spell events.
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    Can you explain me how works Lua?

    Referring to The LUA GC is seemingly disabled, you could create too many objects, such as tables, too fast for the garbage collector to clean up after.
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    [Crash] Set move speed is not working

    Please share your code for me to get a better idea on what's wrong. This may be obvious, but did you spell the function name right? It is SetUnitMoveSpeed, not SetMoveSpeed.
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    Resource Search System

    When I attempted to search for resources by Kazeon, the search system found nothing despite Kazeon having 50+ resources on his belt. I did not change any default settings of the search system, other than inputting author name. However, his resources do show up on his resources tab on his profile...
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    [Crash] Set move speed is not working

    Refer to MoveSpeedX Lua on how to do it. From the looks of things, he named one of his custom functions the same as the native and invoked a function called oldSetUnitMS.
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    @Bannar Just a heads up, the latest patch has a stack system built in.
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    [JASS] local array null ?

    An integer is not a handle, so you can't set an integer to null anyways.
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    [Solved] Gate is not working

    Set the destination before activation.
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    Replacing Units and Item Charges

    The following worked as expected. All items were transferred. No arrays, just three simple variables - Source (unit), Target (unit), LoopInt (Integer). SwitchInventories Events Conditions Actions For each (Integer LoopInt) from 1 to 6, do (Actions) Loop - Actions...
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    [SD/Texturing] Seeking an icon

    I am looking for the icon whose image is attached below. Does anyone have any idea to its whereabouts?
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    Is there a way to make a player slot look like a computer after game starts?

    You cannot enable the built-in AI for empty slots or players who left. You will have to either trigger the actions or relinquish control of the units to a computer controlled player slot. With 24 players, there should be plenty of player slots to use. FYI, a player should not have too many...
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    Map Protection these Days...

    It is made for the latest patches.
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    Map Protection these Days...

    You can use W3Project.
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    Custom map size limit {solved}

    That was three years ago. The new limit is now double of that, and it has been for some time. So, you are well within the limits. There is some speculation that it could be quadruple.
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    Can you explain me how works Lua?

    You don't have to set any local variable to nil since there is a garbage collector for it, but don't abuse it.
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    Damage Engine

    You are issuing damage within a damage detection block, crashing the thread with an infinite loop. Disable the trigger before issuing the damage and enable the trigger right after.
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    Damage Engine

    You need a return boolean before the endfunction. On the original code, that would be before the endmethod for the method finish that is under the struct DamageTrigger. I am guessing you added it at the wrong spot. Can you show me your changes, so I can better assist you?
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    [Solved] Hook. No hooking, but stunning (JASS)

    @maxodors , cJASS is not supported directly in the latest version of World Editor. @HerlySQR , you just have to make some changes to his code to make it work, such as changing the && to and and adding keywords. That piece of code also imports a package that might need to be addressed as well.
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    Damage Engine

    Right before the endmethod line, type return false. By the way, it appears you did not fix your first error. The method finish that you have to made changes to is the one under the struct DamageTrigger. Your second error is also related to the first error. Bribe has left, so you will have to...
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    [GUI] Attribute based Spells and More (SetAbilityRealLevelField)

    The first two images are attached as thumbnails, so hiding them is unnecessary as the images won't hog space.
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    Damage Engine

    To fix the error, go to the Damage Engine Trigger and then search for method finish. Then change where it says returns nothing to returns boolean.
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    Thread Tools, Lua Code and Forum Structure

    Then you may be interested in jassdoc.
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    Can you explain me how works Lua?

    @Wrda While @HerlySQR could combine all the functions into one and drop OOP, he would not be able to easily remove the instance during that UnitIndexEvent. Well, then again, he could map the timer to the unit.
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    Daily Wisdom

    “No matter what I’ve lost, as long as I do not lose my life, as long as I am still alive, then I will definitely be able to recover the hope that I have lost. Being alive is the greatest hope of all, being alive means that everything is still possible!” - Yun Che
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    [Feedback] Compiled List of Bugs & Issues for 1.30.1+

    I was wondering about this as well, so I searched for the new path using Retera's Model Studio. The new path is doodads\dalaran\terrain\dalaranvioletcitadel\dalaranvioletcitadel.mdl.
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    Damage Engine

    @Kakerate I placed the Vars folders into a single folder and copied that first to my map. Then I copied the rest of the variables to my map. That worked for me. Perhaps, try this method to see if it works for you. I also placed all the Vars folders into a single new folder. Then I put that...
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    Damage Engine

    @Kakerate Move all the folders into a new single folder that can be placed under the Variables folder. This allowed me to copy all variables with no problem. Just try experiencing what works for you. @pick-a-chew The current setup for variables still crashes for an empty map.
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    Can you explain me how works Lua?

    You could code something like this for structs in Lua. object = {} function -- Create a table local self = {} -- Methods function self.set(field, value) self[field] = value end function self.get(field) return self[field] end return self end...
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    New scripting and map making features after 1.26

    Well, you got a few options for developed maps. 1. You could translate vJASS code to Jurst, a dialect of Wurst. Jurst can access Wurst code. 2. Refer to this tutorial by @Bannar for combining Wurst and vJASS in one map. if you use the WurstScript extension for Visual Studio Code, you will...
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    Techtree Contest #17 - Swarm

    Perhaps, he used Damage Engine, which can now detect spell damage, and set spell damage to 0.
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    [Solved] Can someone cut this map for me?

    Well, here you go. I used JNGP - Lua Edition to edit the map, so you should be able to open the map. I took the liberty to throw in another version. Perhaps, you might prefer this one. You mentioned that you used a legacy version. Which version exactly?
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    From the looks of things, your version of the world editor is not included in this share. Could you perhaps also upload that here as well? I have a fair amount of more interest in that project than in the game itself.
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    New scripting and map making features after 1.26

    You may be interested in WurstScript.
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    Reputation (+2): (Post) Good suggestion!

    Reputation (+2): (Post) Good suggestion!
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    Damage Engine

    You got his Heal Event for that.
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    Reputation (+2): (Post) Good job my brother on dishing out a new issue. Actually, the issue is...

    Reputation (+2): (Post) Good job my brother on dishing out a new issue. Actually, the issue is not new, I believe. You might find a solution in prior posts.
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    Reputation (+2): (Post) How you build it from source? Just clone the repository?

    Reputation (+2): (Post) How you build it from source? Just clone the repository?
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    Reputation (+1): (Post) Warsmash!

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Warsmash!
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    For Reforged, refer to this link...

    For Reforged, refer to this link: It is a bit of hassle for one campaign and to change campaigns. Another way would be to try open the file in the Campaign editor and then extract the maps from it. This would be easier but...
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    [Wurst] Simple Frame Pop Up system

    The paths for toc & fdf are war3imported\filename.ext. Ok, just now I try to add your project as a dependency via WurstSetup to see if it would made any difference. However, WurstSetup only downloaded the folder but not any file.
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    .w3n extension is for campaigns.

    .w3n extension is for campaigns.
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    [Wurst] Simple Frame Pop Up system

    I don't know why but the toc file fails to load, so I cannot test it. I tried importing directly into the map after putting the file in the imports folder. Neither method loaded the toc file.
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    Relativistic Missiles [vJASS][LUA]

    The Dummy version does not interact with the special effect version. So, I would not be able to have, let's say, an unit as missile and have it collide with a special effect missile. FYI, you really do not need Flux's dummy system with its all hoodwinking in the background, since there is the...
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    Gaias Retaliation II - A small Preview

    I wonder if Zwiebe is still working on Gaias 2.0 in his time off from the Hive. I wonder if he has realized that TESH has been updated to be compatible with Reforged. Perhaps, his hands could be relieved from the carpal tunnel syndrome by now.
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    Reforged UI Designer

    Just wondering... is there a demo or a way to test this tool right now?
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    [GUI-friendly] Disable System (Stun,Silence,Disarm,Snare)

    @_Guhun_ Did you not take a look at GBS at one point or another? Perhaps, that system could fit the bill here.
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    Recipe System

    Yeah, I just repeat the actions in a loop to do all possible recipes, so it is fine.
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    So is there finally proper native function for mouse coordinates ?

    Keep in mind those aren't screen coordinates, if these are what you were looking for.
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    Recipe System

    This is long overdue, but your recipe system has a bit of an issue. I tried to combine several items simultaneously via entering a region, but one recipe consumed more items than it should. I had two Healing stones with 6 charges and a Skull of Gul'dan. The well defined recipe for Greater...