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    *GotGunz Avatar/Sig Factory*

    Well as some of u heard i completely shut down my skinning shop to make a avatar/sig factory. Yup itz another avatar and sig factory. But if u guys dont want or dont need a avatar or sig, just ask me to draw something. I just want to draw it, i dont care if u guyz dont need it. I pretty much...
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    Really Short Megaman vs Zero Gif Battle

    I just made a little gif battle between megaman and zero after i saw Sir_Razielz gif battle!!! This was my first gif battle too. I was bored so i just felt like making one. Itz not a long battle but it took me a pretty long time!!! :D What do ya guyz think of it??? I just added a poll...
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    DAMN Schools starting tomorrow for me!!! :cry: This sux!!!! Summer was way tooooo short!!!!
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    Can I Get Some Help with Portraits

    How do u make portraits for models or attach portraits to models??? Plz Help!!! :)
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    How Do I Attach My Skins To My Model

    i made a model and a skin but i dont know how to attach them to each other plz if u know plz tell me!!! :D
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    SKIN - *GotGunz Skin/Model Factory* (COMPLETELY SHUT DOWN)

    :cry: COMPLETELY SHUT DOWN :cry: :cry: Read my last post on pg 8 for news on this :cry: Everybody, herez my skin/model/sig/avatar factory for you to request anything. This will increase the production speed of skins and give sopho a break once in a while, but it will also give him a bit...